My Favorite Funny Faces From the Rangers

In Super Sentai, I can never deny aside from the trendy drama and tears, here are people I consider to be really capable of making such funny faces.  They are...

Raita Ooshi- This face is PRICELESS!!!!  Ako Hayasaka was funny but she never got that funny.

Shouji- Nobody can forget how TWISTED his face goes!

Banban Akaza- Aside from being badass nobody can deny he keeps making funny faces too.

Genta Umemori- Okay not everybody likes him but I like his funny faces!

Eri- I may not like Goseiger as a whole but still Eri's funny faces are worth a watch.

Gai Ikari- Now that's a face that makes me laugh.  WHHHYYY?!!!!

Any pick for Mister or Miss Funny Face?


  1. Kakurangers' Seizo has a girly face expression and Sekai has the best fright expressions. Oh Ranger's Oh Green Shohei Yokkaiki already is ruggidly ugly he has some dopey facial expressions.


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