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How Toei's Tokusatsu Multiverse Format Can Make More Room For Better Innovative Ideas

I wanted to write this topic last week but I decided to take a short break from this blog. I still can't get my head off Space 18 where it's verified Kyuranger takes place in another Universe. This further backs up my Multiverse Theory where Toei's shows usually take place in a separate continuity. Some of them may be direct and/or indirect sequels to each other while most of them happen to be in their own continuity for a reason.

If you think Super Sentai was originally meant to take place in the same Universe then you need to take a closer look. The VS. Movies tend to have events that contradict series proper. Most series tend to act independently from each other. You can have the same motif but they act independently. Let's take for example.

It's usually a fresh new start for most story writing

I always wondered what role would the Dekarangers and Gavan have in a Universe taken over by Jark Matter. The answer turned out to be none. The Kyurangers landed in an en…

Kyuranger 19: Kyurangers Play The Legends Of The Hidden Temple?

Super Hero Taisen is back after a week without it. But I think I'll focus on weekly episode reviews for now since I'm focusing on other stuff. Let's get started shall we? In this episode, the Kyurangers are trying to find the Carina Kyu Globe so they activate the Orion. But things aren't getting any better for the heroes leading to what could be an epic clash.
The monster of the week is known as Olmega. He's currently the monster of the week ruling over the Planet Keel. The people in this planet look like natives. He does look like some kind of weird ancient Incan or Mayan sculpture. I guess it's only fitting to put him in this episode. I can't help but remember game show called Legends of the Hidden Temple during the 90s. 
The planet feels like a planet of cosplayers. Then again, since when has Super Sentai really use any realistic costumes? Never mind that but I think it's a fun episode They meet Eris the protector the Carina Kyu Globe. It's reve…

Kyuranger 18: It's Another Universe After All?!

Sorry for the delay! This isn't the first time it happened is it? Let's get down to business and discuss about this crazy, rushed crossover. My slight beef is that where in the world is Kenji Ohba? Maybe he's decided not to appear for personal reasons but it's still a great episode. Anyway, new school Gavan, Geki Jumonji is still keeping his job proving himself to be the true successor and not stupid Zaidorks. Speaking of which didn't he also appear for two episodes on Go-Busters? Hmmm... the mind boggles how many universes do exist in Toei's Tokusatsu genres anyway?! 
Weird science is always part of Tokusatsu isn't it? I still remember some comics and shows as a child. I could remember the repetitive narrative in Gavan that says that the Makuu Space is similar to a Black Hole. Somehow black holes in some science fiction series tend to be a portal to another universe in some way. They are seen chasing Madoka who stole the Pyxis Kyutama which leads to a ser…

I Think These Super Sentai Seasons Managed To Improve Previously Done Concepts

Super Sentai has the habit of either having new themes, hybridizing themes or improving what has been started. I thought of a couple of Super Sentai series that managed to improve previously done concepts. I'll write them by chronological order from oldest to newest. Just remember that learning from failure is necessary in sustaining a business.

Hikari Sentai Maskman

Dynaman started with the whole underground race introduced into Super Sentai. Maskman's Tube managed to do more than what Jashinka did. More depth was added into the relationship between Tube and the surface world.

Chojin Sentai Jetman

Jetman managed to improve Maskman's love story IMO. While I'm a fan of Maskman but I feel the whole Takeru/Ial love story isn't all that intense. Sure, it was a nice touch but Jetman managed to improve what Maskman started. Ryu is stuck in a complicated love polygon that he misses Rie deeply while Kaori likes him but Gai likes Kaori. Jetman's love story between Ryu and…

Some Rather Minor Wishful Thinking For Denji Sentai Megaranger

Make no mistake I like Denji Sentai Megaranger but I can never call a series perfect. Do you know how much I still criticize the way Gai Yuki and Naoto Takizawa died even if I like Jetman and Timeranger? I still end up criticizing everything anyway even shows that I like. While I do have my DUH I prefer Megaranger over Power Rangers in Space but here's some of the stuff I wish happened instead. For Megaranger's anniversary I could talk about some things I wish happened in Megaranger but it wouldn't make much of a difference if they happened.

Chisato Jougasaki's characterization

I guess you're thinking I'm being pervy in raising Chisato up here. In my case, I thought about the first few episodes of Megaranger. Shun wanted to leave the Megaranger team because he wanted to pursue his ambition. My wishful thinking was that it was her and not Shun who tried to leave the team to pursue her ambition as a photographer. I would actually have it go this way. I would have…

Kyuranger 17: To Attack An Unseen Enemy With Unfair Labor Practices

This week's Kyuranger involves liberating another part of Earth. One part of Earth is stuck with a 22 hour sunlight depriving people of badly needed sleep. Worse, they have to confront an invisible enemy. How can the Kyurangers defeat it?

One part of Earth is basically called an oppressor's paradise. The Malistrate forces its residents to work beyond eight hours and makes them lack sleep. It's literally a slave-driving culture which destroys efficiency. I guess this episode shows us how tyrannical governments become inefficient.

The enemy remains invisible for most of the time and emerges through shadows. What's surprising (or not) is that he resembles Baron Nero from ToQGer. Tribute to Shadow Line anyone? SO I wonder why didn't the Shadow Line think of overworking any area they captured in ToQGer? I thought that this new tricky Malistrate sure knew how to use shadows to his advantage. At the same time, he's really that much of a thin-skinned, thick-faced moro…