Foreshadowing Gai Yuki's Death in Jetman

I just thought there were times before Gai died, he nearly died in some episodes.  Which are they?  Here they are that really foreshadowed his death:

Episode 19- "Gai Dies"

This episode was kinda a foreshadow that one day, Gai will die.  Juuza just fired a crystal spell at him that soon turned him into a pillar.  He wanted to die alone.  So what happened is simple- Gai's death was already hinted here.  I thought Gai would die and get replaced by another ranger after this.  Actually he recovered, so I do think everybody else who got turned into a crystal pillar recovered.  However this was not the end of the foreshadows...

Episode 27- Escape from the Demon World

In this episode we see that Gai, Ako and Raita were abducted into the spirit world by Radiguet in a desperate attempt to kill them.  Hmmm... subtle.  But I just have to give credit that this episode foreshadowed one of the Jetmen will die.

Episode 30- "The Demon Gods Arise"

In this episode, Gai held a knife and nearly died from offering his blood to the demon gods Ramu and Gogu. I just thought that this scene was way more bloody than just requiring a drop of Natsuki's blood in Boukenger.  He stated as long as he had blood, he'll fight until he'll DIE.

Episode 45- "The Hot Milk of Victory"

Gai nearly died in this episode being a human conductor.  I mean outside the Jetman suit, Gai is just human.  Again, I count it as a foreshadow to his death.

Episode 51- "Spread Your Wings Jetman"

Just the big bummer or maybe just a foreshadow to Gokaiger 28.  Three years later, well so the Kakurangers were busy fighting Youkai, Gai was on his way to attend Ryu and Kaori's wedding.  What went wrong was while on the way, a random mugger attacks a woman. He saves the woman's purse, the robber goes crazy and stabs him.  Whether or not the robber was an amnesiac Radiguet is just speculation, it could be considering Radiguet swore revenge beyond death.

Then we see this...

WTF Gai was dying and they can't see it?  I just thought that scene wasn't very well done or left a dangler for TWENTY years.

Okay now here's for Gokaiger 28- "Wings Forever" with a few notes... eventually we see the Gokaigers wonder where Gai Yuki was.  Gai Ikari mentioned him as "missing" which for me is an implication he could have survived the mugging (as that incident was NEVER mentioned in Gokaiger) then he later died in military service somewhere in his life and came back as a ghost in the Legend War.  Also, there was no explanation from Toshiki Inoue also how the other Jetmen were soon aware of Gai's death either or how Gai Yuki died.  But fact is, case closed, Gai Yuki died anyway regardless how he died.  But I just thought he could have died in some battle as a soldier, later found dead and all.  

All he did last was sit at the bench, disappear but it wasn't the same bench he sat on.  So yeah, he's dead but perhaps we'll never know how he died.  I'm just siding on the fact he survived the mugging but later died in some battle.  At least he didn't show up as a cyborg like his Gatchaman counterpart Joe Asakura or the Gokaigers will have to deal with a half-human machine going on.  Okay Gai Ikari's just so pitiful he can't see the other Gai.  Whhhyyy???!!!!

Well I guess I'll put his ghost to good use in a future fan fiction episode of Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon.  Perhaps Gai Yuki will team up with the Flying Dutchman, Spongebob or Danny Phantom to defeat the villains.


  1. In Gokaiger, just before Gai disappears at the end, he sits down on the bench. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be the same bench where he sat after being stabbed in the last episode of Jetman so yes, that would imply that he died from the knife wound ...

  2. For most Sentai fans for 20 years, they were all in denial and did not want to accept the fact that he is dead. Well Gokaiger proved so.

    1. I was in that denial. However I'm just thinking that he could have died some other way though.

    2. At the 1st several episodes, Gai was a unlikeable rougue and what was he thinking to be lusting after Kaori?!?! Sorry , Kaori is the most unattractive Sentai female. But during the series progression Gai did become more heroic and responsible. We can only assume that before Black Condor, Gai was a scoundrel and burnt alot of people. Maybe death was around the corner because of his karma. Overall I prefer Gai over Ryu anytime.

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