Kyuranger Space 10: It's Literally One Hot Episode

All images here taken from Nihon Hero

As summer hits the tropical regions and as for Japan, Spring will hit Japan on March 20 this Wednesday and ends June 21, 2017. But for the tropics, summer comes and I admit it's really that hot. And this episode has the problem where the Orion would land into the sun anytime. 

This episode features another kid ranger in many years. We had one from Dairanger (Kou) and another from Ohranger (Riki). I feel like the kid ranger here feels like the idea was thrown in at random but we already met Kotaro Sakuma during the past few episodes. This is where he debuts to become a ranger. 

I always feel Lucky's well just too carefree in this episode. How could he spend time eating when the others are about to crash into the sun? The ghost of Commander Bear can't move on to the next life and recalls the impulsiveness of Shou Ronpou. In spite of Lucky being dumb but he does manage to get out of the pickle. Lucky shows some impressive out-of-suit fighting and we see Kotaro become a Kyuranger. So I wonder will Toei tell us why the show's called Kyuranger BUT we're having more than nine rangers now? 

I won't expect much from Kotaro's new form as Kogama Skyblue appears. He's still a child after all and he's got much to learn. They defeat the Malistrate Mozuma which saves the others in time. It's a close call but I think Lucky needs to mature as a character.

Next week might be a good time to make Lucky mature from his happy-go-lucky state. This episode made me think that he really needs some working out because he's already gone too far with his being happy go lucky. I hope Lucky will improve after next week's episode.


  1. dat Detective Conan tho... and Stinger in isn't interested state, just standing there made me laugh lol.
    Maybe that time he felt he is in "wrong ship"


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