Sentai New Year Specials

The fact is Super Sentai had its new year specials too, something that became part of tradition after having Christmas specials. The following I can remember are:
The Gaorangers faced the New Year Org who challenged them to New Year games. Sae Taiga was the one who managed to beat this creature.
The Hurricangers had a new year special where Sandaru soon launched three giant robots while trying to finalize his plans to betray Jajanka and take over the world for himself.
The Dekarangers had a new year special in episodes 45-46. They were action filled especially episode 46 when Sen saves Umeko from a con artist Alienizer who's guilty of paricide 200 times. It was more of a romantic set.
Shortly after the Christmas special, the Boukengers had their new year special too. It was in this episode where Dark Shadow's evil secret got revealed behind Gekkou as well as Yaiba betraying Dark Shadow. Pretty cool episode.
Gekiranger has everybody dressed up making New Year wishes. It's also an episode dealing with Jan and his father. Jan tries to wish his father back but the only way to do it is to beat Suugu. Thinking about how Kenji Ohba played as the main character in the Metal Hero Series known as Gavan who had a missing father, now he becomes a missing father in tokusatsu.
The Go-ongers had their new year special in battle in a rather hilarious way.  It featured the Go-ongers in a spa, some child spirit and well you could actually also say it was more of a filler episode.
The Shinkengers will have an upcoming second Shinken Red, possibly Takeru's little sister or something. Perhaps now something of Takeru's past may be revealed- perhaps he could be a hanyo and will have to choose between his teammates and his other half. Maybe. Just can't wait to see what's going to happen. Hopefully he still makes the right choice in the end.


  1. I think you should add the Gekiranger New Year special. It was episode 44 and it started with the Gekirangers at a shrine and Jan was wondering what they were doing there and got a response that they were about to make a wish to God. So Jan wished that Suugu, the monster form of his dad's Geki Soul created by Long, to be his dad once more but Master Shafu commented that it was impossible so Jan made a promise to himself that he will defeat Suugu to free his dad's Geki Soul. Pretty touching episode really.

  2. Thanks for adding things up. I have a poor memory at times.


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