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Kyuranger 27: Indasion Of The Clones

It's the Indasion of the Clones by the Indavers... pun intended. In this episode, we get a fun clip show while the Kyurangers try to drive out the soldiers from within. It's a funny episode with some cool recollection of some of the series' milestones. 
There are just times in Super Sentai we've never seen villains unmasked whether they be footsoldiers or generals. I remembered how we never saw Bubba's face in Changeman or Lar Deus' face in Flashman to name a few. I guess there are times we're left to imagine how they look underneath. On the other hand, we see the chestnut like shapes and we learn they're genetically modified soldiers. They also try to try play sympathetic which was too predictable.
I could also feel the bit of conflict of Tsurugi with the others. I mean, I was more in favor of his decision to throw the caught goons into the Time Hole. Spada is kind of naive which sort of irritates me. I feel like this show is telling me to learn to ad…

The Super Sentai Crossover Hype

I never thought I'd put this into writing but I want to write about the Super Sentai crossover hype. If you try to do some reviews you might notice that the crossover hype wasn't done overnight. There were some stage shows then later TV performances. I want to write about the Super Sentai crossover hype which was shelved for a long time but came back during the late 90s and has been continuing until this present year of 2017.

The ongoing yearly Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai VS Movies

It started with JAKQ vs. Goranger which were the only two series made by Shotaro Ishinomori. The two movies were somewhat connected to each other. But what's known is that Super Sentai series didn't have any TV crossover after JAKQ ended. Battle Fever J came two years later after JAKQ. JAKQ ended early in 1977 due to slow ratings and Battle Fever J became the first year-long SUper Sentai series in 1979. From what I heard there was supposed to be a planned crossover between Sun Vulcan and De…

Two Morally Gray Characters In Mirai Sentai Timeranger

Timeranger is probably one show that's complex for many, some consider it Yasuko Kobayashi's Magnum Opus (though which series she was the main writer is somewhat debatable) and yet there's some gray areas. These are probably what I'd call the gray areas of Timeranger or what really happened.

Remember spoilers ahead so read at your own risk!

Naoto Takizawa

As much as I'm a fan of Timeranger but I tend to think about criticisms even from Super Sentai fans towards this guy are also valid. What could be a weakness and a strength for the show at the same time is Naoto's role. He appeared pretty late in the series in contrast to other sixth rangers before him like Burai who appeared in the 17th episode. So what was his role? I thought Yasuko Kobayashi's tendency to write anti-heroes and maybe, just maybe she wanted her own version of Gai Yuki (minus the womanizing, gambling and drinking) but this guy took it too far in some way. He's a real douche and has take…

Kyuranger 26: Dangerous Emotions

This week's Kyuranger deals with Naga. While I do appreciate some character development for Naga but I feel this is a bit of a drag. I guess I'm too anxious to travel back in time or what? Anyway, I hope next week will get better. So where do we go? 
The new Vice Shogun Akenba unleashes her specialty to make people overly emotional. This is where Naga falls down and I hope it brings some character development. 
She offers Naga the chance to have his emotions. This is a real issue that the show brings up. I really call this deal with a villain to be typical but it can be good depending on how well it's written. 
We see more of the Orphiucius System and what really happened. They were an overly emotional people. To stop wars they abandoned emotion and individuality. Talk about the opposite extremes. I guess this 
The unleashing of emotions doesn't happen in a good way. He becomes twisted and evil inside which results to a huge dilemma the Kyurangers must face. How will …

How Time Travel Could Affect The Various Continuities In Toei's Tokusatsu Multiverse

Remember spoilers ahead! Don't read unless you're a spoiler addict like me!

After rewatching Timeranger (with TV-Nihon subs and in better quality before Shout! inevitably licenses it) I thought about how time travel could affect various continuities in Super Sentai. Just take note that Toei tends to use the multiverse format when they write Super Sentai. A lot of events here would include crossover movies (which may be referred to as the VS. Universe) which manage to change the way things go. It's time to ride the Den-Liner or Time Gamma (take your pick) to see how time travel could affect various continuities in Toei's entries of Tokusatsu series. I may be missing some so feel free to write down what's missing.

Time travel was done in Denziman (though I haven't seen that episode), Maskman, Liveman (though it was someone from the future getting dragged into the past and a dinosaur was dragged into the present), Jetman, Abaranger, Magiranger, Goseiger, Timeranger…

Kyuranger 25: Tick Tock, The Planet Is A Clock

This week's Kyuranger is the quest to find the Horologium Kyutama Globe in the planet Tocky. As the implies, it's a click. Speaking of Tocky, doesn't that remind anyone that Tock is also the name of the owl in Timeranger?

This planet has twelve keys which must be rotated to access a different area. There are twelve Kyurangers and we're seeing them all in action at once. I hope the Kyurangers will find some way to break through the rule of having only five at a time because the battles are getting tougher and tougher. 
The planet triggers past memories of everyone. Some of them are revived enemies. Others would also involve painful decisions or just plain hilarious. It must have been caused by the explosion caused by Tecchu.

Speaking of which this has to be the funniest part of the episode. Raptor is stuck in an illusion with the four boys courting her and she's a freaking robot.

This reveals the closeness of Commander Shou Ronpou to the late Commander Bear. This c…

Reviving One's Super Sentai Spirit Like A Phoenix?

There are times I thought about how I felt like "giving up" on Super Sentai without realizing I just needed a short break from stuff I like and "move on" with other new school stuff like I did in the past. After moving on with other new school stuff I eventually missed Super Sentai and start watching more new school entries. I found that event weird considering how I tend to prefer new school Kamen Rider over old school Kamen Rider. There's always many ways that a person can be weird and somehow, I always admit that I'm a weird guy myself.

Tsurugi Ootori is played by a 32 year old actor Keisuke Minami and that should give me a reason to still like Super Sentai even if there's a lot of new school stuff that I like these days. It's given me the urge to turn into Nobuo Akagi whenever I feel like it. The arrival of Phoenix Warrior made me wish I could enter into a cryogenic stasis like he did though that means I'd miss a lot of good stuff new schoo…

Kyuranger 24: The Phoenix's Rage, The Lion's Roar

This week's episode is quite predictable with what happens to Tsurugi Ootori. I gave a thought on how things are with both sides. Tsurugi has trouble letting go of his past and Lucky doesn't want to accept him. I think I would have done the same thing if I were in their situation. Tsurugi acts all tough all because of his past. Lucky's the opposite as he acts all carefree to make up for his past. Either way, I think both approaches tend to happen to just anyone.
In this week's episode, the Vice Shogun Tecchu brings his monster Gabbler with him. This is starting to bring pieces of everything together. They show they're not to be joked with as they capture the other Kyurangers. 
The other Kyurangers are forcibly trapped in Gabbler's systme. I wish they made the scene a little scarier here but I guess we're going to get parental complaints. Anyway, they're about to be digested and it's been like the nth time people in Super Sentai are at the risk of g…