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Sentai Male Rangers I Find Underrated

So here's a bit of those I really find underrated by fans and well, I do like them most.  So here they are:

Kou/Kibaranger- As said, it came from the non-Japanese fans and I just hate it whenever they bash him (or in extension Justin) for their age.  I think a child fighting like the rest is bad-ass.  So again, ENOUGH OF THE JUSTIN DISGRACING TOMMY COMMENT!  Well if anybody drops Dairanger because of him, I tell them they are MISSING such a wonderful and awesome series that's filled with cracktastic goodness from beginning to end!
Riki/Kingranger- Again I believe those who underrate him are the Power Rangers Zeo fans because of... again his age!  Unlike Trey of Triforia, he's biologically young.  I don't see ANYTHING wrong with that!  So I could care less if he's NOT as bad-ass as Jason was as Gold Ranger but, he is STILL bad-ass for me.
Genta Umemori/Shinken Gold- It's really sad that Genta should be bashed just like that because compared to the other Shinkeng…

Sentai's Male Rangers Who I Find Overrated

I think there are PLENTY here worth to mention of who are actually kind of overrated and I'll tackle them by appearance:

Banba Souikichi/Big One- He's the Sentai franchise' official mascot... duh.  Also, he's one amazing dude.  Fans tend to really praise him more than he deserves especially his appearance in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.  He like Tommy is much overrated and I love them both.

Takeru/Red Mask- He remains a fan favorite probably being the first red ranger to be extremely hot blooded.  Plus, nobody can deny the fact the mastery of the godhand technique makes him really well... bad-ass!  I for one have given him too much credit than he deserves like, well, he's the only character in Maskman I really liked.  As for the rest, nah.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo- Perhaps he's the most ridiculously powerful red ranger of all.  He was kind of like a "component of Tommy" IMO.  Nobody can deny that he's defeated Zimba, Rehda and Ragorn in battle or that his…

Sentai's Female Rangers Who I Find Underrated

If there are overrated ones, there are also underrated ones.  Here are who I find to be underrated and they are arranged by appearance:

Jun Yabuki/Yellow 4 2- Some fans tend to bash her not to be as great as her predecessor the late Mika Koizumi.  Well it can be understood because Mika Koizumi was abruptly killed so she can take over as Yuki Yajima left over payroll issues I think.
Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow- I find it sad that some people have really underrated her and I think it has to be with her age or they like Kaori Rokumeikan better.  But she was my crush during the time I watched Jetman so I overrate her a lot.

Mei/Pteraranger- I also do find her underrated especially among PR/Sentai fans.  My opinion is she is underrated maybe because of Kimberly and Lin.  That's just my opinion.

Kotoha Hanaori/Shinken Yellow- I think the presence of Mako Shiraishi tends to overshadow her.  Plus, it took her a long time to go super.
Kaoru Shiba/True Shinken Red- Perhaps another one underra…

Sentai's Female Rangers Who I Find Overrated

Here are the Super Sentai females I find overrated (and I've overrated them too) namely (order by the shows they've appeared):

Mika Koizumi/Yellow 4 1- I prefer her over Jun Yabuki.  Jun Yabuki was okay but I liked Mika's antics better.  Well she was forcibly killed off because Yuki Yajima may have had some payroll issues with JAC and had enough.  So yeah, Jun did a good job replacing her and fortunately her concept didn't die out with the character.
Momoko/Pink Mask- Despite being underdeveloped, I felt like she was overrated only due to her good looks.
Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin- I guess she's overrated for her really amazing action stunts.  
Lin/Hououranger- She is overrated probably due to her beign the hottest bruiser from all behind her...
Tsurihime- Being the first female leader, she's gotten much attention.  I find myself overrating her.
Yuuri/Time Pink- She may cook bad but she remains a fan favorite with her role in Timeranger.  However I don't fi…

Luka's Focus Episode

It can't be denied that Luka was the focus of episode six. Actually it's a pretty funny episode too.

In this episode, Luka decides to disguise as a maid in hopes of getting some jewelry from a rich old man.  After all, she HAS her clepto issues after all.

Added is that, she was able to to turn into Gogo Yellow.  Okay so we remember that in Lightspeed Rescue, the yellow ranger was a female, not a male but was originally male.  Hmmm is Luka doing tribute to Power Rangers?

She does get jewelry after all.  She needs to be taught a lesson!

Mixed Emotions on Gokaiger Episode 5

I would like to present my mixed feelings over Gokaiger 5 (and sadly many of my Shinkenger reviews were erased because I had to rely on Youtube videos back then :-( ). Images once again courtesy of ThatChick. On the other hand, I hope my prayers to the Master for Japan's recovery will be answered.

I really had a LOT of mixed emotions. I'd like to sort out the good and the bad sides.

The good:

There was plenty of action for Captain Marvelous. As usual, I usually like a red ranger that's fiery over the typical leader.

There was a good imitation of Gokaiger. Well Luka seems to be a skilled martial artist and she can kick me butt anytime! She and Remi of Fiveman should have a drunken fist match!

The use of the Dekaranger suits... wow! Well Luka as Deka Yellow doubles the hotness!

Doggie Kruger's appearance... IMO the most bad-ass Sentai commander of all time.

The bad:

I only got to see Jasmine for a short while. Boo hoo. She was really gorgeous here.

Also, Ban one of my…

Requesting Help for Japan's Tsunami Victims

Want to be a hero? HELP DONATE NOW!
May I request all my followers and readers (mostly fans of Super Sentai and Power Rangers) to please help Japan with donations necessary due to the tsunami that hit yesterday so NO MORE fanboy wars please and let's work together. This blog may slow down due to the tsunami that has hit Japan although I do not live there. Not that I'm a tsunami victim nor do I have any relatives affected (most of them are either in America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China or the Philippines) but the loss has helped me see the true definition of heroism- not for fame or fortune but for the lives of others.

It may be a disappointment we don't have an episode of Gokaiger for now, it's more important that we help the victims of the tragedy first!  I can't enjoy Gokaiger with all these tragedies going on.

Please donate below or to anywhere you can donate for the poor people of Japan:…

Next Week: Dekarangers in Gokaiger

Well here's what- Ayumi Kinoshita will be guest starring and I'm kind of excited about it. On the other hand, I'm just disappointed that Tomokazu Yoshida won't guest star for that episode. I seem to like the idea of Tetsu and Jasmine going together.

Banban in natural hair color. Nice to know he didn't leave the Dekarangers. Well I wonder where the other Dekaranger cast members are? I like him, yes but not as much as Hoji and Tetsu but I have to agree if it wasn't for him, Hoji may have never loosened up at all.

Doggie Kruger is back too.

Oh no! What's going to happen? I'll just have to wait. Well now you know what it is to be caught red handed get it? Hee hee.

Chemistry Between Joe and Ahim in Gokaiger?

After watching this week's Gokaiger, it seems that a chemistry exists between Joe and Ahim but then... I COULD BE WRONG... it's all but my theory okay?! Anyway let's go.

Images are from That Toku Blog by That Chick

It seems that there is a possibly a chemistry as Ahim is the first to go to Joe to see if he's alright from all that painful training. The setting reminds me of House of Flying Daggers with ALL that bamboo!

Another scene- Ahim gives her sword to Joe for him to use in battle against Zodomas.

The cake scene was kind of nice...

At the end of the episode, there seems to be some romance between the two. So far, red and pink is not always the best combination.

Apparently there may be a chemistry between Luca and Captain Marvelous that will be cooking up. Hope the writers do take it far. It seems there is.