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The Ki to Inner Power in Super Sentai

Okay I haven't written in awhile due to other passions that tend to make me drift away but I'll write whenever I can.  Now for my "ki to inner power" in Super Sentai which I was "inspired to write" by these lines from Chris X's "Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai: Another Time, Another Takeru"...
"Momoko, something is bugging me." Takeru, while on the way walking with Momoko, suddenly spoke, "That hand stance… what was that? Why does it make people feel a little better?"  "It's my meditation gesture." Momoko explained, "It symbolizes self-healing. I suppose it is better than nothing for the moment with them. We used that as a power to fight… known as Aura Power."  "You're teaching my team your Aura Power?" Takeru asked, confused.  "Inside a human body, a mysterious power is hidden. With training and discipline, an infinite power can be obtained." Momoko said, "That is the bas…

My Hesitation in the Past to Accept Newer Super Sentai

There was a time I was hesitant to accept newer Sentai I was around 19 or 20 years old by then. So here's me with a confession as a Super Sentai fan.  I had more respect for older Super Sentai and here's what I started to think...

In my case I once had my hard time accepting multi-gattai and having more than seven mecha but when I started to view it, I said, "Hey it's not half-bad."  But still, this wasn't the phase where I was ready to accept it.  In fact I was in denial that I freaking loved the new idea.  Gaoranger managed to work it well.  Boukenger not really but I still freaking like Boukenger despite its rather lame finale.

Abaranger and Hurricanger were two shows I once was hesitant to accept.  However the stupid reason of me beginning to see Abaranger as a Zyuranger copy or Hurricanger as a blatant Liveman/Kakuranger copy. After seeing a few episodes of Abaranger, I want to see more.

Some of the few things I complained about Super Sentai was the lac…

That Silly Dynaman Parody Dub

I was wondering why of all Super Sentai in the past before the dawn of Power Rangers did the Dynaman Parody Dub appear.  So yeah, while the Dino Thunder watching Abaranger on TV was more of a bad dub than a gag one for me, this was a short series that gag dubbed selected that lasted for six episodes.  It was aired in 1987 in the USA Network's Night Flight.  So far here's the name changes:

Hokuto Dan- Wooshi
Ryu Hoshikawa- Huba
Yousuke Shima- Franky (same dub name with Ryuta Nanbara in the English dub of Bioman)
Kosaku Nangou- Cowboy
Rei Tachibana- Slojin
Dr. Yumeno- Dr. Ho
Kendo Robo- Comic Relief Machine
Emperor Aton- Bernie Tanaka who is changed to a producer
General Kar- Mel Fujitsu
Prince Megiddo- Nigel Cochran
Chimera- Lucy
Tail Soldiers- Reptiles that go "wee"

As far as concerned, it's full of cheesy humor and some rather weird outcomes.  For example, how in the world does Megiddo's tail KEEP GROWING?  Well the answer lies in the footage splicing of Dy…

Jun Yabuki the First Female Sentai Archer

So while I can't write a Mika Koizumi tribute thanks to Yuki Yajima's very uncalled for departure, so let's write it for Jun Yabuki who continued the job of the former.  So it was a dilemma for the Biomen when Mika Koizumi had died because of the Bio Killer Gun and they needed a replacement.  So Jun seemed to be just a spunky girl of sorts, shooting arrow and was unaware it was fate that drew her.  So she wanted to join the Biomen badly unaware she was going to be part of them and the others unaware that she had the Bio Particles in her body.  Shiro was hesitant to let her join at first because of price Mika paid to save the others but eventually, they made her part of the team as it was her destiny to replace her presumed distant relative Mika.  How she and Mika are related are never known except they may have shared the same ancestor and why the Bio Robo only picked the other four and Mika and didn't detect other descendants wasn't clearly explained.  So she pro…

Haruka the Badass Kunoichi

I haven't done a tribute in a long time but I thought I should do a tribute to one of those Sentai girls I enjoy watching for better reasons.  Okay I don't find Haruka attractive but what makes her enjoyable for me is she is kickass... definitely a continuation of the badass Jun Yabuki was in Bioman though she had an unusual backstory.  Maybe other female ninjas were taught to be graceful and elegant but she is a badass which makes me put her in my list of favorite Sentai heroines.  What was known was that she was raised as a ninja and couldn't play with girly things, or was presumably taught to be masculine.  However, despite her being a fighter she was truly a woman at heart while also respecting the art of the kunoichi.  At the same time, she had her rivalry with Fuumin which was pretty fun to watch.  But the Maskmen didn't know much about her at first.

For one, it was really fun to see her test her might for the right of "super shinobi" against Oyobur an…

Some Things I Questioned While Watching Super Sentai

I grew up watching watching Super Sentai and there were questions I asked which these questions can exist also in Power Rangers how both are interrelated franchises.  Well since it's only fiction so it's only normal weird things happen like... and some of these goofs and unanswered questions actually make Super Sentai fun to watch.

For one, how can Japan survive having a giant robot monster battle every week?  Also, should I mention it seems to be the goof in EVERY season that after every attack, the city seems to be back to normal in a week or two before the enemy launches another attack? =P

For every organization that holds a huge warehouse of monsters of the week, why do they deploy only once a week?

What do those evil space alien groups hold against Japan?  In Changeman, the Gozma first tried to eliminate the Japanese military and why not destroy EVERY OTHER MILITARY around the world?  Weird... weird... and of course in Power Rangers what do those evil space aliens have a…

My Thoughts on Akibaranger

Yup this was Akibaranger and to be honest, the first episode I watched was focused on that rather hilarious "Delusional Import" which targets all those annoying fanboys.  At first, I really had a close mind towards Akibaranger if all it seemed to me was "just a battle in your head".  But after checking it out, well hey I did miss and I mean MISS a lot of what I should have seen.  Being an adult who likes Super Sentai, I really realized this is a must see and I regret so much not giving it a chance.

Well for one Nobuo for me is an exaggerated mirror of myself.  In what way?  Well there is me sometimes calling Anime characters "my beloved" but that habit has been outgrown but unfortunately replaced by delusions with real people, being an adult who's still into Tokusatsu (but I'm not THAT open about it nor do I buy toys) and of course being impulsive and weird (I admit I'm a weird fellow) then again there's no total similarity between fictio…

Movie Review: Tokumei Sentai Gobusters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

It's been some time since I did a review.  I would admit that despite the fact I really suspended my watching Gobusters with some catching up to do, Kento Shimomiya managed to do a decent job arranging Yasuko Kobayashi's "burnt out" work Gobusters with Gokaigers.  Okay I'm not really a huge fan of both series but I'd admit the packaging and story telling manages to do well with a lot of gush factor.

Bacchus Gill the nephew of Ackdos Gill and cousin to Warz Gill teams up with Enter that monstrous fiend.  Pretty much talk about Power Rangers RPM may make an appearance in Super Megaforce but moving on, we do get the feel that the Gokaigers seemed to have joined the dark side but nope, the surprise twist isn't very surprising.  Meanwhile, you also get the Phantom Ranger Keys to which Bacchus Gill seeks to wipe out the Earth which does seem to meet the plans Enter has.  For one, Enter is really a despicable foe going monstrous more than his master the Messiah …