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Do You Still Feel Your Kiddie Show Sunday Spirit When You Hear The Catchphrase "Super Hero Time"?

It's been something that bothers my mind every now and then. Part of me tends to think that I was "too old" for Super Sentai whenever I'm looking at other new school stuff worth checking out. I just think of the "Super Hero Time" sound and I'm somehow taken back to the 90s at least in my mind. But this time, I feel like every time I hear "Super Hero Time" my inner child still wants to shout out loud like I did in the 90s, "IT'S KIDDIE SHOW SUNDAY!" or "Kiddie show Sunday! Kiddie show Sunday!". While I don't do it openly but I still feel like doing it. Okay, that's just gone too far if I still do it right? I mean, what's wrong with being an adult who still watches Super Sentai and Kamen Rider as long as they're responsible citizens? That would be better than teenagers who think they know everything, want to act like they're adults but they are wrecking themselves one way or another. 
So why do I feel…

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