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Kyuranger 36: Space Balls Lucky?

This week takes us a bit of Lucky's heritage. There's some theories going on and some Star Wars mixing here and there which Lucky seems to borrow some stuff from the original Star Wars Trilogy. Let's get started shall we?
There's a bit of new revolution as Minati wakes up from his control under Don Armage. At the same time, the Kyurangers theorize that they were fighting decoys under Don Armage's control. Is Don Armage producing clones of himself that he could operate all at once? Is he some kind of malevolent spirit? Heck, I even have a feeling Don Armage is hiding somewhere and what we see isn't his real form.

We go to the Planet Luth of the Leo Minor System. Going down, I even think that this gets shades of Star Wars except it's not a desert planet. Here's what happens.

We discover that Lucky was raised by this old man he calls gramps. He wants to know about his father and what happened. I guess Lucky was too young to remember his heritage. We see a…

My Top Ten Favorite Gekiranger Episodes

Ah yes, Gekiranger. I always find this a challenge because I tend to have extreme favoritism towards the series. No don't worry I won't be bashing Jungle Fury here considering I NEVER saw it nor do I intend to watch it. I'd put Gekiranger as it should be - Gekiranger. I'm giving some thought on how I may not be able to write more top ten favorite episodes because some things else tend to catch my passion. Without much ado, here's my top ten list.

Lessons 3-9

Otherwise known as the "Venom Fist Ken" arc. While I don't find the opening of Gekiranger to be allt that good (and I think Dairanger still did it better) but I think this is were things start to get strong for an introduction. We are introduced to five new warriors as the monsters of the week each with a different challenge. There are various lessons in this arc that are taught like how simple tasks can help achieve great things. Personally, I think this is a strong way to make up for the not-so-…

Part Of Me Is Still Wishing For An Akibaranger Season 3

It's no secret that I'm watching Kyuranger, Kamen Rider Build and the Korean TV series While You Were Sleeping (starring Suzy Bae) at the same time. While I was doing so I triggered my subconscious that refuses to believe that there won't be an Akibaranger Season 3. So how did it happen?

While watching "While You Were Sleeping" where Suzy Bae momentarily has the same hairstyle as Maaya Uchida (it makes it very confusing unless you notice some differences like Suzy's body shape) I wish they were working on Akibaranger Season 3. While I saw the screenshots of Suzy being near a desktop I wish that it were Maaya and not her who was typing. I wish it were Akibaranger Season 3 all the while I'm still enjoying the show.

I still can't let go of the crazy humor of Akibaranger. Such episodes involved everyone getting drunk, the Powerful Rangers episode, meeting the legendary stuntman Kazuo Niibori (and I never heard of his name even if he kept making cameos in…

Kyuranger 35: Jark Matter's Got Talent

Once again, thanks to Nihon Hero for most of my images used here. 
This episode is pretty much entertaining. While I do find Kamen Rider Build's most recent episode kind of slow (all the while I still prefer new school Kamen Rider over new school Super Sentai even if I watch both) but this one is kind of entertaining for me. So what's the big deal? 
A new infiltration job happens at the broadcasting station of Jark Matter. Yes, we see that Hammy, Spada, Naga, Tsurugi and Lucky decide to infiltrate Jark Matter's talent agency. Is it me or are Super Sentai villains usually stupid? I mean, it's obvious that these are the Kyurangers in disguise yet they get deceived like typical cartoon villains. The Indavers are THAT stupid not to see through the very obvious disguises. Man, you can't get good help these days from the villain manpower services can you? 
We learn a bit of an alien singer known as Hoshi Minato. We can see that Hammy's past was she escaped from her p…

What If Ressha Sentai ToQGer Became Super Sentai's 40th Anniversary Season

I did some Akibaranger rewatching and I ended up coming up with a wild idea. So why didn't Toei set ToQGer as the 40th anniversary season instead of Zyuohger? The reason behind it is that ToQGer is powered by IMAGINATION which reminds me of Akibaranger's Delusion Power. All this may be possible if Naruhisa Arakawa were its main writer.

All that Imagination Power in ToQGer could have been used more or less the same way as Akibaranger. In fact, I even think about improving that concept What if a bunch of children who became adults through their IMAGINATION ended up imagining Super Sentai Warriors in suit. Just imagine it if in the introductory arc we see Right imagine himself into meeting Red Hawk or the other Akibarangers discover the power of the previous Super Sentai. The opening scene could have them as children imagining they are Super Sentai warriors. Then newer train mecha would be based on past Super Sentai powers which they imagine these stuff into life as they battle …

Kyuranger 34: The Mysterious Wrester Is...?

This episode presents the mysterious Masked Wrestler. I find this to be a not-so-good episode made up with some badass CGI and action scenes. Let's get started shall we? Once again, thanks to Nihon Hero for providing some of my pictures for weekly Kyuranger reviews. But again, if you want updates on Kyuranger toys just read Ukiyaseed, Nihon Hero and JEFusion for more information.

Kukuruga returns with a monster version of Champ. As the fight happens, a mysterious masked wrestler appears. Why does he have the power of a Kyuranger? Did the time shift happen so badly? I find everyone confused yet some things are too predictable at times. Then again, some things are not so predictable either!

Stinger believes that this masked wrestler is actually Champ. But this masked wrestler is in denial one way or another. We see a bit more of Champ's and Dr. Anton's past.

So it's proven that Dr. Anton is a scientist for Jark Matter. Why Scorpio killed him is still unknown. It's p…

Revisiting Ressha Sentai ToQGer's Railroad Of Imagination

Today is in commemoration of the day that Ressha Sentai ToQGer got its well-deserved award because of the Railroad Day which is held on October 15. It got its award on October 14, 2014 a day before the said day that year. I thought about how TV ratings may no longer be the most reliable gauge of popularity in the digital age considering the rise of Internet TV. Now I'd like to think about the charm of ToQGer and how it's still an important show.

First, let's talk about the document given to ToQGer:

Ressha Sentai ToQger, is one of the Super Sentai series that has aired on TV Asahi for nearly 40 years. This Sentai has been produced using a train motif! The award presented is aimed to familiarize and promote the railroad system to a wide ranger of people. We believe that the show is an excellent source of encouragement in the upbringing of future railroad fans.

Yes, trains are a very important part of Japan. Celebrating Railroad Day should be maintained even after ToQGer is o…

Kyuranger 33: Come Forward New Battleship And Robot

Last week's episode bridged a plot similar to Kamen Rider Black RX's episode with the Orion. We all saw the previous battleship destroyed and now it's time for a new battleship. The timeline has changed for better or for worse. 
Eris way back from Space 19 and Space 23 returns for this episode. She reveals that history has changed with Shou Ronpou continuing the legend in the past. This also reveals an underground passage.
The latest monster is Twister who can twist personalities. He twists the personalities of Hammy, Balance and Spada to have different personalities. Lucky was later able to use reverse psychology to snap them back into action.

We see it in the underground passage yet they still have no means to activate this new battleship. What's surprising is not is...
Shou Ronpou returns through freeze compress in the past. Things change for better or for worse. We still have the same happy-go-lucky commander we know from the past.  He returns but the Kyurangers st…

What If Junki Takegami Were Ressha Sentai ToQGer's Head Writer

I once thought that Naruhisa Arakawa should've been Ressha Sentai ToQGer's head writer because of Akibaranger. Another writer worth mentioning is none other than Junki Takegami. So why would I mention him as an alternative? If you did some Super Sentai research for the late 90s up to late last decade it'd be obvious. On the other hand, for the sake of others who don't know why I could talk about it why I imagine him as its head writer. He was involved with not just one but two shows that were obviously public service announcements. In the year 1999 he was assigned to be Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive's headwriter. In 2008 he was assigned as Engine Sentai Go-onger's headwriter. He's also the head writer of Denji Sentai Megaranger which might also help though I'd stick to the fact he's involved with GoGoFive and Go-onger for this post.

GoGoFive, Go-onger and ToQGer may all be different themes but they have one thing in common: they promote safety rules and t…

Lunar Bases In Super Sentai And Kamen Rider

Since it's #MoonFestival2017 I decided to write about moon bases that were used by both heroes and villains. Here goes nothing and here's as far as I can remember so I may have missed a lot. =P

The Bandora Palace

Bandora herself decided to have her palace located at the moon since it's just a barren wasteland. I guess her stay in Planet Nemesis with her followers may have also affected her mindset. This was originally built on Earth during Bandora's initial attack.

The Baranoia Palace

It was built on the moon some time ago though it became active in the year 1999 in Ohranger's continuity. The machines were exiled away from Earth to the moon millions of years ago. Baranoia built its base on the moon where it hopes to organize its invasion forces. Later, the Baranoia moved to Earth after their near victory before the final battle. What happened to it is unknown.

INET Moon Base

This didn't always appear in Megaranger until episode 32. From episodes 1 to 31, everyo…

Why I Don't Provide Magazine Scans And Toy Catalogs In this Blog

I've been doing weekly episode reviews. At first, I was afraid to do episode reviews because other bloggers were "covering it up" until I realized that I can do it my own style. There's one thing that I don't want to do and that is provide magazine scans for upcoming Super Sentai gimmicks. IMO, doing episode reviews would be my way of doing updates.

This is the latest Kyuranger magazine scan from JEFusion. While I could go ahead and give my first impressions but I don't think it's enough. I could go ahead and say that "Oh that looks cool!" or "I bet it'd be great." but I don't think it's enough. IMO, I really want to see all these clips in actions in any upcoming episode of Kyuranger.

I could have done some writing based on a magazine scan about Orion Battler and what I think. For me, it doesn't really do much justice until I see all the power-ups or latest mecha in action. Toy catalogs are toy catalogs. I'm not her…