Rangers Somewhat Deviant From Their Fellow Rangers

There were some rangers that were somewhat deviant from their fellow rangers or at least were kind of different.  Here they are I count as such:

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk- Compared to the rest of his team, he's the only one who's professionally trained and selected to be a Jetman not out of random accident.

Kou/Dairanger- Unlike most rangers who are usually teenagers-early years adults, he was the child of the Dairanger group.  Also, he was the only one of them who has Gorma lineage.

Riki/Kingranger- While the Ohrangers were basically well... modern day humans, he was the only member who didn't belong to their time period.

Yuusaku Hayakawa/Mega Silver- Compared to the rest of the Megarangers, he's an adult and the only one not to be a student.

Tatsuya Asami/Time Red- Compared to the other Timerangers who were from the year 3000, he was from the year 2000.

Naoto Takizawa/Time Fire- Like Tatsuya Asami, he didn't come from the future.  
Shirogane/Gao Silver- He was the only one of the modern day Gaorangers who didn't belong to the modern day time period like Riki/Kingranger was.

Kagura Asuka/Shurikenger- He had lost his identity and nobody saw his real face.  He just kept changing his faces.  How he really looked like still remains a mystery.

Asuka/Abare Black- Unlike the other Abarangers, he came from Dino Earth.

Hikaru/Magishine- Compared to the others, he was a heavenly saint.

Natsuki Mamiya/Bouken Yellow- Compared to the rest of the Boukengers, she wasn't born in the same time period as they were.  She was in fact a Lemurian.

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver- Unlike the other Boukengers, he's the only one who is half-Ashu plus he wasn't an adventurer at the start.  He was more of an Ashu hunter.  He didn't really have much training for SGS either.

Genta Umemori/Shinken Gold- Compared to the rest of the Shinkengers, he's not descended from samurais so he was initially rejected.

Gai Ikari/Gokai Silver- While the Gokaigers are aliens, he's the only Earth man among them.  Quite a reverse of Kingranger.


  1. Asuka is also different than the other Abaranger because he comes from Dinoearth

  2. The deviants in power rangers are mostly the same from sentai. First there was time force with having two ppl from present time. Wild Force with their silver who was a monster. Operation Overdrive with their silver ranger as some mercury life being. Finally their gold in shinkenger who doesnt have any part with the samrurai bloodline. You could also say Goseiknight is like one as well since he's a header.

  3. What about Hikaru from Magiranger? He was a Heavenly Saint while the siblings were human.

  4. how about megasilver being the only adult member of the megarangers at the age of 25

  5. What about GoseiKnight? He was a Header while the Goseigers were Angels.


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