My Fan Type No. 3- The Nobuo Akagi Type

Now it's time to explore the Nobuo Akagi type.  They are those who have an extreme devotion to Super Sentai that they may just be neutral towards other Toku franchises.  These are the types who really have a die-hard devotion to Sentai that they might reject the next Tokusatsu generation.

It just upsets me that Akibaranger didn't address Kamen Rider though it did address the misconception behind Power Rangers (which I doubt it Saban will even name his show Powerful Rangers, neither will Toei allow it).  Now for everything, they are most likely neutral about other Tokusatsu until it replaces Super Sentai like how Akagi treated Prism Ace as "evil" which sadly led to his demise nonetheless.  So true I dislike Ultraman as of present, in fact I'm not an Ultraman fan as I used to but I still respect it nonetheless.

So yeah, not so much for me to discuss about this type of fan!


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