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Get Super Sentai Worldwide Via The Digital Age Now!

Back then, there were a lot of constraints as to why Haim Saban couldn't get Super Sentai as is. There were cultural boundaries (such as American and Japanese culture being vastly different) so Power Rangers was created as a result. I heard that Bioman was viewed as just another weird show due to cultural differences. But those were the 80s and Power Rangers started in the 90s. Super Sentai has a lot of scenes that usually don't make it past the TV-Y7-FV radar. That was when the digital age was but at its infancy.

Now, we're in the digital age. The K-Drama series Vagabond is now aired worldwide via Netflix. Right now, there's also the problem of the Super Sentai DVD release hiatus -- where's the Abaranger DVD release?! We've had Zyuranger up to Hurricanger and a Jetman DVD release. If I'm not wrong, Haim Saban was partly involved with the Super Sentai DVD releases then Hasbro took over for the Hurricanger release. But we've got a hiatus in the DVD relea…

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