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Sentai Awards Part 6: Sentai Fan Pairing

Now here's for Sentai fan shippers and my awarding of them.  Okay don't get mad if you don't see your favorite pairing here okay?

Most superficial fan pairing goes to Takeru and Momoko- There is really no chemistry between them at all.  Why?  I just thought every interaction they have is just professional, Takeru didn't really talk to her beyond that and so, it's just appearance based for me.  So there it goes.

Most crashed fan fairing goes to Gai Yuki and Ako- My reasons have to be this.  They did look good together, Gai could have developed feelings for Ako BUT he went for Kaori.  Then, after that he had to leave us so soon.  WAH.

Best red and female yellow fan pairing goes to Marvelous and Luka.  I will say I never liked the idea of Marvelous x Ahim (I don't see ANY chemistry at all) and plus, there's a lot of chemistry between Luka and Marvelous than Marvelous will ever have with Ahim.  Luka tends to be a rebel girl with a chemistry with Marvelous.  If…

Sentai Awards Part 5: Sentai Canon Pairing

Okay there's hardly any canon pairing in Super Sentai but there are some that really do exist.  Now this entry will be pretty short. =P

Most touching couple goes to... Takeru/Red Mask and Ial.  I would say this one because let's just say the first time I watched Maskman, I pretty hoping they would be together.  However the more I look at Maskman, I really got into the crack pairing (or random pairing) of Takeru x Momoko though I just had a super crack pairing of Takeru x Lin.  But still, you can't get ignore this official pairing.

Most tragic couple goes to Ryu and Rie.  Seriously for Jetman, I kept my fingers crossed hoping Ryu and Rie would be together but no, it had to go from bad to worse.  Radiguet is plainly a SOB for really killing all hopes of Ryu to be with Rie, sheesh can't he find other girls to lust after than Maria?  After I hoped they would be together, Radiguet kills Rie who had recovered from her false self as Maria.  Rie blames herself for crimes she d…

Lin the Beautiful Phoenix

So where do I start?  So let's think of it that Lin does deserve some spotlight.  She may be eye candy but beware, she is an eye bruiser.  Yes she's blazing hot but she's also the phoenix that can scorch.  Now let's get down to the cake and not the icing.  Lin started off pretty much as an exchange student from China to where she was the only Dairanger who can control ki energy out of suit, pretty much not the kind of girl you want to mess with.  Though she was the only female Dairanger, she had shown some really badass moves beneath her elegant, girly exterior which made her a really fun to watch heroine.  So pretty much like it, Lin was a student and a ranger at the same time- pretty much tough work yet she manages to pull through.

Aside from being a badass, she does possess other qualities a woman usually can do better like being the team heart or the one to talk sense into the males whenever they don't make any sense.  Of course, that's one attribute that s…

Momoko the Fighting Flower

Well I haven't written a spotlight for a long time but I'll start writing some for my favorites soon maybe some heroines or heroes but I just thought I'll write more hero, heroine (I might write on Haruka next!), villain spotlight but I'll settle for Momoko the fighting flower.  So where do I start for her?

Well she was as a child, somebody who got lost and had once met the true ruler of the underground, the mother of both Igam and Ial.  She was lost along the way and found the Carol Love flowers that helped her find her way home.  Little did she know she was fated to fight to protect the Earth from an usurpation that happened behind the scenes by Zeba himself.  While she appeared to be a soft woman but don't let her beauty fool you for she can really prick hard with her thorns.  Along the way, she also developed a friendship with Haruka while having nothing more than professional interaction with the guys while for some reason, she and Takeru didn't have much…

Handling of Police Themes in Timeranger and Dekaranger

Here's one theme I failed to notice between Timeranger and Dekaranger is the police theme.  So far, both shows have the concept of aliens blending among humans with or without a disguise.  In the case of Timeranger, it's in the 30th Century not in our timeline in contrast to Dekaranger.  Given, Dekaranger's era finally allowed aliens to roam among us more often than not then it could have led to the 30th Century. =P  What both series had in common was tracking criminal cases and now for the differences:

Timeranger was the first Super Sentai with a police theme going on around it.  The four other Timerangers who went from the year 3000 to the year 2000 were law enforcers who made sure time protection laws were upheld as constant meddling in time has caused some weird effects.  Let's just say some events in the Sentai VS specials have contradictory events (Ohranger vs. Kakuranger, Abaranger vs. Hurricanger) might be a result of the damage of the timelines but that's …

Christmas in Shinkenger

I had my thoughts of Shinkenger that I was kind of upset in a way that Christmas wasn't really fully featured in Shinkenger in any of the episodes.  Instead we have...

After the final defeat of Akumaro who planned to unleash Hell on Earth, the Shinkengers return home to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve with Daigoyou as the star.  Okay it's better than the Christmas special where the PR Samurai recollected their moments but still... could have been better.  I just had a thought on whether or not time became the constraint why a fully Christmas episode wasn't written or it became a surprise end.  Well, still an epic battle was a good gift for all of the fans. =)

In the Shinkenger vs. Go-onger movie we see that Mako, Genta, Hiruto and Miu got launched into Christmas world.  Strangely enough it was released on January 30, 2010 instead.  Hee hee.

The Magirangers' Twas the Fight Before Christmas

The Magiranger Christmas special apparently covered a lot of family and friends... here are my thoughts...

As a family, the Magirangers are pretty bonded even if there are some differences between them.

Snowgel also mentions her concern to Hikaru of the upcoming end of the world for both our world and Magitopia since the battles are getting more intense.

Kai also becomes a pupil for a day with Akane's parents.  Well Akane is a guest here and there's much work to do.  And it seems to be a mess they can't get out off when the cakes are ruined.  Much drama here especially in making the deliveries to expecting people.  In the end, they did manage to get the cakes done on time- pretty much magic without magic!

With the underground kingdom of Infershia, there is MUCH drama going on especially between Sphinx and Dagon.

Also they celebrate not only Christmas but the fact that their father is still alive.  Pretty much a bit of Fiveman's parents still alive element if you ask m…

The Boukenger Christmas Special

I'll talk about some bit of the Boukenger Christmas special.  Hmmm... and I'll probably say this episode could have been done better if either Toshiki Inoue or Naruhisa Arakawa wrote it but it was still good imo... but could have been done better...

In this episode, Satoru finds out that a female Santa was the one delivering presents.  Hmmm... pretty confusing.  So this episode left me guessing that maybe, the population of the world has grown too huge that maybe, a succession of Santa Clauses was necessary.  However, it seems this episode can be reconciled with Go-ongers' Christmas World and maybe, just this year Eve was sent in charge instead of the current Santa Claus.  
It was pretty disappointing that the Christmas cake was destroyed and nobody believed Satoru that a "mini skirt Santa" was there.
It was also focused on the Golem of Middle Eastern myths.  I had my thoughts Eve was pretty stupid to give away the Golem to a child, hmmmm... she might have gotten…

Dairanger's Focus on Kou's Birthday on Christmas Eve

Well it's December 24 and it's Kou's birthday I would also like to give some thoughts on it...

I had my thoughts on episodes 43-44 are a Christmas special yet it has a very dark, not festive mood which proves sadness can come anytime and expecting too much on the season could really make you sad.  It's focused on Kou on his ascension to being a Gorma.  His mom here no way Chokan of Jetman knows the time for Kou to become a Gorma is near.

What also makes these two episodes really intense is that Daijinryuu has shown up AGAIN.  Wowee.  I pretty much got scared with Daijinryuu whenever he shows up considering he can be a real douchebag.  Come on does he really have to destroy all of Tokyo to convince the fighting to stop?!  Worse now he's putting everyone under hypnosis and he'll make them JUMP if the fighting doesn't stop.

The focus is on Kou because unless he is purified, he WILL become a Gorma.

There's also much drama with Akomaru here especially when …

Go-onger's Epic Battle with Santa Claus

Go-onger was the first Super Sentai season to incorporate the fictional character of Santa Claus into the world of Super Sentai as a real guest character, not just as a mentioned figure. So what do I really think about it? So here's my real big review and after rewatching it, I'd say it's really quite getting the MMPR "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger" special right with two episodes of wacky goodness... well let's get moving... and twas the fight before Christmas.

So here's a little bit of true holiday spirit from the Go-ongers themselves that they are celebrating Christmas in the trailer or that. Would have wanted it done in the Go-on Wings' residence though but still, it's a happy time and it's the family and friends we really enjoy.

Of course we have Santa Claus. I have a feeling I have seen this guy before... in J-Dramas or Toku. Regardless I wonder why he shaved his beard off and I find him hilarious. Quite the jolly old man yes, and…

Super Sentai Senior Gathering Photos I Found as of December 23, 2012

Here's another package gift for the holidays with Super Sentai gatherings... 
While Kenta Sato does a thumbs up, Keichi Wada does a macho pose.

Kenta Sato on a stage presentation of some of the red rangers.

Keichi Wada and Ei Hamura with Riki Sato asking some questions.

Maskman Stage Show

What memories.  Well all I can say this was Kazunori Inaba in his younger days and it'll always be part of our good memories. 
Apparently Kanako Maeda was really showing some talent here...

Was this for the Maskman movie dance?

Bioman Stage Show Pictures

Here are a couple of classic photos of Bioman on stage.  There's much of a nostalgia trip in here if you ask me.