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Gai Meets Gai?!

There's been talk from Toshihide Wakamatsu's blog that he'll be showing up in a future episode of Gokaiger.  As of late, he's playing minor roles in J-Drama and in some action films. So who is he married to?  I figured out that it'd be fun to see him but I wanted to see my favorite Jetman, Ryu Tendo instead.  Anyway, I wonder how Gai Yuuki will react to Gai Ikari.  Anyway compared to Takumi Hirose, he still could be a Sentai fan.

Pirates Plus Adventure in Gokaiger... START UP!

Well this is kind of a shout-out to Boukenger or what?  Well the pirates seek adventure, Satoru Akashi is a wild adventurer.  So here's what's going on...

Satoru Akashi is BACK for an adventurer with the quest for the "Heart of Hades" a new Precious that unfortunately...
Restores the really hateful Ryuon to life.  Woah!  Well it's kinda scary to how disfigured Ryuon is right here.  But he really has a lot of hate issues.  The Heart of Hades can bring back the dead.  Go figure.  Now the hellish villain managed to return as a guest.  He has the Heart of Hades right into him for the major reason of revenge.
It was fun seeing Satoru Akashi blend in with some pirates.  The partnership between Marvelous and Satoru is pretty interesting.  Marvelous does get to use Satoru's power to beat Ryuon as well.

Gingaman Nostalgia- Ryouma and Hyuuga in Action

Well it's an intense episode really.  Here's a little bit of what's going on...

Despite the obvious signs of time passing by, we can still recognize the two actors Kazuri Meihara and Teruaki Ogara showed up.  Well, it was kind of nice of Kazuri Meihara to appear here while he didn't in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.  Hmmm... I wonder what these guys are doing now?

Another fan-service- Gingaman!!!!  Well, a little "shout out" IMO is that since the Gokaigers come from some "lost galaxy", so it's also a "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" shout out for me.  Anyway, Ryouma does get to see his suit put to good use after he's lost his powers.  Please note that some things are merely my opinions.

Basco is a villain we do love to hate don't we?  He has the other sixth ranger powers and I wonder when will they be retrieved.  I get reminded of Ura's appearance in Gaoranger.  It would be cool to create a chimera monster out of those keys!  Woah!

Rangers Somewhat Deviant From Their Fellow Rangers

There were some rangers that were somewhat deviant from their fellow rangers or at least were kind of different.  Here they are I count as such:

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk- Compared to the rest of his team, he's the only one who's professionally trained and selected to be a Jetman not out of random accident.

Kou/Dairanger- Unlike most rangers who are usually teenagers-early years adults, he was the child of the Dairanger group.  Also, he was the only one of them who has Gorma lineage.

Riki/Kingranger- While the Ohrangers were basically well... modern day humans, he was the only member who didn't belong to their time period.

Yuusaku Hayakawa/Mega Silver- Compared to the rest of the Megarangers, he's an adult and the only one not to be a student.

Tatsuya Asami/Time Red- Compared to the other Timerangers who were from the year 3000, he was from the year 2000.
Naoto Takizawa/Time Fire- Like Tatsuya Asami, he didn't come from the future.  
Shirogane/Gao Silver- He was the only one o…

Gai Ikari's Newfound Power

Well there's nothing more crazy than Gai Ikari going bad-ass.  Heh.  Maybe he can really beat Gai Yuuki.

This is crazy.  Well he gets to use the powers of the Go-on Wings all at once.  Hee hee.  I find this creepy.  I wonder how Gem and Gemma will react to this?!

The vision of the sixth rangers (in the case of Abare Killer, fifth and added ranger) is here since he can't decide on which power to use leading to...
The creation of Gai Ikari's battlizer.  Hmmm... this armor is really something.  Sixth rangers who had armor were Burai/Dragon Ranger, Kou/Kibaranger, Riki/Kingranger and Shurikenger.  
This attack is super cool if you ask me.  The powers of the latest additions going together.  It's all the fifteen warrors power.  The Final Wave Gokai Dream really does wonders.

The Megarangers and Their Symbols

I pretty thought of it that the Megarangers do have their symbols, some fit in their personality and the others don't.  Now time for a little "inside look" at their symbols:

Kenta Date/Mega Red- The personal computer as his symbol can be ironic since he doesn't like computers compared to the rest.  As a slacker, well I think the PC can fit in well since some slackers choose to spend more time playing computer games.

Kouichirou Endou/Mega Black- The satellite as his symbol can speak for his leadership skills and being an overachiever.

Shun Namiki/Mega Blue- The digital TV as his symbol just goes with his dream of being a computer graphics artist since he's involved with special effects.

Chisato Jougasaki/Mega Yellow- The symbol of the camera represents her passion in photography.  Really, pretty much of a tribute to the late Mika Koizumi but she's not really that tough.

Miku Imamura/Mega Pink- The cellphone as her symbol well may speak about her being a chatterbox.…