So Who Could Be Don Armage?

Now I'd like to talk about one part where I'd like to concentrate on the most. I've noticed that a previous post by UkiyaSeed also reveals something interesting about Don Armage:

Don Armage's ambitions were stopped by the Kyurangers! According to Hoshi Minato, the actions of the Kyurangers are increasing the resistance efforts across the universe! It finally seems like hope is once again returning to the universe! However, Don Armage disappeared before Planet Southern Cross exploded, and no one knows where he is now.

The Kyurangers were enjoying themselves before Pega appears once again! But Tsurugi, who knows the identity of Don Armage, refuses to talk to his friends. Just then, various planets begin to rapidly explode within the Corvus System! Could one of the Kyurangers be allied with Don Armage? They head to the Corvus System to find out for themselves...

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger will go on a break next week and will return on January 7, 2018.

I decided to give a second rewatch on Kyuranger Space 43 and here's a bit of what I thought. When Don Armage wanted a "casual chat" with Tsurugi in Space 42 - I feel that Don Armage must be someone in the past. What makes me think of that?

Remember this scene where Don Armage reveals what could be his true form. I'm thinking about the whole plot that Tsurugi knows who Don Armage is but why would he refuse to talk to them? Tsurugi gets startled when he sees the true form of Don Armage. Why get so startled? It's like, "WTF he must be an old ally. I didn't expect it!"

Some people right now speculate that Cuervo is Don Armage. The reason is because Tsurugi knows WHO Don Armage is but refuses to tell his friends. Some are betting their money on Cuervo and I'm already in that boat! My reasons could be so obscure but I tried playing through Megaman X Command Mission where the final antagonist was using an alter ego. It's possible that this is what's happening. It may be similar to that classic scene in Megaman X Command Mission where the heroes discover that Spider is actually an alter ego of the traitorous Colonel Redips.

What could support my view? Judging that Armage could control several bodies at once or two he can also cast astral projections - then it's possible that the Don Armage that Tsurugi defeated 300 years ago was just an illusion? In Space 29 it was confirmed via time travel that Tsurugi defeated Don Armage or what looked like Don Armage. So what if Don Armage (as Cuervo) played such a realistic scene that it deceived Tsurugi but it was all a ploy to kill Tsurugi? Is it all but psychological torture to an old foe? Yup, I guess that's what make Don Armage truly frightening.

Here's an interesting scan from UkiyaSeed yet again. This is where things get REALLY interesting to a whole new level. It's shown that Don Armage has two more forms: the Crow Form and the Houou Soldier form. So is the Houou power related to how he supposedly gained immortality? That Houou Soldier form is looking bloody disgusting... literally! Is he trying to further Tsurugi's torment as he's been nursing a grudge for some time? 

This is my speculation. Don Armage's true form is the crow form but he's learned other forms to possibly help him control his massive power. After all, he did mention way back in Space 30 that once he takes hold of his dark skeletal form that he's unable to hold back his power? Doesn't that remind you of Frieza's weakness in Dragon Ball Z? Frieza created his other forms to help him control his rather uncontrollable power so it's possible that's what Don Armage has been doing throughout the centuries? I'll just have to wait and see.

Until then, I assume that I've made a lot of mistakes in my guesses.


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