Sentai Rambling: Why I Think Denji Sentai Megaranger Is Truly Mega Over Power Rangers Megafail!

Well I thought Power Rangers Megaforce for me was a disappointment, maybe other Power Rangers fans were also Mega-Disappointed. Now for a really truly Mega-Series, one may consider watching Denji Sentai MEGAranger, a truly MEGA series over Power Rangers Megafail. Now let's move on... Megaranger became popular during its airing and may still have a strong fanbase. While I am not here to demean Megaforce fans but, I'm here to express my OPINIONS. Again, this is not a post for purists but only for people who were upset over Power Rangers Megaforce. This is another of my silly posts so proceed with caution. This is just a rant against Megaforce which really was a bad season. This season helped me recover as well.

When you think of the cast on both sides... now I know this feels unfair considering Megaranger was already two decades ago, but Megaranger is the true Mega series. Megaforce had a lot of stuff Megaforced which made it Megafail for me. Watching Megaranger after a bad hangover from Power Rangers Megaforcewas a good therapy to help me recover. One can consider that both shows really, really have a huge difference in characters, writing and execution.

I could talk about the chemistry of the group for one. In Megaranger, they really have real interaction. Like for example, Chisato the campus queen is still good friends with the "rejects" like Miku and Kenta (who I can't resist fan-pairing with her). Kouichiro matured from a stuck up Gary Stu de-facto leader to a better person. Kenta who was at first just that slacker matured all thanks to Shun (he also protected Shun's dream) and Chisato, the same happened for Miku thanks to Chisato. Then we see Yuusaku arriving into Megaranger who taught the teens more about life. Well Yuusaku is the only non-teenage member and not exactly an official sixth ranger, more of an ally who comes to help them out of tight spots as Nejire isn't taming down. I should also mention that the acting is far superior over Megaforce ahem Megafail. The whole show was a graduation for a team of teenagers with attitude(spoiler alert).

Power Rangers Megaforce or should I say Megafail on the other hand, really Mega-fails. I don't even think there was any good girl-team chemistry from Gia and Emma compared to Chisato and Miku. I mean, neither Gia nor Emma had really developed each other. Maybe I can also state that the Megafail guys aren't going anywhere either. I mean, Troy never develops beyond that stupid robotic shell, I mean shouldn't the show have him gradually shed off his being robotic. Maybe only Jake and Noah did get some development but the rest? Nah. To be honest, Orion just made things worse from where they started. I thought Orion was really freaking annoying for some reason. Much of the show really goes from bad the worse. First half was bad for me, second half even made me puke. If there's anything Mega about Megaforce, it's really Megafail, Mega-BAD and name Mega-(insert bad adjective) for me in almost everything.

Kenta Date will always be the true Mega Red over that failed handsome hunky robot Troy. Troy is boring, just boring and if there's anything Mega about Troy, he is MEGA-BORING. What about Kenta? Now this is probably some biases but I can really have the stance, Troy is MEGA-BORING, he gets me MEGA-BORED. Kenta may start off as the slacker, unpopular guy in school but he develops as the series progresses. He is not one dimensional, he goes from slacker into becoming a more responsible person making him miles better than that muscular and handsome robot Troy. Much of Kenta's details and character development makes him a real Mega Red, not that dull and boring Troy. Now do I hate Troy? No, but I just find Troy to be a very MEGA-BORING character. This proves eye candy does not make good characterization.

Kouichiro had better character development than Noah or Jake. While Noah was that know it all, Jake remained too much without character development. This guy starts off as the Gary Stu of the show then he starts to loosen up because he got dragged into a lot of experiences. I know he's pretty much a girl magnet, I mean I think he's really the campus' most wanted guy that even the hottest girl in school has a crush on him. Even if he's the show's Gary Stu, they are not afraid to show his imperfections and how they develop him to become a better person.

Shun is indeed the true Mega Blue... yes he's miles above Noah in development. So maybe he's the tech guy over Kouichiro (since Kouichiro was more of a soccer player and student politician) due to his dream of being a computer graphic artist. I cannot deny that well, he never bores me compared to Noah. Noah is for me okay, but can tend to be boring. Shun has a lot of character development that makes him fun to watch.

So okay, Miku for me is not attractive but so what? It's not about the good looks but what the cast brings to the table. I mean, you can have a whole lot of eye candy like Megaforce but it can Mega-Fail as miserably as possible right? For one, Miku is much more well-carried out than Emma one way or another, making her an interesting character o watch.

For a real Mega-Silver, you got Yuusaku. Now he's not much of a sixth ranger, he was more of the backup ranger but still, he was an interesting character. I mean, he wasn't truly part of the roster but he was an important ally nonetheless. He's funny, he's smart... he's got pretty much entertainment value. Plus, the fact that he was also responsible for a lot of Megaranger's mecha makes him a Mega-ally that the Megarangers count him in as one of them even if I don't consider him much of a sixth member.

I'll admit Megaranger doesn't really have that much eye candy, maybe except if you think of Kouichiro and Shun as good looking guys. So okay, I do think Chisato is really, really gorgeous (I don't find Miku a bit attractive) but she's not the reason why Megaranger rocks okay? Moving on, I think she's just enough eye candy for the whole show like I thought Kimberly was enough eye candy for me in MMPR. Well she's almost a Mary Sue or she's a Mary Sue in this sense but your mileage may vary but you can't deny - she's very attractive, she's smart, she's the hottest girl in school, she's what every man wants. Fortunately she does not have that stupid Head Bitch In Charge attitude, she is very sweet and kind while she would fight if need be, she is also the team heart.

Again, I am in hypocrite mode but... takes a deep breath but I can't help but still think Chisato is a picture of quality beats quantity. Sure Megaforce has two attractive females, Megaranger for me only has Chisato in it. But Chisato even if she's the ideal woman in some way, she beats both Gia and Emma by miles ALONE. So Emma can sing, so what? Chisato sings better. So Gia is the hottest girl in school? So what? Chisato is beautiful inside out. Now I'll just insert my personal biases that Chisato and me actually share a couple of interests. I mean, I am pretty much of a camera enthusiast myself and I can't resist taking pictures of tourist sites, so maybe I am just biased in saying Chisato is miles above Gia and Emma. What I also like about her is her aura of innocence in the midst of being the hottest girl in school. I mean, I doubt it any man stood a chance against her but she never bothered to force Kouichiro into a relationship and that, she has always helped Kenta and Miku go beyond their mediocre selves for the better.

Meanwhile you want more eye candy and a decent show, check out Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. But for me, that series while it's decent, it's not as good as Megaranger.


In the first place, it was Mega-stupid to try and combine Goseiger and Gokaiger into one show. I think Toei should have just agreed with Saban to skip Gokaiger, and let Megaforce do Goseiger entirely. I mean, just because Megaforce is an anniversary season, does not mean it must have Gokaiger! I mean, the whole idea for me ruined Megaforce beyond reason. It made no sense just to shift the storyline, zords, etc. in half a season and for me, I would be fine for Megaforce as an anniversary season WITHOUT Gokaiger footage. Megaranger has better writing and execution over Megaforce, no questions asked and it wasn't even an anniversary season! The result was that it really ended in Mega-Failure to write a good story.

I can understand that both Gaoranger and Wild Force were anniversaries (25th for Super Sentai, 10th for Power Rangers), both Boukenger and Operation Overdrive were anniversaries (30th for Super Sentai, 15th for Power Rangers)... I mean the least Saban's staff could have done was to think that they could still create an anniversary without having to use Gokaiger. I mean, Megaforce could have done better sticking to teenagers with attitude plus Goseiger motif than forcibly cramming in Gokaiger. Such a decision ruined the potential of the show. Still, there could have been creative ways to make Megaforce an anniversary season without using any Gokaiger footage. I'm sure it could have been possible with some creative thinking.

What Megaforce really needed was better writing, common sense and a better budget to make it Megagood but sad to say it was Megafail. Again to purists, just because I don't like Samurai and Megafail means I should like Kyoryuger and ToQGer. This is mostly my OPINION so deal with it.


  1. I'm a little late of this, Megaranger is a classic no matter what some fan say and after Car Rangers. Megaranger is the return of legit action drama.
    Here is a debate, you claim Mega Silver is only a Ally not a 6th member. That is a bit of a oxymoron statement as he is a 6th member as he has all the 6 credential of that category.

    1. He appears in the mid series.
    2. He is not of the original team roster of 3/5.
    3. He is unique and different and considers a outsider.
    4. He has a rich and dramatic origin background.
    5. His powers and motiff is a Sentai warrior with a oddball color and limited to one an unique weapon.
    6. He has the same aspect of attracting viewers if not steal the whole show and is limited for several appearance.

    Yes, I am Super Sentai Purist. But I cannot deny if PR Megaforce is a series written by non creative conveluded writers and Saban does not care because its about attracting suckers for ratings sake and that's what's all about no more no less and I guess that is what is called BUSINESS!


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