Revisiting Ressha Sentai ToQGer's Railroad Of Imagination

Today is in commemoration of the day that Ressha Sentai ToQGer got its well-deserved award because of the Railroad Day which is held on October 15. It got its award on October 14, 2014 a day before the said day that year. I thought about how TV ratings may no longer be the most reliable gauge of popularity in the digital age considering the rise of Internet TV. Now I'd like to think about the charm of ToQGer and how it's still an important show.

First, let's talk about the document given to ToQGer:

Ressha Sentai ToQger, is one of the Super Sentai series that has aired on TV Asahi for nearly 40 years. This Sentai has been produced using a train motif! The award presented is aimed to familiarize and promote the railroad system to a wide ranger of people. We believe that the show is an excellent source of encouragement in the upbringing of future railroad fans.

Yes, trains are a very important part of Japan. Celebrating Railroad Day should be maintained even after ToQGer is over. ToQGer does that in giving children the message of the important of trains in daily life. Maintaining the Japanese railway system and keeping it safe should be taught. There's the opportunity for parents to teach their children about the safety of the train lines. Sometimes, you just need to have a creative way to teach youngsters how important something is. ToQGer did just that aside from Carranger (road traffic), GoGoFive (the unity of family and safety rules) and Go-onger (taking care of the environment). 

I know I've complained about the plain designs and the more simple looking mecha. The simplicity is genius in some ways. The train designs were probably meant to be simplistic to fit with the theme of childhood nostalgia. The ToQGers have no memories and it fits with the twist that they're actually children in the bodies of adults. They have to face the pains of growing up and getting back to all their missing years. It's probably done to appeal to the inner child. There's always some fun having some moments of nostalgia even in this day and age. You can talk how technology advances all the time while old school entertainment lives. Talk about having the latest video game console all the while old school titles of the past get  re-released and remastered. There's a charm to simplicity at times and ToQGer does just that. It may be all about appealing to one's inner child while watching the show. 

At the same time, it may also be teaching children about growing up. The ToQGers still fight on to defeat the Shadow Line even after they discover they're but children in the bodies of adults. They want to return to the natural course of life and grow up normally. In order to do so they must face through various trials in their childhood. It may also show children not only to fear growing up but also not to be in a hurry to grow up. Nobody should be in a hurry to grow up as it could lead to consequences. The ToQGers realize that they must fight for their normal childhood so they can grow up normally like every other person.

Thank you ToQGer for keeping Japan's Railroad Day alive!


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