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Some Sentai Gimmicks to Sell More Toys

In Super Sentai, there's always certain gimmick to sell more toys.  Here are some I can see:

I thinkt he first gimmick had to be the creation of the primary giant robots.  It went from just launch it into battle to the transforming and the combining.  
Creating different assorted weaponry in Super Sentai supplies toys.
The secondary robots were soon added.
Eventually combining two robots into one robot was another fad.
Creating cooler morphing gadgets as toys was simply one way to sell these kinds of toys.
The use of team power ups was later added starting with Fiveman.
The creation of various vehicles from motorcycles to buggies to jeeps or even the raptors from Abaranger.
The creation of the sixth ranger and beyond.  
And yup, sixth rangers had their own mecha as well giving them a more unique aspect.
Eventually there was more than one combining robot for the whole team starting with Kakuranger.
And the multi-gattai robots did their part too.  Some of them exceeded the combination of just …

Sentai Heroines Who Appeared as Singing Divas

There were some Sentai heroines who appeared as divas.  Here they are:

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow- At the end of the Jetman series, she became a pop singer.  
Lin/Hououranger- In episode 33, Lin became an idol singer and was supposedly fooled by Gorma until the Media Magician gained real feelings for her.  Was her character as a singer used also for Kimberly's character development?
Chisato Jousaki/Mega Yellow- Aside from being a photographer, she's also a singer.
Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue- In her part-time, she was a singer.  At the end of the series, she became a famous pop star.  In Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, her career had reached greater heights.
Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink- She appeared as a diva in the Shinkenger OVA but it was merely one of the many film scenes done by the monster.  I admit I like her voice too.

Gokaiger 15- The Arrival of Basco

Gokaiger 15 is pretty much of a turning point episode with the arrival of a new villain named Basco.  As a privateer of the Zangyack, it's not surprising his name almost makes a reference to the historical figure of Vasco de Gama a Portugese explorer who was also a privateer.  Also, I feel like he's a villainous Han Solo as he has a beast companion that goes with him.  His laugh is pretty disturbing plus he reminds me of wicked vampires from horror movies with how he looks... partly especially with the creepy feminine look.  However I really don't like the way he dresses most of the time.  He's got a pretty weird sense of fashion compared to Captain Marvelous.

He's really nasty... he has managed to steal the sixth ranger keys then...

With the use of his magic horn he summons duplicates of the additional rangers...

That's definitely A LOT there!

He kidnaps the other four rangers and leaves Captain Marvelous alone with five ranger keys.  Their rivalry is really on-se…

Repeated Main Themes in Super Sentai

Well there are Super Sentai series that carry the same main theme, however can vary in some ways.  Here are some of them:

Changeman (1987) and Ohranger (1997)- Both are focused on the themes of young soldiers facing against an invading force and coping up with life in the military.  Both were militarily themed although Changeman was all about organic aliens, the Ohrangers faced against machine beings like the Biomen did.

Maskman (1988) and Jetman (1991)- Both had the theme of red rangers with missing lovers.  Well, it's all about duty over love life kind of stuff.  They both had their romances although Jetman took it to a greater level.

Turboranger (1989) and Carranger (1996)- Carranger basically follows Turboranger's car motif, the adaptation was called Turbo probably in tribute to Turboranger and that while there are differences, the mecha in Carranger look like a modern version of the mecha of Turboranger, both using Car Magic powers.  However Carranger was a lighthearted s…

Female Yellow Rangers Who Got Fan-Shipped with Red Rangers

While there hasn't been any female yellow ranger canon ship with a red ranger, I'd like to show which female yellow rangers had a fan shipping with a red ranger.

It seemed like Mika Koizumi/first Yellow 4 was shipped with Shiro Gou until her tragic demise.  Later it seemed the chemistry went to...

Jun Yabuki the second Yellow 4.  There seemed to be some scenes between her and Gou Shirou as well.  It was fun to see how the two were that close and had some chemistry, both nearly got married to different persons and both really watch each other's backs.  
Some Maskman fans chose to ship Takeru/Red Mask with Haruka/Yellow Mask instead of Momoko/Pink Mask.  There's been some moments together but it was just professional, not personal.  In my opinion, this led to the Jason/Trini fan-pairing among PR-Sentai fans.
Natsumi Shinohara/Yellow Racer was also shipped with Kyousuke Jinnai.  I personally like her to be with Kyousuke Jinnai than for the latter to be with Zonette.

Gokaiger 13- Kyousuke Jinnai!

Compared to the guesting of Banban Akaza and Marika Reimon, Kyousuke Jinnai does get an extended role.  Kishi Yuuji the actor is in!  Woohoo!!!!

Kyousuke Jinnai's appearance there as a traffic enforcer?!  Anyway it's a pretty hilarious episode mixed with awesomeness.

Insarn has a crush on him.  Hmmm... I wonder if Zonette would get jealous?  Too bad we don't know any more details after his relationship with Zonette ended in Carranger.

As for the previous powers...

We do have a little of Zyuranger then...
It's only normal they become the Carrangers due to Kyousuke Jinnai's guesting for that whole episode.  So Ahim became two archers here- the Ptera Ranger and the Pink Racer.  Plus...
To no surprise, they also changed into the Turborangers.  Coincidences here are- Carranger is basically inspired by Turboranger in terms of themes and Saban adapted Carranger as Power Rangers Turbo (suggesting he may have wanted Turboranger to be MMPR).  MMPR had some references to Turboran…