Some Rather Minor Wishful Thinking For Denji Sentai Megaranger

Make no mistake I like Denji Sentai Megaranger but I can never call a series perfect. Do you know how much I still criticize the way Gai Yuki and Naoto Takizawa died even if I like Jetman and Timeranger? I still end up criticizing everything anyway even shows that I like. While I do have my DUH I prefer Megaranger over Power Rangers in Space but here's some of the stuff I wish happened instead. For Megaranger's anniversary I could talk about some things I wish happened in Megaranger but it wouldn't make much of a difference if they happened.

Chisato Jougasaki's characterization

I guess you're thinking I'm being pervy in raising Chisato up here. In my case, I thought about the first few episodes of Megaranger. Shun wanted to leave the Megaranger team because he wanted to pursue his ambition. My wishful thinking was that it was her and not Shun who tried to leave the team to pursue her ambition as a photographer. I would actually have it go this way. I would have Chisato attempt to leave the team but Kenta tries to go after her, convincing her that if she doesn't join them then the whole world will be in danger. Maybe we could have a flashback of Chisato having a deceased older brother in Africa. This might be further expanded in the episode where Chisato's grandmother appears and suggests she get a date already.

As much as the show has Chisato having a crush on Koucihirou but the writers tend to make it look like she's going to land on Kenta. Okay, there's really no official dating in Megaranger but I tend to like pairing them both for crack reasons. So I thought of some instances where Chisato tends to run on her own, Kenta tries to call her back and she tends to snap on him. In turn, I thought I wanted to create tensions between them. Maybe, one way Chisato could play Mika on Kenta is by actually forcing him to take his studies seriously.

The plot where the enemy doesn't know the Megarangers' identities does seem quite off

Maybe some fans can praise it for innovative writing but I always like it better when the villains know the secret identities of the rangers. It's almost always been the protocol to do so maybe except for Battle Fever J. But 39/41 Super Sentai seasons have the villains knowing the identities of our heroes. On the other hand, other fictional superheroes' real identity isn't known to most of their enemies either. Okay, the Megarangers may have been given the threefold rule: never use your morpher as a toy, use the power only for emergency and never let anyone know you're a Sentai warrior. I thought that I wanted to smash the heads of the villains for not discovering that. But again what's innovation without making a few turns and seeing if it can work? Who knows maybe future installments of Super Sentai can make it better.

Trying to expand a bit more on Dr. Kubota and Dr. Hinelar's past

Megaranger's scientist vs. scientist duel is no doubt a season long version of Bioman's conflict between Dr. Shinichirou Gou and Dr. Hideo Kageyama/Dr. Man. Dr. Hinelar is someone like Dr. Man who was driven by his own selfish ambitions. I thought the series should have tried to expand more it as much as possible and not leave it dragging for too long. As much as I think the concept was an improvement from what Bioman offered but I thought their backstory needs more expansion. The Neziranger arc could have tried to put Hinelar's backstory of losing his daughter there instead of the finale. I felt Hinelar's revelation of his lost daughter was too much of a last minute addition. Also, Dr. Hinelar could have used his monster form throughout the finale or none at all. Or he could have fired missiles at the school with the Death Neziros or just launch it immediately. But it was still pretty good in its own way except for some nitpicks I made.


So what stuff did you want to happen in Megaranger but you thought it didn't matter much anyway since the show was a huge it? Comment!


  1. The relationship between Dr Kubota and Hinelar being dragged on was a lame writing choice


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