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I'm Almost Done with Gekisou Sentai Carranger

Well I'm proud to announce that Gekisou Sentai Carranger is about to make it into my list of Super Sentai series I've watched from start to end and the subs were completed by Haroranger.  I just wish though Timeranger will get more clear English subs (laboring through bad quality video on my favorite Kobayashi series IS painful), hopefully GUIS will be done with Bioman, more Turboranger subs as it's the first car-based Sentai (I had to rely on a translator) and well with Changeman's 30th anniversary, please more Changeman subs!  Now moving on... before I ultimately write a new style review for the series called "Shifting Into Turbo... With CAAAAARRRANGER" (tentative title) where I can share my thoughts.

So I've seen the arrival of the VRV Robo and it's a pretty cool robot,  The VRV Robo is composed of five rescue vehicles with humanoid mode, they combine into the VRV Robo which for me is a rare innovation.  What is ironic also is that while Turborang…

Nostalgia Analysis: Remembering The Time I Played The Jetman and Zyuranger NES Games!

Well it may be back in the 90s and I still remember that crappy Family Computer system... and here's some of the games I remembered playing back as a 90s child:

The Chojin Sentai Jetman NES game

This game was based on the series Chojin Sentai Jetman way back in 1991. The game itself allowed you to select five areas that you may want to play, five rangers to select from (each with different attributes and I always used Red Hawk) and at the end of each stage, you pilot the Great Icarus (for me, I'd rather have to select between two robots). There's a password system that would allow you to start where you left off at the same time. The whole game itself was good for its time. The final boss in the game was sadly Semimaru instead of the vilest villain ever, Count Radiguet. After Semimaru was defeated, we get to see an 8-bit animation of Great Icarus destroying the Vyram spaceship.

The Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger NES game

I used to think this was a NES MMPR game back then. Oh boy, I…

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Is Super Sentai's Biggest What-If Crossover And Tribute!

I remembered the time I heard somebody's thoughts that, "Hey what if Gokaiger was a result of the Grand Delusion of the Akibarangers?"  I thought of it myself.  Normally, Super Sentai series are self-contained.  Any VS Series is usually set as a series of what ifs and Ohranger vs. Kakuranger's obvious to be non-canon to each series, may have set the standard of non-canon crossovers.  However some crossovers felt "canon" like Gekiranger vs. Boukenger felt like a sequel to Boukenger's ending, Go-onger vs. Gekiranger felt like a sequel to Gekiranger's ending, Shinkenger vs. Go-onger felt like a sequel to Go-onger's ending (and it introduced the Goseigers) all the while, verified by Toei to be a series of what ifs, than fitting all series in just one continuity.  The whole series is the Super Robot Wars of Super Sentai!

In contrast to Boukenger (which I find better), Gokaiger itself exists as a huge anniversary of sorts and it really seeks to do th…

Sentai Rambling: My View on Yasuko Kobayashi As A Head Writer!

So I can officially say I've seen the five Super Sentai seasons where Yasuko Kobayashi was the head writer of the following Super Sentai series namely Gingaman, Timeranger, Shinkenger, Gobusters and ToQGer. So I'll ramble on Yasuko Kobayashi and how I think of her as a writer. I'll confess I haven't seen Sailormoon yet but I am scheduling it. As of the meantime, this entry will be focused on Super Sentai/Kamen Rider franchise where she has been focused on. I haven't seen Anime with her as the head writer to further critique on her writing style.

Kobayashi herself started her writing as a minor writer for Winspector for one episode (haven't seen it), Janperson, Blue SWAT, B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto. Now I've only seen Janperson from start to end and I don't know which episode she wrote. With Super Sentai became an important major writer for Megaranger (13 episodes), GoGo V (12 episodes), Boukenger (11 episodes) and for Kamen Rider, she was also a se…

I'm Now Watching More Of Gekisou Sentai Caaaarrrranggger!!!!!

Okay shift into Turbo... WRONG SHOW... it's time to time for ACCEL CHANGER... CARRRRRANNNGGERR!!!!!  I'm currently watching Gekisou Sentai Carranger.  This is my latest marathon and I hope Haroranger finishes the last two episodes soon.  What's my latest view?  Carranger is basically taking Turboranger's car motif to a whole new level with a comedy twist.  Instead of teenagers of attitude, Carranger's rangers are workers at the Pegasus Garage who are chosen to use the Carranger magic.  IMO it made more sense than Turboranger to choose Pegasus Garage workers because these guys knew much about cars, they had their dream cars and they would probably be the best choice against evil space aliens, than teenagers with attitude (a trope that was later taken into Megaranger).  So I know the basics of Carranger from start to end but, nothing beats it like when I really watch a season from start to end right?

What's not so surprising really is Dappu and even before I saw…

Sentai Rambling: Why I Think Denji Sentai Megaranger Is Truly Mega Over Power Rangers Megafail!

Well I thought Power Rangers Megaforce for me was a disappointment, maybe other Power Rangers fans were also Mega-Disappointed. Now for a really truly Mega-Series, one may consider watching Denji Sentai MEGAranger, a truly MEGA series over Power Rangers Megafail. Now let's move on... Megaranger became popular during its airing and may still have a strong fanbase. While I am not here to demean Megaforce fans but, I'm here to express my OPINIONS. Again, this is not a post for purists but only for people who were upset over Power Rangers Megaforce. This is another of my silly posts so proceed with caution. This is just a rant against Megaforce which really was a bad season. This season helped me recover as well.

When you think of the cast on both sides... now I know this feels unfair considering Megaranger was already two decades ago, but Megaranger is the true Mega series. Megaforce had a lot of stuff Megaforced which made it Megafail for me. Watching Megaranger after a bad ha…

The Fantasic Fantasy World of Seijuu Sentai Gingaman!

Well years ago, I learned that Seijuu Sentai Gingaman is Fantasy Leader's favorite Sentai (hence this post is primarily dedicated to him) and I am proud to announce that I have completely watched the series. Gingaman itself would be Yasuko Kobayashi's first headwriting work and a masterpiece at that. So I can't really make a comparison similar to Fantasy Leader but I'll give my own tidbits. This would be the second production (or third considering Kamen Rider Kuuga was his production too and I saw Kuuga from start to end BEFORE Megaranger) by Shigenori Takatera that I would see from start to end. So after watching the series, while I can say that I do like Timeranger (spoilers ahead) better than Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, but I am happy that I watched this series. Again, people know that my top favorite Super Sentai is Chojin Sentai Jetman.

Based on series I've watched from start to end vs. those I have read about, Gingaman felt like it was mixing a lot of stuff. For…

My Other Favorite Rangers From Sentai Series I Watched From Start to End And From Those I Am Still Watching

Although I have had listed my top favorite rangers from Sentai series I watched from start to end (together with those being currently watched), now I'll present the "honorable mentions" with reasons which will include heroines.  As usual, this list is subject to change.  More to be added soon.

Male Sentai rangers from Sentai series I watched from start to end:

Shiro Gou/Red One - So Ryuta Nanbara remains my favorite but it doesn't mean he's not one of my favorites.  His professional leadership skills makes him cool plus he could also talk to animals, which is a plus.  I really liked the time when he first displayed his animal speaking powers, his battles with Mason and the time he tried to infiltrate a Gear controlled power plant.

Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red - I will admit that while Ken remains my favorite, he's my second favorite in Fiveman.  He's the responsible big brother of the team.  What I like about Gaku is that he really has freaking amazing sword s…

My Favorite Sentai Villains From Shows I'm Currently Watching And From Series I've Watched From Start To End

I have my list of heroes from the Sentai series I've watched from start to end together with currently being watched, now it's time for the BOOOOOOOOO and HIIIISSSSS with my favorite villains. Here's are they;

From series I've watched from start to end in no particular order:

Doctor Man... well indeed he is a man. This might be some biases but I'd think about it that he was my first childhood villain who scared me for very personal reasons. I wanted to become the world's greatest genius and at one point in my childhood, wanted to live on as a robot instead of a human and take over the world with an army of robots. I always thought of him as the embodiment of my crazy ambitions as a child, except I didn't have his IQ. =P

Bio Hunter Silver is one force truly to be reckoned with. He is armed with the deadly Anti-Bio Particles, which can neutralize the powers of the Biomen, if not kill them. He arrives midseason driving fear into Peebo as he is the anti-thesis o…

My Top Favorite Sentai Rangers Each From The Sentai Shows I'm Currently Watching And Those I've Watched From Start To End

Well this will be a MASSIVE post because it will contain a list of my favorite Sentai heroes from shows I'm currently and those I have watched from start to end. Now moving on... I don't have a favorite in every show but here are those that stood out for me. These are mostly my opinions and it is subject to change. On the other hand, I will make a separate list for Sentai heroines too.

Top favorite rangers from Sentai series I watched from start to end:

Ryuta Nanbara/Blue Three - He was my first favorite Sentai ranger. As a child, I started liking him when he started his first solo episode against Gear when he showed his fighting ability. A lot of his moves are based on him being an aquatic sportsman. I soon liked him even more during the Prince arc which had a lot of intense rivalry. Much of him presents badass action.

Takeru/Red Mask - After Bioman, Maskman was the very first show that I really liked the red ranger of the show the most! I mean, back then, I didn't like Sh…

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. Kamen Rider Drive: It's A Decent Kamen Rider Crossover!

I just watched the "Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. Kamen Rider Drive" crossover to which, was a pretty goofy and enjoyable film.  So I didn't like ToQGer vs. Gaim, this film was sort of like having improved the concept of an official Super Sentai series vs. Kamen Rider series crossover.  While the first official one was the Shinkenger Arc in Decade (which was done in-series), the second one was ToGer vs. Gaim and this is the third.  I'll admit, I am liking BOTH Kamen Rider Drive and Ninninger even with the lack of acting, and yeah the red ranger IS an idiot.

Well the Shinkenger/Decade crossover was clearly the official start... and it somehow made a nod to MMPR's Friend in Need

The whole film sort of takes on, "What if Shinkenger and Decade two-parter were a movie." and succeeded in doing it, while bringing a temporary giant battle battle (which Decade's two parter didn't have) and smoothing out the concepts that were left by Shinkenger and Decad…