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Ryusoulger 23: It's Time For A Bandai Merchandise Clip Show

It's time for another Ryusoulger review. Right now, I can't make up my mind on whether or not I'm taking a break from said show. But tentatively, I might take my break on September 20, 2019, up to the time the K-Drama Vagabond ends. That means just don't expect my reaction on Ryusoulger updates OR just expect them to be slow. This week isn't that interesting for me but maybe for the kiddos. Personally, these recaps can be a nice break OR I simply don't care. I decided to watch in hopes of catching up with the show's mythologies!
The episode beginneth with Creon and Wizeru. Wizeru talketh about his Menasaurs. However, Wizeru has a really diabolical plan. He doth mention Sun Tzu's Art of War. But as said, this guy tends to lack an intelligent plan that could've killed the Ryusoulgers but the show must go on!
Bits of the show's lore are explained here. Koh does mention that he could hear the Ryu Souls. They are told that when a Ryu Soul loseth its…

Ryusoulger 22: Cherishing The Memory Of The Dead

Well, it's time for another Ryusoulger episode and I can't be too certain IF I'd want to take my short break from said show. It looks like some interesting folklore is brewing. Maybe, I can continue watching the show BUT at a slower pace. Now, last week did feature the return of Master Pink, Tankjoh and Ui's mother. Now, this week cometh to an epic conclusion.
The Necromancer Menasaur has been responsible for the switching process. The dead return to life at the cost of the living. Okay, that's going to be a very creepy scenario. If I had to sacrifice one person to see my dead relative back then no thanks!
Koh gets caught in another dark dimension to fight Tankjoh. This almost feels like a throwback to Metal Heroes in the Space Sheriff Trilogy and B-Fighter. There's really some nightmare fuel here even if Super Sentai has become more child-friendly since 2001.

The Light Raptor (who is female) showeth up and freeth Koh from that dimension. Then we get a bit of …

Times When I Felt Super Sentai Had A Series Reboot

Super Sentai is Toei's longest-running Toku series. With that in mind, there are other franchises that had a reboot. Kamen Rider had a reboot during the Showa era (which had gaps in between) then Kamen Rider Kuuga rebooted the whole franchise -- maybe we can say Kamen Rider Decade did too or was it Kamen Rider W? Metal Hero had a reboot treatment when the Space Sheriff Trilogy ended. Maybe, we can also think that a reboot happened when Winspector came after Jiban. I think Super Sentai has had reboots in its very long run to fit in with the times.

The first possible reboot was done with Battle Fever J. This era would probably be known as the pre-Hirohisa Soda era. Sentai was just Sentai with Goranger and JAKQ. However, Battle Fever J was the first Sentai series to have the word Super before it. The retcon in the late 1990s would include Goranger and JAKQ as part of the Super Sentai series. Battle Fever J would be that important series that revived and rebooted Super Sentai.

The Hi…

Ryusoulger 21: Light And Shadow Raptors

Well, it's time for another Ryusoulger episode. Since it's the Chinese ghost month (seventh lunar month) then I guess this episode is just appropriate. It's time to put on my fake Shakespearean writing into action, isn't it?
This episode sort of payeth tribute to the Chinese ghost month. Some dead people who have died years ago are back. However, certain animals and plants die as a result of it. TBH, I think it'd be that shocking if people who died came back to life. Sometimes, I just wish certain deceased relatives of mine would return to visit once a year if you ask me!

Ui's mother Mrs. Tatsui also returneth from the dead as a result. It's mentioned that her mother died of sickness before the series began. But she's back but what's causing all this?

Then there's the return of Sailor Moon errr Master Pink which exciteth Asuna. Asuna can't help but hug her mentor. Side note, I love how the spine breaking is addressed here due to Asuna's…