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Poll Result: Who Are Your Favorite Sentai Head Writers?

Here's the result as it should be revealed...

Top Three Winners:

Yasuko Kobayashi- 25/50 votes

I guess aside from the current Gobusters series is written by her, she is remembered also for Gingaman, Timeranger and Shinkenger as well.  I guess this is just an overrating vote due to Gobusters being the most current Sentai.

Naruhisa Arakawa- 22/50 votes

Nobody can deny that Naruhisa Arakawa's Gokaiger was just freaking awesome for most fans.  Or who can forget Abaranger and Dekaranger?  Yep I guess nobody can forget the excitement that Naruhisa Arakawa became Gokaiger's head writer.  Oh yeah I wonder if some who voted are also Kuuga watchers?

Toshiki Inoue- 17/50 votes

Well I guess these are Jetman fans or those who have enjoyed his being a sub-writer for several other series.  I guess nobody can also forget how he also worked with Dairanger's Jin arc and perhaps Gokaiger 28 (my least liked work from him IMO).  But he does deserve his tribute despite some burnouts he had.


My Top Five Sentai Ally Deaths

In Super Sentai, there are also some allies that I considered left a very powerful death which was more than just a noble sacrifice- that it really left so much of drama in it.  I did read Fantasy Leader's fics for top three Sentai deaths and I personally have included them here... for Sentai allies... but here's my top FIVE:

5.) Master Kaku- I felt his death in Dairanger was quite powerful for allies' deaths.  He didn't want the Dairangers to know of his true origins that he was a former Gorma and all.  So what he did was to try and fight the reincarnated Shaddam for the position of Gorma.  He tried all he can to prevent Daijinryu from causing any interference with his plan to bring Gorma to a peaceful reign.  However despite all his efforts, Shaddam killed him and his death really crushed the Dairangers.  He should have told them the truth about his plan!

4.) Rei and Kanna- Fantasy Leader listed them as a couple and I will list them as a couple too.  I pretty thought…

Some Funny Ways to Beat a Monster

Here are some of Sentai's funniest ways to beat a monster in no particular order and as far as I can remember:

Daichi Yamagata vs. Sumo Bouma- I really found those events funny especially how he used sumo wrestling against the rather funny monster.

Raita vs. Tomato King- Raita found he could actually defeat the Tomato King by EATING tomatoes!  Hee hee! :P

Kazu vs. Tofu Hermit- The idea to get the monster drunk was just plain funny.  It's one of the funnier moments in the rather dark season of Dairanger.

Shinkengers vs. Marigomi- It was a very funny physics lesson with them.

Any more to share?  Please comment.

Most Unique Sentai Weapons

Here's a list of Super Sentai weapons I find to be pretty unique and not too standard.  They are...

Goggle V's primary weapons were all gymnastics based.  Pretty cool really. :)  Nobody has thought of using gymnastic weapons for battle.  
The Prism weapons in Flashman.  I find them unique due to their crystal-like appearances.
The Rolling Vulcan from Flashman.  I pretty find this weapon awesome though, perhaps better not replicated.  It's imo the best Sentai bazooka ever!  All I can say is if I were the monster of the week or Sentai villain, I'd go O_o when I see it in person and see its power!
Jetman's Fire Bazooka was born from a... VEHICLE?!  Awesome!  I personally thought aside from the drama involved, having your car turn into a cannon in battle is no walk in the park.
Kibaranger's Byakko Shinken.  Not only was it carried around while Kou was unmorphed, it could literally talk and give Kou instructions!  I thought that Byakko Shinken really beats Saba anyt…

My Comparison Between Tranza and Jin Matoba

Well I just thought that I'd do some slight comparisons between two characters namely...

Tranza and Jin Matoba... and not surprisingly Toshiki Inoue wrote the Jin Matoba episodes.

I began to think these two characters do have some superficial or deeper similarities (aside from both are acted by Takumi Hirose) like:

1.) They both have a prosthetic arm and an organic arm.  Nobody knows why Tranza had one but we do know Jin Matoba lost his thanks to his jerkass master.

2.) They both wore civilian and standard villain costumes.

3.) They both fought against the red rangers of their respective series with some seemingly unbeatable technique which was eventually countered.

4.) They both used kinetic explosions as a form of power.

5.) They both were both extremely bad-ass, sadistic villains that the heroes find them annoying.  They annoy the rangers of their respective series with their intense amounts of power, bad-ass moves and sadism.

6.) They both were both cunning and calculating ag…

Super Sentai Series I Think Have Much of A Soap Opera Feel

As a fan of quality soap opera (specifically from Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and Super Sentai, I just want to make this rather weird article I made up.  So what's my point of view right now?  These series are more than just typical Sentai, I felt like I was also watching soap opera side by side with it and here are they:

Hikari Sentai Maskman- I felt like that aside from just being a regular Sentai (and yeah drama is always present), I felt like the whole Takeru x Ial love story is really a strong driving force that makes me think it's more than Super Sentai, it has plenty of quality TV drama in it.  Okay I've got my downs with Momoko's and Kenta's lack of focus but still, I felt like it was the start of a real Sentai Drama especially with character conflicts.  Also the villains here I felt were just more than villains, they really had personalities and the rivalries were quite personal especially when Igam is angered by her sister's liking a surface w…

My Favorite Funny Faces From the Rangers

In Super Sentai, I can never deny aside from the trendy drama and tears, here are people I consider to be really capable of making such funny faces.  They are...

Raita Ooshi- This face is PRICELESS!!!!  Ako Hayasaka was funny but she never got that funny.

Shouji- Nobody can forget how TWISTED his face goes!

Banban Akaza- Aside from being badass nobody can deny he keeps making funny faces too.

Genta Umemori- Okay not everybody likes him but I like his funny faces!

Eri- I may not like Goseiger as a whole but still Eri's funny faces are worth a watch.

Gai Ikari- Now that's a face that makes me laugh.  WHHHYYY?!!!!

Any pick for Mister or Miss Funny Face?

Super Sentai Love Polygons

In Super Sentai there are attractions where two or more persons do compete for the affection of one and here are some of the official ones... some are triangles, some go beyond triangles... so here are they!

Takeru and Kiros for Ial- Takeru truly loves Ial but Kiros only lusts after her.  I find this pretty standard hero vs. the villain who wants to have the hot chick that hates him that much type.  However quite well-written was Kiros' death caused by his own greed.  In the end, it seems nobody got them and there's only speculation whether or not Takeru and Ial ever will reunite and it's left to fandom.  I kinda find this bizarre considering Takeru is my favorite Maskman and Kiros is my favorite villain in the series.

Jetman had woohoo quite some complex ones.  Okay Ryu I think does like Kaori but he is still yearning for Rie, unable to be sure if he can love again and it gets more complicated when he discovers Rie has become Maria.  Gai likes Kaori but Kaori likes Ryu.  …

Female Femme Fatale Villains

I would like to try my shot in ranking some femme fatale villains.  A femme fatale is a mysterious and seductive woman using her charms to win a battle.  Some of them merely rely on deception to win than sexuality and seduction.  In French it means "deadly woman".  Now here they are so I hope you can all correct me on errors here:

Mazurka used disguises in her missions to fool people.

Mazurka used disguises to fool people.

Farrah and Farrah Cat- Both of them used disguises to fool people.  Farrah Cat was more than just an acrobat, she was also a mistress of disguise.

Ahames disguised herself as a pretty civilian and her true power gets unleashed.  Oh boy hate to be near her.

Dordora disguised herself as a cute girl to fool Fumiya.
Maria later used her beauty to seduce her victims when Radiguet turned her into a vampiric monster.
Lami was a rival to Mei in the art of disguises and deception.  Hmmm kinda weird how Lami's costume does resemble Dordora's too.
The Hanara…