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My Speculative View Of Tokusatsu's Wonderful Mixture Of Old School And New School Techniques

It can't be denied that even when it's 2017 some old school methods are still used along with new school methods. You can tell that while filming methods and equipment have been replaced by new school equipment (ex. remote controlled electric fans, better fog producing machines, higher pixel for cameras, better CGI is now available) but there's still a bit of old school methods going on. Take note that this isn't only applicable to Toei but also other studios that produce Tokusatsu or similar shows. Also, this is just a glimpse. If you want to learn more, get a real expert in filming techniques to explain the rest. I'm just sharing my thoughts in this post.

The wonderful combination of CGI and real life action scenes

There were some super risky stunts that were done before the dawn of better CGI special effects. One of my favorite examples is the use of the Flame Sword in Super Sentai. I thought of what could have happened while the stuntman Kazuo Niibori did this s…

Kyuranger Space 11: Unlucky Lucky!!!!!!

We're about to see a different of Lucky now. Something tells me that his idiocy has been a result of something horrible in the past. So what's happening right now? 
Lucky isn't so Lucky after all. First, he loses the sweepstakes he entered before the series began. So he gets into the battle and something bad happens. Ikagen reveals that Madoka could regenerate (It'd be a waste to kill such a badass character too early). Lucky not only gets destroyed by them but they also get the Puppis Kyu Globe. I find this chapter to be pretty interesting as Lucky starts to develop here.
Another interesting relation is between Kotaro and Stinger. Kotaro has much to learn on what it means to be a Kyuranger. Stinger is very cold and Kotaro doesn't know what it means to be a Kyuranger. I love how Stinger shares his story with Kotaro. Stinger's brother Scorpio got corrupted by the newfound power. What I want to see right ow is Stinger getting into a dilemma and maybe we'll g…

My Thoughts On Dynaman In 36 Episodes

It's been some time since I haven't really done any update on Michael Bay Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. Millionfold Curiosity has released Dynaman episodes 20-36. I thought I'd do an update post on Dynaman after I saw 20 episodes but instead, it ends up with me writing on an update after I saw 36 episodes. Just a reminder: I won't be doing old school episode reviews since I'll be doing a marathon in sharp contrast to the weekly episode reviews based on Super Sentai's episode of the week. So just be ready for random Dynaman related posts instead of episode reviews.

What do I think of Dynaman after 36 episodes? I still can't help but joke that it's Michael Bay's production even if it isn't. The reason would be the huge explosions and maybe the clunky looking mecha. I could talk about a couple of stuff that I really find enjoyable about this series. While I didn't really find Battle Fever J and Sun Vulcan to be all that entertaining but I think Hiroh…

Kyuranger Space 10: It's Literally One Hot Episode

All images here taken from Nihon Hero
As summer hits the tropical regions and as for Japan, Spring will hit Japan on March 20 this Wednesday and ends June 21, 2017. But for the tropics, summer comes and I admit it's really that hot. And this episode has the problem where the Orion would land into the sun anytime. 
This episode features another kid ranger in many years. We had one from Dairanger (Kou) and another from Ohranger (Riki). I feel like the kid ranger here feels like the idea was thrown in at random but we already met Kotaro Sakuma during the past few episodes. This is where he debuts to become a ranger. 
I always feel Lucky's well just too carefree in this episode. How could he spend time eating when the others are about to crash into the sun? The ghost of Commander Bear can't move on to the next life and recalls the impulsiveness of Shou Ronpou. In spite of Lucky being dumb but he does manage to get out of the pickle. Lucky shows some impressive out-of-suit figh…

Sentai DVD Rambling Part 6: What I Think Of Carranger And Megaranger DVD Releases During Power Rangers Turbo's And Megaranger's 20th Anniversary

What I missed or didn't miss is that the Carranger DVD release and the upcoming Megaranger DVD release happen in the year 2017. In short, both DVDs are released during the 20th anniversary of both Power Rangers Turbo and Megaranger. Both shows were also under the production of Shigenori Takatera who was also the man behind Gingaman, Kamen Rider Kuuga, the first half of Hibiki and Daimajin Kanon. 
Gekisou Sentai Carranger
I remembered some rants I made about Carranger. My first Carranger rant was that I thought Toei and Shout should have considered a Turboranger DVD release. It was because Turboranger may have something Mighty Morphin' fans can relate to. But it seems that Toei's decision might be led by this that they released Zyuranger because it was what Mighty Morphin' was based from. Then you have Dairanger, Kakuranger, Ohranger and now Carranger. Carranger didn't really raise the ratings back to normal and that it was really Megaranger that did. Carranger only…

Five Reasons Why I Find Hurricanger Better Than Ninja Storm

I saw Ninja Storm prior to Hurricanger. After watching Hurricanger I couldn't take a look at Ninja Storm the same way again. I just don't feel like rewatching Ninja Storm compared to Hurricanger. Now it's time for me to write my five personal but not shallow reasons to why I prefer Hurricanger over Ninja Storm. Take note though that I still like Liveman over Hurricanger which I'm still figuring out five reasons to defend that stand but it feels like apples and oranges. =P

I find the main cast of Hurricanger being able to do their job better than Ninja Storm's main cast in the area of acting

The main cast of Ninja Storm get the job done in the acting department. I think the people in Hurricanger are more convincing to what they're intended to portray than the cast of Ninja Storm. Nao Nagasawa's not better than Sally Martin because she's hotter but because she really knows how to act. Sally could still act, I'd still hire her to play a role in my show…

Space 9: The Kyurangers Summon Shen Long?!

No it's not Shen Long from Dragon Ball but I decided to make a reference. In the last episode, we learn that Commander Shou Ronpou could henshin. In this episode we learn a more about him. So what's the big deal with this guy? 
So I was wrong. I thought that the person in the preview was his father but instead, it was the former Supreme Commander Big Bear. We learn what a younger, more immature Shou Ronpou was before he led the rebellion. He was the first soldier of the rebellion and he was using an incomplete system. The clash between him and the two assassins Madoka and Ikagen goes all the way back. So how old are those assassins anyway? Big Bear apparently self-destructed to save Shou Ronpou who currently leads the Kyurangers. 
I love how Lucky develops in some way or how we see Shou Lonpou confess why he's very strict about insurbordinations. Shou Lonpou confesses that it's because his act of insubordination led to the demise of his mentor Big Bear. But this also …

Is There A Huge Multiverse For Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero And Ishinomori's Tokusatsu Heroes?

So here it's my massive Wild Mass Guess on Toei's Multiverse which I thought I'd never get together!

After I wrote on the Super Sentai timeline and the use of self-contained continuities, I wanted to revisit something that I always threw out of my mind and returned back again for more than one occasion ever since I saw how Super Sentai VS Movies tend to contradict events from the two shows involved. The way that the guest roles of Lucky and Emu happen in both Kyuranger and EX-AID can't be connected. Lucky appears in EX-AID and Hojo has no memory of him even after they introduced each other in Kyuranger. WTF. So I got motivated to write this long speculative post with a trip back in time. So sit back and try to read it, comprehend it and see what could be going on in my imagination.

The Ishinomori-verse anyone?
Let's take a moment to respect the late but great Shotaro Ishinomori who's the man behind the Showa era Kamen Riders and the first two Super Sentai serie…