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Gokaiger Team Analysis

I just thought I've had mixed feelings on the Gokaigers but I'll give the cast the analysis they deserve. Okay now here goes nothing... give corrections if I'm wrong because I'm really still rewatching it. Okay now it's time for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger...

Captain Marvelous

Where do I start? I just thought he's more similar to Satoru Akashi but probably done right for some. Both are kind of a typical pirate- a love for adventure and a high risk taker to satisfy his curiosity. I just thought that his character was kind of cocky at first, although we do learn of his past was kind of tragic. What I thought of him and Akashi was that it was fun seeing how the flaw of being reckless and adventurous was put to the leader in itself where despite his shortcomings, he never forgot about his duty as the leader. My favorite plot of his had to be with Basco which from the episode where Basco appeared to when they settled their rivalry, it was well-written despite flaws.


Maskman Enemy Analysis: Tube and Kiros

I just wanted to do an analysis of the Tube and the stray enemy Kiros (although he did ally with Tube).  Well I just thought I wanted to give the others an analysis though I did some spotlight on Zeba, Kiros and Igam already.  But oh well...

Emperor Zeba

Well he's one mysterious, kinda obviously not human to us every time we saw a close up of his face.  Or maybe not.  But I just thought that he's one of the scariest villains ever.  Hearing his natural voice in Japanese, wow he's that scary!  I really thought that his character development in Maskman has gone from dark to darker to darkest, especially when his true identity as the new Lethal Dobler the most powerful underground monster ever was revealed.  Okay so why he ate his own parent the mother Lethal Dobler was DISGUSTING!  I really just thought that he was one major SOB manipulating everyone underground and above just for his selfish reasons.

Princess Igam

Well while she was called "prince" it was obvious t…

Jetman Enemies: Vyram Analysis

Okay I've written spotlights on Tranza and Radiguet but I guess this won't hurt either for showing more thoughts about them that never entered my head.  So here's a little bit of what I thought about Vyram- they are basically competing for power, all except for Gure who has partnered with Maria.  Now here's what I thought of them individually...


This guy is what I'd call a really huge major SOB, frightening and in fact really frightening fellow that gave me nightmares as a child especially when he does that disturbing laugh of his or how he really is that menacing.  I dunno but he does have much of a wicked charm that makes him one of my favorite bad guys.  What can I say about him?  Well he's a de-facto leader because of his power and with all that power, it drives him insane throughout the series while still having some cunning left to deal with his enemies.  What makes him really despicable is that he has been given some chances to reform yet he cho…

Jetman Team Analysis

Well now it's time to pay tribute to what my heart would still call as, "The best Super Sentai of all time." or maybe not... hee hee.  I just thought I'm still stuck to Jetman and these guys and I'm gushing...

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk

Well maybe some of you complain of Kotaro Tanaka's lack of acting but I was pretty fine with it for Super Sentai standards.  Now on to the character- I just thought while he seems pretty standard with any human characters with all the character flaws around but I just thought that I could relate to him quite a bit or if not much.  Okay, I just thought that while he tries to remain tough on the outside, we do see that he was trying to hide the fact he could not let go of Rie and I just thought that's one major area I could relate to.  So far, he does show real professionalism as a soldier and putting priorities in the front line, yet ironically he ends up breaking his own rules when he discovers that his beloved Rie had become Mari…

Maskman Team Analysis

Well I'm being plain rude not to pay tribute to my favorite 80s Super Sentai team of all time and part of my childhood to which I can no longer return to.  So okay here's my review on the Maskman team:

Takeru/Red Mask

I just thought he'll always be my childhood red ranger.  Okay here's what I thought- Kazunori Inaba does a good job playing as this guy.  In fact, I pretty thought he's one of the best developed red rangers around except he and Momoko didn't interact much except in professional terms.  So okay, I'm not surprised he's pretty well-liked, in fact I think more well-liked than Takeru Shiba for older Sentai fans like myself.  I just thought that he has adequate leadership skills though he can be a hot-head, it was also funny at the same time to see that as a child he was a real troublemaker (like I was) so again, I could relate to him.  So his fingers are positioned as "zai" meaning control over natural forces, but his biggest obstacle…

Foreshadowing Gai Yuki's Death in Jetman

I just thought there were times before Gai died, he nearly died in some episodes.  Which are they?  Here they are that really foreshadowed his death:

Episode 19- "Gai Dies"

This episode was kinda a foreshadow that one day, Gai will die.  Juuza just fired a crystal spell at him that soon turned him into a pillar.  He wanted to die alone.  So what happened is simple- Gai's death was already hinted here.  I thought Gai would die and get replaced by another ranger after this.  Actually he recovered, so I do think everybody else who got turned into a crystal pillar recovered.  However this was not the end of the foreshadows...

Episode 27- Escape from the Demon World

In this episode we see that Gai, Ako and Raita were abducted into the spirit world by Radiguet in a desperate attempt to kill them.  Hmmm... subtle.  But I just have to give credit that this episode foreshadowed one of the Jetmen will die.

Episode 30- "The Demon Gods Arise"

In this episode, Gai held a k…

Sentai Villains of Blind Loyalty

I just thought I might pay a tribute to villains of blind loyalty.  Tell me if I missed anything...

Farrah Cat was blindly loyal to Farrah.

Fuumin was blindly loyal to her mistress Igam.  In fact, she even shielded Igam from death.

For some apparent reason, Oyobur remained loyal to Emperor Zeba even until he discovered Zeba's true identity.  I just find it very stupid why he chose to take Zeba's orders to die.

Zaza in Fiveman was blindly loyal to Dordora.

Most of the Zone were blindly loyal to the point that even after discovering Medor's true identity, most of them chose to serve Zone anyway except for Dordora and Zaza.  Chevalier fought for Vulgyre to the very end, even until death.

Grey was blindly loyal to Maria.  In fact, he cared less about winning his bet against Radiguet and Tran.

Shizuka herself was blindly loyal to Gekkou.  She even risked herself to kill Yaiba.

Shitari was blindly loyal to Doukoku.

Male vs. Female Rivalries in Super Sentai

I just thought I'd also tackle on rivalries in Super Sentai that were male vs. female.  I just thought this isn't a very manly thing... (thanks to Fantasy Leader for most of the pictures here...)....
In Maskman we had Takeru vs. Igam.  Okay what makes this really disturbing is that while audiences know that Igam is a girl, Takeru thinks Igam is a man!  The revelation of Igam's gender crisis really put Takeru into a moral dilemma especially he would never fight against ladies.
In Dairanger, the fake Gara showed she was no ordinary woman to mess up with.  I really thought that her rivalry with Daigo was rooted because of Daigo's love for Kujaku.  The fake Gara had no idea she was only a clay puppet created by Shaddam as a replica and not an extension body.  I thought Gara really crossed the line here, while Daigo fought honorably.  The fake Gara was also rivals with Lin as well.
Hayate and Shelinda also both had intense rivalries in Gingaman.  Shelinda did get a scratch …