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My Fan Type No. 4- The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Fan Type

So I presented Sentai fans who are neutral about Power Rangers, Kamen Rider fans who like Super Sentai even if they like Kamen Rider more, the Gai Ikari types who love Sentai best but treat other Toku wtih respect but what about the Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan type?  Do they love both sides equally?  Maybe not always but they do like both franchises and may be respectful of other Toku they don't like.

Mr. Smith and I actually are in this category.  Now don't get me wrong I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers or even Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes (but I dislike most of Saban's adaptations because of poor execution) and I really don't like other Toku types these days but I don't show unfair hatred.  Mr. Smith for one is the super non-biased guy and probably is the true to this type of fan than I am because I really go with Toku at general.

One are those who love Super Sentai more than Power Rangers.  It's either choice or cultural.  In my case, it'…

My Fan Type No. 3- The Nobuo Akagi Type

Now it's time to explore the Nobuo Akagi type.  They are those who have an extreme devotion to Super Sentai that they may just be neutral towards other Toku franchises.  These are the types who really have a die-hard devotion to Sentai that they might reject the next Tokusatsu generation.

It just upsets me that Akibaranger didn't address Kamen Rider though it did address the misconception behind Power Rangers (which I doubt it Saban will even name his show Powerful Rangers, neither will Toei allow it).  Now for everything, they are most likely neutral about other Tokusatsu until it replaces Super Sentai like how Akagi treated Prism Ace as "evil" which sadly led to his demise nonetheless.  So true I dislike Ultraman as of present, in fact I'm not an Ultraman fan as I used to but I still respect it nonetheless.

So yeah, not so much for me to discuss about this type of fan!

My Fan Type No. 2- The Gentaro Kisaragi Type

Now let's move on to the Gentaro Kisaragi type.  So what do I think about them?

So I think these are the guys who are, "I love Kamen Rider the best but you other superheroes who fight for the Earth are awesome whether you be Super Sentai, Power Rangers or Metal Hero!"  They don't pick on people who like something more than Kamen Rider.  Rather they tell people why they should give Kamen Rider a chance!  Well they may like Sentai but not as much as they love Kamen Rider.  They respect the fandom nonetheless.  However they might hate Patrick Star's "Super Hero Taisen" because it's just damn stupid.  I mean, as a fan of Tokusatsu, even the MMPR/Mashed Rider crossover is way more tolerable than Super Hero Taisen. =P

Maybe the most prevalent are those who are probably children during the Heisi era but that's just my hunch.  They may have not started out watching Super Sentai, they were more into Kamen Rider but after seeing the Decade/Shinkenger cr…

My Fan Type No. 1- The Gai Ikari Fan Type

I have written my four categories of fans (not fantards), now here's to focus on fan type no. 1 called the Gai Ikari type.  So what do I think about them in full?

These may be the type to get overly enthusiastic most about Super Sentai. He knows almost everything about Super Sentai (and I don't). They might bet he ones who really stick to every Super Sentai season as a fan.

On the other hand, the Gai Ikari type could be somebody who really loves Super Sentai the most but is open-minded about other superheroes and respects them even if he may not be a fan of them.  Like in Super Hero Taisen written by Patrick Star, Gai Ikari says that the Kamen Riders still fight evil and I'm pretty sure he'll say the same thing about the Power Rangers.

His possible views about Power Rangesr, Kamen Rider and all other Tokusatsu might be either he loves them or he simply respects them, never hating any of them.  Such persons will not badmouth Power Rangers if they don't like it but…

As a Sentai Fan, I'm Now 29 Years Old Today!

Well today I turn 29, still single and haven't found a girlfriend and I'm still into Super Sentai (mostly old school) though by now you know I'm more into non-Toku action stuff than into it.  But here's what I'm thinking as of late... and some confessions.

Super Sentai for me is an ever changing trend.  Gone are the 80s-90s type of Super Sentai and it has become more kiddie post-Timeranger.  Gobusters tried to go old school but failed rather miserably because of changing times. So yeah, I don't like Kyoryuger but I don't hate it, good thing kids liked the series.  If I'm ever a Sentai fan, I'm probably more stuck with the old school while I'm really able to accept one day the franchise must end.  In fact, after Gokaiger I feel like most Sentai won't be as good as it was but hey it's primarily for kids.  But still, good storytelling is important and I hope Toei doesn't dismiss all that just for the sake of toys.

I might as well discu…

First Episode Impressions of ToQGer

Well we have the Utsunomiya/Kobayashi team.  Now looking at what I personally think of the first episode:

First impression of the Toqgers.  We have the names Right, Tokatti, Kio, Hikari and kagura.  So what do I think of them?  Too early to think but Tokatii almost looks like a Japanese version of Noah from Megaforce, made me think did Noah have a half-Japanese cousin?  Just kidding actually.  For their background story, well they were kidnapped as children, not infants by the Shadow Liner and fortunately they weren't taken away to another solar system like in Flashman or it'd be copying too much from Soda era.  We know how Yasuko Kobayashi also likes to recycle aside from Toshiki Inoue.

Next it's the power of imagination.  Now for Takaaki Utsunonomiya himself might be an Akibaranger fan for all we know.  Aside from the shout out to Kamen Rider Den-O with its trains (and it does remind me of GogoV in a way), we have the power of imagination except they aren't fighting …

My Favorite Sentai Romances

Well since it's Valentine's Day tomorrow here's my favorite couples in Super Sentai including villains. They are:


Takeru and Ial

One of the best reasons why I grew attached to Maskman was the interesting love story of Takeru and Ial. Okay I did become a Tamoko shipper but still, this was a very beautiful love story. So Ial is the damsel in distress who is not just that, she was fighting for peace between Tube and the surface world only to be condemned by her twin sister Igam for that. It made Igam hate Takeru even more because of that whole "You dishonored us." battle. And of course, this also got more complex when Kiros wants Ial but has selfish, lustful motives making the whole Takeru/Kiros rivalry really serious to where it worked itself to the finale. Kiros' lust for Ial led to his death while seeing Takeru and Ial reunite to his butthurt.

Gai Yuki and Kaori

Well I just thought that while I didn't like Gai Yuki at first and I soon started fan …

My Thoughts on Saban Skipping Gobusters for Kyoryuger

I just read from Henshin Grid that Saban Brands is skipping Gobusters for Kyoryuger.  By looking at it, why has Toei even approved of their partner Saban Brands from doing so?  Here's my fan opinion and this is probably one PR season I'm totally skipping (again):

Gobusters being skipped was probably due to its low ratings in Japan and two, maybe it's just too "old school" at the same time.  While I thought it could have become a sequel to RPM but let's think this over.  RPM is based on Go-onger which had a lot of toys.  Gobusters has very few items that could be made toys.  I could also look at how Gobusters as a series, probably even Toei wasn't glad about it.  So possibly they may have made changes with the Toei/Saban agreement to skip it entirely.  There won't be much toys for Toei to sell if Saban adapts this season so I guess it's a mutual agreement.  Maybe even Toei made Saban skip Gobusters, who knows?  It looks like this- Kougami Foundati…

Baraba: A Death in Foolishness!

Well it's time for another spotlight and this time it's Baraba in Maskman, known as Dargan in the Filipino dub. Baraba just started out like every regular Super Sentai villain while he was accompanied by his assistant Oyobur.  During that time, he was someone who was rivals with Prince Igam, scoffing at the latter because of Ial's betrayal.  He was also pretty much determined to get rid of the Maskmen for his Emperor Zeba.

During the time the Royal Crown of the Igam Clan was being found.  He was tasked to destroy it but Ijin one of the underground ninjas managed to give a slight hint to who Zeba was.  This of course may have made Zeba suspicious that Baraba may soon leak out his identity.  So possibly, that's why he became the "fall guy" after the Jet Cannon was built.  So after he was dismissed in episode 30 (Now why wasn't Igam dismissed?!) he went to do the challenge of the brave where we meet his mother.  He belonged to the Baruga tribe.  He challenge…

What I'm Starting to Expect From ToQGer and More!

Well first, I'd like to thank Orends Range and then also, Toku Warrior Sebby Kun for his updates.  Now here's what I'm going to expect in whole without wishful thinking:

So far Sebby Kun has brought up the fact that these guys were kidnapped by the Shadow Line as children, similar to how the Flashmen were kidnapped.  For Yasuko Kobayashi, she kind of likes to get out old plots from the 80s and put them into her shows.  So I hope Kobayashi will get creative on what plot from the 80s-90s Sentai she will pick for these guys rather than becoming a Flashman clone.

Given the tandem that is Takaaki Utsunomiya and Yasuko Kobayashi, we have to realize that Shinkenger was a pretty good series even if I can't really call it awesome as Sentai back then.  Again, thinking about it the producer was responsible for Shinkenger and Gokaiger.  Kobayashi's return here might get me mixed considering she wrote Gobusters.  We know that Yasuko Kobayashi has a weird sense of humor at times…