Poll Results for January 31, 2010

Now here are the current poll results that ended as of January 31, 2010. It's time to announce the winners.

Which Sentai era was the best? The results are: 59 out of 117 votes for 2000s Sentai, 32 out of 117 votes for the 1990s Sentai, 22 out of 117 votes for the 1980s Sentai and 4 out of 117 votes for the 1970s Sentai. Naturally the winner is 2000s Sentai. Sadly for me, my favorite was the 90s sentai because it was that era where action was more intense than any other.

Concerning the views of Kaoru Shiba, well here's the result: 55 out of 121 votes for "It's an Interesting Twist", 26 out of 121 votes for "Poor Takeru" and a tie of 20 out of 121 votes for "Awesome" and "Red rangers should always be male."

Lastly for the poll that ended as of today, what do you think of Goseiger. 70 out of 106 people think that it will have the old Sentai feel (which I don't) while 36 out of 106 people think it won't (I'm in this crowd).

More polls to come soon.


  1. I didn't vote for a decade, because I just love them all. Couldn't pick one over the other. Well... I guess I could pick the 80s, 90s, and 2000s over the 70s due to the 70s having just three seasons. And since I'm not very fond of Goranger and JAKQ. :P

    Not really surprised that 2000s won. After all, the only sentai with proper subs are all from the 2000s (Deka-Shinken). Only 6/34 seasons. :(

    I thought Kaoru was a very interesting twist. And no, Red warriors should NOT just be males. :P

    I can't really say anything about Goseiger since we don't even know what it's going to be about. Yes, we know the basic plot of evil trying to take over the world with heroes defending the planet. But that's too obvious. Need to know what the story is going to truly be about. As a result, I could only judge if it looked old-school just by what had been revealed (which was mostly just the suits, weapons, poses, and mecha). I'd say yes, it does "look" old school. But then again, no idea how the story is going to be handled.

    Also, it'll depend on how old is considered "old school." To me, Dynaman is the last old school sentai, which I know the majority of fans do not agree with. So I voted, pretending that either Jetman, Ohranger, or Timeranger were the last of the old-school seasons. :P

  2. One more thing. I like your special header sean ;)

  3. Thanks to your comments Fantasy Leader, I may change my mind about Goseiger. However I'm more into Chinese action films though these days.

  4. goseiyellow looks promising!


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