Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 19: Compensation For Broken Guidelines

This week's episode features the jerky superior Shinta Yanagami. I'm somewhat reminded of the time when Jetman had Ichijou or when Kenji Inui once wanted to abort GoGoFive until he saw le error of his ways. This episode had proven my last week's speculation wrong and there's something that meets le eye.
Le episode opens when what's obviously a Gangler (by its speech) is about to sexually harass someone. Sakuya shows off that he's a tough guy even out of suit. I guess he went soft for one reason -- le Gangler was in human form and you wouldn't immediately suspect him to be one, right? Sakuya saves le girl from being harassed.
Commissioner Yanagami appears getting mad at how le Lupinrangers are causing so much publicity. Is it a case of jealousy or doing what's right? I was reminded of le conflict between Dr. Mondo Tatsumi and his frenemy Kenji Inui in GoGoFive. Sakuya thinks more about the group's character than its publicity.

 Le Patrangers at Le B…

Sentai DVD Rambling Part 9: My Dream For More Shout Factory Tokusatsu DVD Releases

Jetman is already confirmed to have its Super Sentai DVD release on September 28, 2018. But why don't we actually dream of other pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai series (or other genres) that should get released sooner or later. Sure, we have Gaoranger which will inevitably lead to Hurricanger's DVD release. So I thought about it way back when I suggested alternate DVD releases
I. The following pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai series in the following order?
Chodenshi Bioman
Bioman could have been the first series that would have been the source material for Power Rangers. However, the American networks turned it down. I think it would be something if Bioman gets released on DVD. Could a Bioman DVD release from Shout! be a good thing? 
Kosuku Sentai Turboranger
Before Mighty Morphin' carried the trope of Recruit Teenagers with Attitude -- Turboranger actually started the trope. Turboranger's plot is where five teenagers with attitude get selected to fight an ancient evil that was s…

Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 18: Le Lupin Collection's Secret

Well it's time for le weekly review of Lupinranger vs. Patranger once more. This time, it's about le Lupin Collection's secret. This is just le beginning as more mysteries may unfold soon -- considering that it's already the second half of 2018!
It started out as "peaceful day" in le Patrangers' office -- that's until a giant monster attack happens. Man, don't you hate it just when you are about to have some fun then something terrible happens? Le Patrangers into le city only to discover you can't have this year's Super Sentai without le titular protagonists le Lupinrangers!

After a battle gone sour, we discover that le monster Anidara's remains (who was previously killed during a giant mecha battle as he got stepped on by Patkaiser) were stolen. There's an inside job but who in le world is doing le inside job? It should be very startling yet don't be surprised. There's really such persons in le police force who are doing …

My Speculation Concerning The Upcoming, Mysterious Double Agent Known As Lupin-X/Patren-X

At first, I thought that both Lupin-X and Patren-X are two different persons but as Ukiyaseed and JEFusion have mentioned it -- they are two different modes of just one freaking character. It's just like how Kamen Rider Black RX and most of his successors all have multiple modes for combat. We're having a mysterious character in here and I just got so encouraged to write this speculation BECAUSE of a recent discussion video at JEFusion has someone who uses the screen name Nikko Amano has a pretty insightful speculation. This also caused me to break out from my decision to just focus mostly on episode reviews and to make speculations yet again. Sidenote, I also did something similar when I saw scans of Don Armage's other forms for the finale arc last year.

I remembered a lot of wrong guesses that I made when Lupinranger vs. Patranger didn't air yet. I thought that Lupin Red would be a descendant of Arsene Lupin -- instead Kairi was merely employed by a descendant of Lu…

Your Latest Schoolmate Hikaru Nagareboshi Is A Nagare Bouma Known As Yamimaru

I decided I won't respond to Them's Fightin' Words for every Turboranger post but after Shogo B'Stard decided to write on episodes 14, 15 and 16 -- I decided to write on my thoughts on the three episodes collectively. This would be the introduction of neutrally-aligned villains which was quite common fodder for Hirohisa Soda -- we had Silver in Bioman and Kiros in Maskman. Turboranger would have Yamimaru himself as a neutrally aligned villain -- who would later temporarily join forces with Ragorn for his own benefit.
Before that, I'd like to focus on the possible impact he made in this episodes. He's half-human and half-Bouma -- he's an outcast of both races and he's leaving himself pretty much bitter with the world. He arrives in the disguise of Hikaru Nagareboshi. He was recognized by Rehda and Ragorn to be half-Bouma. If that's the case then Zimba always a Bouma or was he human? Granted, Zimba was also sealed because he was a Bouma while Yamimar…

I'd Love To Imagine That Dark Helmet And Colonel Sandurz Were In Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger

After writing my wacky post where I called Lucky and Garu as Lone Starr and Barf in spandex -- I decided to make another wacky post for where I'd like to imagine what if these two doofus villains Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz were actually employed by Don Armage as his henchmen. What if these guys were either in Kyuranger or at least had characters based on them. After all, if Lucky is Lone Starr in spandex then why don't we have Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz?
Jark Matter actually took over the Universe 300 years before Kyuranger started. I could imagine if over the course of time that Don Armage got overly complacent in some way and decided to hire two henchmen who would be similar to Dark Helmet and Col. Sandurz. I could remember some of the moments where Dark Helmet makes a fool out of himself or where Col. Sandurz is less bratty but still has a severe lack of common sense. So how would these guys fit into the Kyuranger universe or least have counterparts?

What I could…

Dai Sentai Goggle V Episodes 41-50

Here's Goggle V's last ten episodes as I promised. We have episodes 41 to 45 which are still regular episodes. Episodes 46 up to 50 will deal with the five part finale arc which shows the beginnings of Hirohisa Soda. Sometimes, I just forget how Goggle V is a very old series and that it's pretty much an experimentation to how the legendary Hirohisa Soda would carry out his later science fiction heavy works with Bioman, Changeman, Flashman and Liveman.

41 -- With great power comes great responsibility, right? Deathdark is creating a new super suit with the help of Silkworm Mozoo. This super suit looks super GOOFY but it grants such power. They intend to create a super army. Unfortunately, the operation goes goofy when a civilian gets his hands on the suit and becomes an instant superhero.

This one has me remembering the lines that Wolverine once said in X-Men Evolution when he said, "Greatness isn't supposed to come that easy." Boy, does this episode remind me…