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A Recent Picture of Jun Fujimaki

Here's a recent picture of Jun Fujimako. Hmmm time has really passed so fast. Back in Changeman he was the rough and tough action soldier. Now he's probably another retired actor who may still be teaching martial arts to earn a living. Cheers for Changeman fans.

Sentai New Year Specials

The fact is Super Sentai had its new year specials too, something that became part of tradition after having Christmas specials. The following I can remember are:
The Gaorangers faced the New Year Org who challenged them to New Year games. Sae Taiga was the one who managed to beat this creature.
The Hurricangers had a new year special where Sandaru soon launched three giant robots while trying to finalize his plans to betray Jajanka and take over the world for himself.
The Dekarangers had a new year special in episodes 45-46. They were action filled especially episode 46 when Sen saves Umeko from a con artist Alienizer who's guilty of paricide 200 times. It was more of a romantic set.
Shortly after the Christmas special, the Boukengers had their new year special too. It was in this episode where Dark Shadow's evil secret got revealed behind Gekkou as well as Yaiba betraying Dark Shadow. Pretty cool episode.
Gekiranger has everybody dressed up making New Year wishes. It's…

Reiko Chiba and Soga Machiko

Here's a rare video I found on Youtube featuring Soga Machiko and Reiko Chiba. Sorry folks no subtitles. By the way, Reiko Chiba is kind of a looker as of this time in this video and I was thinking that Soga Machiko's appearance here almost reminds me of other evil villains in J-Drama.

Super Sentai Rangers' Relatives

The fact is Super Sentai has had its own list of relatives as the series went through. NOT in this list are from Fiveman, Gogo V and Magiranger because they're sibling sentai and the rest of these are non-sibling Sentai. Sorry no pictures for everyone until further notice so only that specific character will be put. Like we have:

Red One had a missing father who showed up in episode 43-44 during the Satan Megas episode. As the series ended, he finally finds out that the scientist is his father. His father had an important role being the rival of Dr. Man in the area of robotics as his views were for good and the other was for evil, an idea that probably inspired the creation of the Rockman characters Dr. Light and Dr. Wily as well as Dr. Kubota vs. Dr. Hinelar in their friendship gone bad. In episode 48, he was captured by his long-time rival Dr. Man and he was revealed to be a cyborg. In episode 49, he reveals his past with Dr. Man to his son. He met his last in epis…

American Inspiration for Sentai Androids

I think two of Sentai's android assistants were somewhat inspired by American movies. They are:
C3PO I believe inspired the creation of the android Peebo of Bioman by crossing it over with a Kamen Rider design.
Timeranger's Tac the Mechanical Owl reminds me of Bubo of Clash of the Titans.

Another Takeru and Mako Photo

Ling emailed this to me and I feel like this is worth a present for Shinkenger fans who want them to end up together. However I wish they will also end up in real life. :-P

Favorite Christmas Specials

Sadly while I liked Timeranger the best, most of the visitors didn't vote for it. Okay so here are the results. I am still pleased with the outcome of the top three winners:
Gou Gou Sentai Boukenger has 24 votes.
Go-onger has 17 votes. After Kakuranger, this was where Santa Claus appears in his traditional form.
Gekiranger has 11 votes. However I like this special better as Rio and Melee's partnership is explored further.

A Pre-Jetman Sayuri Uchida Picture for the Holidays

Finally the photo I would have cherished so much. Ha ha. Anyway this is a picture of Sayuri Uchida before she starred in Jetman. I find this rather cute. Ha ha ha. Jetman fans, enjoy yourself.

Despite the Holidays, Still There's Action in Sentai

Well it's almost time to judge which Happy Holidays special is the best. Honestly speaking, I can't help but use this photo of jolly St. Nick making Rudolph pull the sleigh like that to demonstrate what I mean. Ha ha ha.

In fact in Super Sentai, none of the yuletide episodes (which by the way Christmas is more of a romantic holiday in Japan) were just plain- in fact as fiction as they are, they do get into the reality that crime rates do double during Christmas time just like when I read the morning papers that a money changer got nabbed just this morning so it makes more sense to put a good battle or two because villains do get nastier during a time of extra giving.

What are the focus of these episodes? Let's get some:

Don't expect the holidays to be perfect- in fact in a rather fictitious way, the reality that crime rate does double is true.

Tragedies can happen on Christmas. Dairanger's not-so-Christmas episode had it where the Mystery Mother played by Mikiko Mi…

White Swan and Kibaranger Cosplay

Here's a cosplay event and I find this picture of a cosplayer dressed as White Swan beside a cosplayer dressed as Kibaranger. For MMPR fans, they'll recognize the costume as Tommy's replacement powers.

Some Sentai Group Photos Out of Show

Here are some cool group out of show Sentai group pictures. Some I wouldn't know from where they came. Ha ha. Anyway it's a cool Holiday present for older and newer Sentai fans alike.
The Bioman cast prior to Sumiko Tanaka's arrival. I wonder why Yuki Yajima left.
While behind the scenes with a suit actor playing as a mechaclone and while
Hikaru Katsuragi is probably reading her script, the other four pose. Hikari Sentai Maskman cast posting in the suits without helmets. Too bad we don't see them do that in the shows.
Those acting as the Maskmen villains pose for the camera.
The other four Livemen without their leader without their helmets.
This was supposed to be for the summer here it is- Turborangers in swimwear. They probably posed for this behind the scenes of that episode where Rehda turned some beachgoers into masks for some creepy reason.
The Hoshikawa siblings playing tennis. They're hot.
A Kakuranger stage show with the cast.
The Hanarangers are hot, hot, ho…

A Female Shinken Red?

I just read from other people's blogs that the "real" Shinken Red is a woman named Kaoru. So what about Takeru? So maybe Takeru is just adopted or this woman may be his older sister gone missing or something. I wonder what's going to happen with a female red ranger?! This I've got to see on what's really going to happen. However I hope Takeru will still prevail in the end. It's something that's really strange to appear.

Sentai Casts in Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma and Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma Spark

Okay this is NOT Super Sentai but it's still worth a watch for fans of Magiranger, Boukenger and Dekaranger. Here are some of the casts and I think it's worth a watch. Here are they:

During the first season we have:
Atsushi Hashimoto who previously played as Kai/Magired in Magiranger act as Hosomatsu/Raiden (not to be confused with the Mortal Kombat character).
Hiroya Matsumoto who previously played as Tsubasa/Magiyellow act as Senden.
Asami Kai who previously played as Urara/Magiblue plays as Kaguya/Shiden.
Mika Kikuchi plays another yet air-headed character in the series named Jun Terada after playing as Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink who was also air-headed. Perhaps her character somewhat parodies her Dekaranger character.
Banban Akaza sadly got pushed behind. He plays as Takanao Kuratonomiya who is Jun's sidekick.
Yuki Ito played as Tojiro, a character who Kaguya once had feelings for in the Edo era.
Meibi Yamauchi who previously was Lunagel in Magiranger acts as Ito, Teronusuke…