Gokaiger 13- Kyousuke Jinnai!

Compared to the guesting of Banban Akaza and Marika Reimon, Kyousuke Jinnai does get an extended role.  Kishi Yuuji the actor is in!  Woohoo!!!!

Kyousuke Jinnai's appearance there as a traffic enforcer?!  Anyway it's a pretty hilarious episode mixed with awesomeness.

Insarn has a crush on him.  Hmmm... I wonder if Zonette would get jealous?  Too bad we don't know any more details after his relationship with Zonette ended in Carranger.

As for the previous powers...

We do have a little of Zyuranger then...

It's only normal they become the Carrangers due to Kyousuke Jinnai's guesting for that whole episode.  So Ahim became two archers here- the Ptera Ranger and the Pink Racer.  Plus...

To no surprise, they also changed into the Turborangers.  Coincidences here are- Carranger is basically inspired by Turboranger in terms of themes and Saban adapted Carranger as Power Rangers Turbo (suggesting he may have wanted Turboranger to be MMPR).  MMPR had some references to Turboranger in the sense of teenagers fighting to save the world.


  1. Lol, Kyousuke won Zonnette's heart at the end of Carranger, so they might have broken up at the end of the show-- or he could have hooked up with Yellow Racer!


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