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I'm Feeling The Effects Of 2018's Time-Space Continuum

The arrival of a new year can make you think that time flies so fast, doesn't it? January 1, 2018 just entered and I'm entering into the time-space continuum for the nth time. I think about how time REALLY flies. It's like the first Super Sentai team may already be grandparents by now. It reminds me of how one can take a look at the younger picture of themselves, their parents, their grandparents... and in the case of Kyuranger it's already the Year 2318 as far as their continuity is concerned.
I thought of how I wanted to leave Tokusatsu for good until I realized I just needed a break. That's what I did and it reminded me of the time when I returned back to watching more new school Super Sentai last decade then I took a halt. I always take a break and sometimes, I find myself wanting to watch more Chinese drama and movies (mostly from Taiwan), Japanese drama and movies, Korean drama and movies - or I even have the urge to try and watch the Chinese and Korean Toku…

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