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Japanese Workplace Culture VS. American Workplace Culture

It's no secret that Power Rangers' quality has been declining at a very rapid rate. I decided to read through some of the differences between Japanese work ethics and American work ethics to write this post. This would probably help me get a picture of the possible work ethic that the companies involved namely Toei Ltd. and Bandai Japan may greatly differ than that of Saban Brands and Bandai America. After writing about the big difference in innovative thinking between the two franchises - now it's time to compare Japanese workplace culture vs. American workplace culture.

I. Worker characteristics and their attitude towards work

The typical Japanese self-image is focused on belonging to a group. It's okay to show feelings and weaknesses. This is not a part of some stupid macho culture where men are taught not to cry. They believe that people belong to a group. While they respect individual differences and require individual contribution but the group must first succeed…

So Who Could Be Don Armage?

Now I'd like to talk about one part where I'd like to concentrate on the most. I've noticed that a previous post by UkiyaSeed also reveals something interesting about Don Armage:
Don Armage's ambitions were stopped by the Kyurangers! According to Hoshi Minato, the actions of the Kyurangers are increasing the resistance efforts across the universe! It finally seems like hope is once again returning to the universe! However, Don Armage disappeared before Planet Southern Cross exploded, and no one knows where he is now.

The Kyurangers were enjoying themselves before Pega appears once again! But Tsurugi, who knows the identity of Don Armage, refuses to talk to his friends. Just then, various planets begin to rapidly explode within the Corvus System! Could one of the Kyurangers be allied with Don Armage? They head to the Corvus System to find out for themselves...

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger will go on a break next week and will return on January 7, 2018.

I decided to give a seco…

My Reaction To The Latest Update To Patoranger VS. Lupinranger

Here's the latest updates from the Tokusatsu News Network on the plot:

The motif this time is two-fold, with the Lupinranger being “kaito” or “phantom thief” while the Patorangers are police officers. This is the first time in Super Sentai history two teams are active at the same time. Sometimes clashing, sometimes working together, the two teams will have their own agenda. The Lupinranger fight to regain an important person lost in the past while the Patoranger, who are part of the International Special Police, fight for justice and an ideal future. The story is centered around the Lupin Collection, a collection of items left behind by Arsene Lupin. It is said the items can enable the prosperity of the human race or its total destruction. A three-way struggle against the enemy Gangler now begins.

Each Sentai has a red, serving as leader. LupinRed, a stylish man who hides under the guise of an ordinary person, leads LupinBlue and LupinYellow. Patoren#1, who leads the green Patoren#…

Kyuranger 43: Twas The Fight Before Christmas

It's a good thing Over-Time gave us our Christmas Gift this December 24, 2017. Yes, the year is coming to an end. It's time to think about this week's episode. I did predict a few thing rights and wrong in this episode.
The invasion has just begun. We get a lot of out of suit fighting from the humanoid members of the Kyurangers. It's also fun to see Kotaro do some more out of suit fighting though we already saw Kou from Dairanger and Riki from Ohranger do so.

Meanwhile, there's a bit of teasing of what could be Don Armage's true form. I don't know if I should commend Tsurugi or call him an idiot for doing what he did. He enters right into the room and meets with Don Armage. Don Armage reveals his ultimate plan to restart the Universe in his image. I was right in that area thinking about his master plan. Also, Don Armage reveals what could be his true form and it looks like some kind of bird? Just who is he?

Here's a bit of fight scene that I wish shoul…

Did Santa Claus Cause The Rise Of The Gaiarc In Go-Onger's Continuity?

Santa Claus may or may not exist in various Super Sentai seasons. The only seasons that made him real in their continuity are Kakuranger (where there's a bunch of Santa Clauses in contrast to elves and there's a Big Santa Claus in charge of them), Boukenger has Eve instead of Santa Claus and Go-Onger gave us another version of the jolly character.

Go-Onger's mythology of Santa Claus varies from the other Santa Clauses that Super Sentai created. In this case, it's unknown how Santa Claus operates but we know he doesn't live in the North Pole like the older stories would have. Instead, he lives in the Christmas World which is an alternate retelling of Kakuranger's Christmas episode. But did he give coal to the naughty ones as far as this continuity is concerned?

If so, nice job breaking it Santa Claus. It's possible that he kept giving coal to the Gaiarcs for being naughty until they had more than enough coal to make their world the way it is. I guess he didn&…

Kyuranger 42: Your Father Or The Universe?

Next Sunday will be December 24 or Christmas Eve. This episode starts to kick off with the final battle though from what I heard, Kyuranger will probably end on February 4, 2018 but I can't be too sure about that. Now let's get down to business shall we? 
This is one interesting thing to see how Jark Matter's headquarters is one huge fortress. It's also later revealed that they've been collecting Planesium to create a giant bomb that would destroy the whole Universe. Oh boy, am I getting a LOT and I mean a lot of pop culture references? So why does Don Armage want to destroy the Universe so badly? Is he trying to pull off what Apocalypse did in the 90s X-Men cartoon series? Is Don Armage like Apocalypse? 
We get to see some beautiful CGI battles. We know that the enemy is always well-prepared when it comes to defending their territory. Sure, the villains can be so stupid but it doesn't mean you can underestimate them. Is it me or was there a bit of Star Wars m…