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Turborangers: Was it the Trope Codifier to "Teenagers with Attitude"?

TV Tropes (which well can be a place to argue sad to say) has called Turboranger with the trope "Recruit Teenagers with Attitude" to which the page on "Teenagers with Attitude" has said this, "Kosoku Sentai Turboranger is probably the Trope Codifier as it's the first Sentai to consist of just teenagers, but they've yet to be referred as 'Teenagers with Attitude' (this was before Power Rangers was even conceived in his current form)." This brings us to the fact that Turboranger premiered in 1989 and MMPR premiered in 1993 quite a few years apart. Now to define the word "attitude" as defined:

1.) The arrangement of the parts of the body or figure: posture
2.) A position assumed for a specific purpose
3.) A ballet position similar to the arabesque in which the raised leg is bent at the knee
4.) a: a mental position with regard to a fact or state
b: a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state
5.) The position of an aircraft or spacec…

Bioman's Prince and Shuichi

Well I guess some people have already guessed it that Dr. Man was a human being but not the Big Three since Dr. Man had a hint saying to Mason he didn't design him to fail.  Now I really thought of the events that really led to his revelation that he was a human and what made him the evil big bad he is.

In episodes 19-20 we are introduced to the Prince.  Prince claims he is the son of Dr. Man which hints that the former is really a human, not a robot.  In fact, Mason had already learned quite earlier that Dr. Man was human, well not ever since Dr. Man said that Prince was his only son.  But we later see the fact that Prince was actually a robot created in the image of Dr. Man's son programmed to be extremely cruel and Ryuta wanted to talk sense into him because of his supposed age.  Prince's flaw was soon revealed when Ryuta talked some sense into him about his mother which triggers his memory of his mother which soon revealed he wasn't human.  He was revealed to be a …

A Runthrough of Super Sentai Team Cannons

Super Sentai had a history with cannons.  Now for a look at them...

The Big Bomber in JAKQ was introduced during the time Big One arrived and became the team leader.  Pretty primitive stuff really.

Battle Fever J had the Penta Force cannon which was created by combining five sticks... the concept was later reused in Changeman, Flashman and Timeranger.

The Changeman had their Change Bazooka since the beginning to the end of the show.  It did get a power up when Ahames arrived to destroy her barrier.

Changeman did take things "too far".  Well I love how the Rolling Vulcan is so awesome a weapon!

The New Old School of Super Sentai Revisited

Well here's a time to remember the "new old school" as it's been more than ten years since the entry of the year 2000. Now how's the kids who watched these growing up? I'm a 28 year old guy writing this hee hee and I am yet to see all of them completely but here's some critiques:

Mirai Sentai Timeranger (2000)

This show basically opened a new era of Super Sentai and what better way than a time themed Sentai? Fiveman opened it with the end of Soda's era, Timeranger was Yasuko Kobayashi's second headwriting job after Gingaman. This was the 24th series. This also introduced the concept of time travel, first not to really kill the monsters, the detective concept and after the final episode, you get a flashback of all 23 Super Sentai prior to this one which included Goranger and JAKQ in the documentary. My favorite here is Tatsuya/Time Red. Yuuri is also one of my favorite female rangers ever due to how badass she really is.

Hyajukyu Sentai Gaoranger (20…

Hurricanger Cast Reunion

Despite the end of their series, it's a good thing to see their friendship last. =)

RIP Takao Nagaishi

From Orends Range, fellow Toku comrade UkiyaSeed had just revealed the sad news that director Takao Nagaishi died due to progressive supranuclear palsey at age 68, reminds me of Soga Machiko's death also at more or less the same age as well as my late auntie.  Rest in peace, you will be sorely missed.

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