The Magirangers' Twas the Fight Before Christmas

The Magiranger Christmas special apparently covered a lot of family and friends... here are my thoughts...

As a family, the Magirangers are pretty bonded even if there are some differences between them.

Snowgel also mentions her concern to Hikaru of the upcoming end of the world for both our world and Magitopia since the battles are getting more intense.

Kai also becomes a pupil for a day with Akane's parents.  Well Akane is a guest here and there's much work to do.  And it seems to be a mess they can't get out off when the cakes are ruined.  Much drama here especially in making the deliveries to expecting people.  In the end, they did manage to get the cakes done on time- pretty much magic without magic!

With the underground kingdom of Infershia, there is MUCH drama going on especially between Sphinx and Dagon.

Also they celebrate not only Christmas but the fact that their father is still alive.  Pretty much a bit of Fiveman's parents still alive element if you ask me.