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The Use of Horses in Super Sentai

Considering it's the year of the horse, here's some horses in Super Sentai as far as I can remember...

Megiddo rode a horse at times to battle

Yuuma was Change Pegasus.  Okay the Pegasus is mythical but it's a winged horse.

Later, Shouji would be the Tenma (Pegasus) Ranger in Dairanger and had a horse themed mecha.

The Gingamen were horse riders.

Shinkenger had horses.  Takeru Shiba used his horse at times which he drew out of a mojikara.  In the Shinkenger movie, they all rode on horses.

The Zangyack had ther flagship known as the Gigant Horse, which was shaped like a carriage pulled by horse.

Missed any?  Let me know!

My Categories as Types of Super Sentai Fans (Not Fantards)

Well I'm here to cater to Super Sentai fans, never fantards.  Now for some types of Super Sentai fans which I have categorized as:

The Gai Ikari type.  They love Super Sentai the most but they are either neutral or liking other Tokusatsu entries like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, Ultraman, etc. but for them, Super Sentai is the best.
The Gentaro Kisaragi type of fan that is the Kamen Rider fan who loves Super Sentai.  This fan loves Kamen Rider more but will watch Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Clearly not a Kamen Rider fantard.
The Nobuo Akagi type.  These are die hard Sentai only fans who may not accept anything else but Super Sentai for them.  They may dislike Power Rangers but not speak ill of it or two, they may not accept something else could take over Super Sentai. 
Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai or in short SS/PR fans.  Their subcategories are those who like Power Rangers more and those who like Super Sentai more.

Super Sentai Villains That Were Beaten or Killed by the During the Introduction of a New Mecha/Combination

Some villains and not the monsters of the week were defeated by a new mecha/combination.  Here is as far as I can remember...

Warning there will be spoilers ahead as usual in the major plots analysis series so don't read further if you don't want to be spoiled.

Zimba was defeated by the Turbo Builder right after he defeated the Turbo Robo.  He was enlarged by Yamimaru.

Jarmin after she transferred her soul into the enlarged Kuroko Bouma (her other half) she was defeated by the Turbo Rugger.

Ragorn was defeated by the newly combined Super Turbo Builder.

Gasha Dokuro was defeated by the newly formed Kakure Daishogun resulting to his death.  His mad professor assistant died being squashed by a boulder.

More Reactions to the Updates on ToQGer

Well Orends Range has as usual beaten me to this.  Now for some information aside from the obvious revelation that it's ToQGer, so what do I think?

I can't really expect much since Super Sentai is a career launcher for mostly newbies but I hope they get acting lessons.  So far, I'm thinking that maybe I will give it a chance or two, I'll probably leave this decade of Super Sentai to the little kids.  So they are childhood friends.  It would be interesting to have another group of childhood friends who become a Sentai group.  With the producer/director tandem I hope Yasuko Kobayashi will give them more charm than she did with the somewhat stiff Gobusters cast.

I can't say it would be a bad show just because suit designs suck imo and also the mecha doesn't impress me since I'm a very choosy person in some way.  I mean, I'll just admit that I didn't like the colored visors of Timeranger at first neither did I like the Shinkenger designs at first.  But …

Trying to Understand Nobuo Akagi's Love for Super Sentai in Akibaranger

While the part that he's a 29 year old guy still into Super Sentai and so moe with Aoi-tan, actually it seems that the only Tokusatsu he likes is Super Sentai which can be evidenced in season two...

He sees every store in a Toku toy store but the only toys he wants are Super Sentai.  Plus over the course of season one, he only talks about Super Sentai.  You can see a Gavan toy but he only wants the Super Sentai toys.

In Akibaranger season two, he doesn't only say that you can't like Powerful Rangers (but doesn't call it bootleg neither do the others talk like he does) but also, when Prism Ace arrives and it was revealed within their own continuity that Sentai was going to be cancelled, it was bad news for him.

Why Gobusters is NOT An Anti-Power Rangers Series

This is really outrageous as how Sentai fantards continue to read my blog but fight with Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai.  Now I'll show you why Gobusters is not an anti-Power Rangers series:

First if the heroes were against Power Rangers, why are they using the call "It's MORPHIN' Time!" huh?

So some people say that the term Megazords were used for the enemy mecha.  No.  Megazords are used for the term of EVERY giant robot whether it's good or bad in Gobusters.  Why don't they rewatch the show?

It has also taken some Power Rangers RPM elements.  For example, Messiah is similar to Venjix and Escape might be RPM's version of Tenaya except she's purely an avatar.

So I wonder why those Sentai fantards, not Sentai fans continue to insist on that ridiculous notion?

What I Think of the "Feeling Mature" Crowd as a Super Sentai Fan

Here's me about to turn 29 years old and somewhat still into Super Sentai.  To be honest, while I'm not really an open fan due to my age and two, it's more of my sideline obsession since Super Sentai for me is very secondary or tertiary to me.  It's kind of sad to think I'm a 29 year old bachelor, dateless after many years of break up with my ex-girlfriend who resembles Mika Katsumura.  So let's start with Sentai fans, not Sentai fantards.  Although I don't live the way like Nobuo does (that is overly obsessed with Super Sentai) but I'm proud of the fact that even if I'm no otaku, I still have a soft spot for Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, etc. even if I've moved on with more "mature stuff" like martial arts movies.  I guess fellow Tokusatsu critics who read my blog know the stupid reason why I watch Super Sentai.  It is possible to be a mature Sentai fan that is, liking the genre without being childish or overly obsessed w…

What I Expect from Tokkyuger and Some Wishful Thinking

Well here's what I can expect from Tokkyuger with the following... and some of my wishful thinking to go along with it!

Producer is Takaaki Utsonomiya.  So he was the producer of Kamen Rider Wizard which for Shogo (picture is his, not mine), it's a bad show.  But so far he has worked with Shinkenger and Gokaiger.  Apparently this guy while he has great concepts (I even think Wizard is a great concept) he does tend to drag a season in the middle with the merchandise.  But overall, Shinkenger and Gokaiger are really notable for me.  Gokaiger for being a huge anniversary and Shinkenger for its modern day samurais mixed with a weird sense of humor.  Speaking of villains, I guess we might see more villains like we did with Gokaiger or less like Shinkenger but never so limited like on Gobusters or Battle Fever J.

For the writers:

If we're thinking of Yasuko Kobayashi, Shougo's diligent documentation above should help us see what to expect.  So we do think she did flop with…

Movie Review: Super Hero Taisen Z

So I really have done a review on Super Hero Taisen which was one horrible, horrible movie written by Shoji Yonemura who I love to call as "Patrick Star".  So we do know or realize that Kamen Rider is separate from Super Sentai if you've seen the Decade series which explains that the world of Shinkenger is a world without riders (just like the series involved in Nicktoons Unite all belong to self-contained continuities) plus Toei said it themselves that most Sentai series are self-contained.  Now moving on for this non-canon crossover.

Compared to Super Hero Taisen which is garbage in detail, read review here, this movie though it is still messy and mind you I don't like Kyoryuger's samba and dinosaurs (agreed so much to Shougo B'Stard), however this movie has some of its positive points.  It focuses on Wizard, Gavan II, Sharivan II, Shaider II (well I guess Shaider died with his actor) and the epic appearance of Gai Ikari.  This also had Suzuka Morita play …

What if Toshiki Inoue Were Gobusters' Secondary Writer?

Toshiki Inoue as a secondary writer for Gobusters could do for better or for worse considering his strange sense of humor in his writing and in fact, he and Yasuko Kobayashi working together again is either it'll work or not work considering it's either hit or miss.  In fact, I even dare think he has already left writing the classic darker and edgier back in the 80s to 90s then again, this is going back to serious (but with some comedy like RPM has comedy), let's think about it based on his performance after Kamen Rider Kiva and his guest writing of Gokaiger 28:
I guess Toshiki Inoue might give Hiromu some character development in the weirdest way possible.  So maybe he will write an episode where Enter turns a chicken into a Metaroid.  For me, that would be one development for Hiromu considering he will learn to overcome his fear of chickens if it were needed to beat the Metaroid.   I just thought that the whole chicken thing for Hiromu is NOT fit for a season like Gobus…

Some Problems I Had with Gobusters

Gobusters, probably Yasuko Kobayashi's work either as a result of a burnout or two, Naomi Takebe's executive meddling.  While Naomi Takebe was responsible for two works which I liked namely Kiva (with Inoue) and OOO (with Kobayashi), here were some problems:

Great concepts, not-so-good to terrible execution happens.  While Yasuko Kobayashi wrote Gingaman, Timeranger and Shinkenger as a head writer while she was also the sub-writer for Megaranger and Boukenger (which were decent episodes).  For Kamen Rider she wrote Ryuki (which she wrote a rather absurd ending), Den-O and OOO (which the ending tried to imitate Agito's ending in a way).  Gobusters had interesting concepts like a virus big bad, sub-dimensions and the whole futuristic setting but executive meddling dragged Yasuko Kobayashi down IMO.  Unlike Kobayashi's other works, there was really less character development and dialogue.  Hmm maybe not even Inoue would be able to carry that out due to executive meddling.…

Understanding the Events of Akibaranger Season Tsuu Episode Five Delusional Import

It's really a sad, sad thing that many people have actually misunderstood the whole issue of Akibaranger Season Tsuu Episode Five.  After I tried to crack on what could be the message, let's analyze the events shall we?

First it's all about Luna who auditioned to be an idol.  In here, Koichi Sakamoto who had been involved in BOTH Super Sentai and Power Rangers as well as Kamen Rider appeared as George Spielburton who is a combination of Tim Burton (who met Takeru Satoh), Steven Spielburg and George Lucas.  So pretty much, Luna doesn't know much bout Super Sentai.

So Luna the new Akiba Blue is what I'd call really ignorant about Tokusatsu in general.  After her audition, we see that she has some ignorance issues.  So after she saw somebody play with two Zyuranger (or maybe MMPR toys) we see that she thinks the Sentai stuff came from America with the show called Powerful Rangers.

So what does Nobuo Akagi do?  So Nobuo tries to lecture Luna that Powerful Rangers is ba…

Turboranger's First Half and Second Half

Turboranger was one season that had two arcs- the three generals arc and the Nagare Bouma arc. So let's examine the arcs shall we?

First arc is what I'd dub as the three generals arc. Actually that was from episodes 1-29. Turboranger as said was actually suffering from ratings and perhaps affecting pay issues in the process. The three generals that were eventually killed off mid-season are Zimba, Jarmin and Professor Rehda. If I'm to talk about it, these guys were pretty cool actually and too bad they had to be written off. For villain plots in Turborangers, I thought they were typical for Super Sentai in the 80s- going from absurd to rather sadistic like Zimba's Agito Bouma, Jarmin's stealing love maybe because she's jealous or Rehda's Slime Bouma turning pollution into toxic zombies. I guess the show started to have bad ratings or just plain payroll issues or both. In the middle of this was also the introduction of Yamimaru and later foreshadowing Kirika …