Ryusoulger 43 - The Druidon's Mother Revealed

Well, I don't know what to say right now. What's obvious is that the quality of my Ryusoulger posts have been going down - no questions asked. At this point, a new villain namely the Big Bad of the series called Eras is introduced as the Druidons' mother. I wish she will gain some fearsome monster form rather than just stay the core that she is. Otherwise, I'd love to raise my disappointments with how the Creation King from Kamen Rider Black was just a disembodied heart!
Eras is now seen in the present day. She reveals her power that she would give birth to Druidons. Recently, we do have Pricious who witnesses the birth of her new "sibling" known as Gunjoji. Personally, I wish Eras' design were scarier than that. Censorship issues anyone?

Banba does some martial arts fanservice for the audience. It's amazing to see actor Tatsuya Kishida really do these impressive fight scenes himself. Is he the strongest cast member? There's an interesting flashb…

Ryusoulger 42 - Decisive Stage

Well, Ryusoulger is nearly coming to its end. This would be the final stage act. This week's episode features the final battle of Wizeru. Last week's preview gave it that he'd give his all. But I do find this episode too be somewhat flamboyant.

I find the opening of this episode to be kind of funny. Creon is seen unloading stuff. It's also discovered that Ui may finally be a director. I thought Ui's involvement would have dragged into the plot but she just disappears. The Ryusoulgers are caught in the theatrical environment of the Druidons.

I don't know what's with Wizeru. He's doing his do-or-die mission but he could still afford to be flamboyant. Personally, he could have just launched a missile at the house of the Tatsuis and pronto. Instead, he goes to execute a rather half-brained plan. Some Toku villains in the past would launch a real desperate action like Zimba's death duel, Jarmin's Kuroko Bouma, or Rehda unleashing the Chomajin Bouma.…

My Recent Reaction To the Latest Kiramager Character Reveal This January 16, 2019

I did my celebrity edition post on Kiramager - now it's time to focus on the character edition. That is, I'm going to give more thoughts on the early character reveals. So, what are my thoughts on the possible outcome? I'd like to give UkiyaSeedsome credit for the information below:

The event revealed two trailers, one for the main TV series, and the other one for the upcoming Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO film, which will introduce our heroes. The series will star: 
Rio Komiya as Juru Atsuta/Kiramai Red, he is a high school student with artistic talents who meets the other Kiramagers while he was trying to draw their battles. Rui Kihara (Kamen Rider Amazons) as Tametomo Imizu/Kiramai Yellow, he's a professional Esports player who is good at shooters. Yume Shinjo (Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom) as Sena Hayami/Kiramai Green, she's a track and field athlete who holds the Japanese record for the 100m dash. Atom Mizushi (Fullmetal Alchemist, Garo: Makai no Hana) as…

My Shifting Views On Choriki Sentai Ohranger

It's no secret that I really find Power Rangers Zeo to be overrated. I still prefer Choriki Sentai Ohranger though I'd probably say that the series is now appreciated. But I wouldn't say it's overappreciated or underappreciated - just less appreciated! Why less appreciation? It doesn't mean that a person dislikes Zeo that Ohranger is automatically the masterpiece for them. I even want to think it's highly possible to still think other series do better.

What causes my shifting view? It would be when I finally decide not to think too much about Zeo and decide to let Ohranger defend itself against other Super Sentai series. There are many pros I can name about Ohranger against Zeo (such as Hiroshi Miyauchi's more welcome presence than Jason David Frank) or that it's pretty much a fresh start. However, on its own, I think there are some real problems that the show can be named.

There's a likable cast of heroes. I think about how the guys are tougher th…

Toei's Ambitious 1990s Era Revisited

There's something about the 90s that really still sticks and appeals to me. I may be enjoying newer stuff but being a kid in the 90s can be something. I could talk about the 1990s and how it felt Toei was probably too ambitious for its own good.


The 1990s started with new ideas. Fiveman though it does have a problem with the toy sales and nearly ended Super Sentai - it was eventually vindicated by history. The 1990s started with Fiveman and Winspector and ended with GoGoFive. Although Fiveman was really a downer due to Hirohisa Soda's burnout - Winspector was a pretty much ambitious direction for the Metal Hero franchise.

How is Winspector ambitious? If one would actually take time to watch GoGoFive and Winspector - one may find the latter's storytelling to be more mature. Winspector tried to explore a more human side of henshin heroes. Rather than have the typical, "Okay, we've got all the powers to save the day!" - the heroes are more like your average …

Ryusoulger 41 - We're Men In Black

Well, it's really me that I'm getting dispassionate about Ryusoulger. I admit that I do still have the Kyuranger and Lupato hype going on. I can't really have a final say YET until I've seen the whole show, right? Now, it's time to really get into a weird episode. Although the episode is about the missing Ryusoul Calibur - I decided to make fun of how stylish the Ryusoulgers' main team got to be! 
Koh goes into panic mode because of the missign Ryusoul Calibur. Rather than have the cliche of the villain stole it - it's more on something stupid. I really do feel the whole "Maybe it's Wizeru in disguise." thing is getting old though.
Uden's twin Saden appears. I think the whole name now means "sadden". I could really think of the revival of Master Eras. Apparently, that's what Pricious is waiting for. What gives me more complaints though is that the Druidons are loosely developed. I wonder why is Master Eras just brought up JU…

How Ninninger May Have Been Vindicated By History

It's no secret that I'm no fan of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Regardless, I still think Ninninger is a series that eventually got vindicated by history. Why is that? Well, it's because of something really far worse than Ninninger namely Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Ninja Steel would have probably been MUCH LESS awful if Victor and Monty weren't there. If I have to give one bigger reason why I dislike Power Rangers Samurai - I'd attribute that more to Bulk and Spike than the rangers themselves. Thought Bulk and Spike were that bad? I'd probably say Victor and Monty are much worse. The two really just started to make Ninninger look like it was a masterpiece.

Maybe, just maybe, I needed to cut Takaharu some slack. He got way better in Super Sentai Strongest Battle even if it may not be canon. Sure, the guy isn't intelligent but he doesn't spend his time engaging in Victor's and Monty's type of nonsense. He does get some decent character development. …