That Silly Dynaman Parody Dub

I was wondering why of all Super Sentai in the past before the dawn of Power Rangers did the Dynaman Parody Dub appear.  So yeah, while the Dino Thunder watching Abaranger on TV was more of a bad dub than a gag one for me, this was a short series that gag dubbed selected that lasted for six episodes.  It was aired in 1987 in the USA Network's Night Flight.  So far here's the name changes:

Hokuto Dan- Wooshi
Ryu Hoshikawa- Huba
Yousuke Shima- Franky (same dub name with Ryuta Nanbara in the English dub of Bioman)
Kosaku Nangou- Cowboy
Rei Tachibana- Slojin
Dr. Yumeno- Dr. Ho
Kendo Robo- Comic Relief Machine
Emperor Aton- Bernie Tanaka who is changed to a producer
General Kar- Mel Fujitsu
Prince Megiddo- Nigel Cochran
Chimera- Lucy
Tail Soldiers- Reptiles that go "wee"

As far as concerned, it's full of cheesy humor and some rather weird outcomes.  For example, how in the world does Megiddo's tail KEEP GROWING?  Well the answer lies in the footage splicing of Dyna Red's battle with Megiddo cutting off one of his tails early on.  So obviously each episode changes the Dynaman story a lot including the plots like Chimera wanting revenge on the seven girls who in the canon were NOT her classmates as well as Megiddo teasing her that she's getting jealous because they were getting married.  Well yeah, this couldn't last long because this was just a parody, not a real official dub either.


  1. It was cute and funny, thanks to this series it slowed down Saban's attempt on Bioman. Well he wanted Jetman but thanks to Jurassic Park hype in 1993 Zyuranger impacted the U.S. with great success.

    Love the the catch phrase of " Five Young People from all Walks of Life". Makes sense too.


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