Why Gobusters is NOT An Anti-Power Rangers Series

This is really outrageous as how Sentai fantards continue to read my blog but fight with Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai.  Now I'll show you why Gobusters is not an anti-Power Rangers series:

First if the heroes were against Power Rangers, why are they using the call "It's MORPHIN' Time!" huh?

So some people say that the term Megazords were used for the enemy mecha.  No.  Megazords are used for the term of EVERY giant robot whether it's good or bad in Gobusters.  Why don't they rewatch the show?

It has also taken some Power Rangers RPM elements.  For example, Messiah is similar to Venjix and Escape might be RPM's version of Tenaya except she's purely an avatar.

So I wonder why those Sentai fantards, not Sentai fans continue to insist on that ridiculous notion?


  1. This series actually pays homage to MMPR. All the catch phrase from Saban works better on Gobusters then the other in my opinion.
    I think Hiromu,RYuji, Yoko, Masato and BJ sounds better saying IT'S MORPHIN TIME, then Jason, Billy,Zack, Trini and Kimberly.


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