Kyuranger 25: Tick Tock, The Planet Is A Clock

This week's Kyuranger is the quest to find the Horologium Kyutama Globe in the planet Tocky. As the implies, it's a click. Speaking of Tocky, doesn't that remind anyone that Tock is also the name of the owl in Timeranger?

This planet has twelve keys which must be rotated to access a different area. There are twelve Kyurangers and we're seeing them all in action at once. I hope the Kyurangers will find some way to break through the rule of having only five at a time because the battles are getting tougher and tougher. 

The planet triggers past memories of everyone. Some of them are revived enemies. Others would also involve painful decisions or just plain hilarious. It must have been caused by the explosion caused by Tecchu.

Speaking of which this has to be the funniest part of the episode. Raptor is stuck in an illusion with the four boys courting her and she's a freaking robot.

This reveals the closeness of Commander Shou Ronpou to the late Commander Bear. This causes him to revert back to the past until he realizes he's got a mission in the present.

Mizuho Harata makes another guest role as Kotaro's mother. I could remember her make a guest role in Shinkenger (as a reporter) and in Boukenger (as a cat turned human). She was also Mugi Grafton in Dekaranger: Ten Years After.

I love this part when Tsurugi tries to help Kotaro out. It's a hard decision for Kotaro: will it be the Universe or his late mother who will disappear when he finishes turning the key. Kotaro then makes the right decision to turn the key. I hope the next episodes will help us see more of what happened 300 years ago prior to the events of Kyuranger.

Don Armage isn't too pleased as Tecchu is finished. Now he plans to send in the next two Vice Shoguns namely Kukuruga and Akenba. Both of them are sent by Don Armage. 

Next week, it'd be nice to see a Naga-focused episode. Naga makes a dangerous deal with Akenba. How he will get out if it still remains to be seen. Anyway just expect a few delays next week before the next episode review can be uploaded.


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