Requesting Help for Japan's Tsunami Victims

Want to be a hero? HELP DONATE NOW!

May I request all my followers and readers (mostly fans of Super Sentai and Power Rangers) to please help Japan with donations necessary due to the tsunami that hit yesterday so NO MORE fanboy wars please and let's work together. This blog may slow down due to the tsunami that has hit Japan although I do not live there. Not that I'm a tsunami victim nor do I have any relatives affected (most of them are either in America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China or the Philippines) but the loss has helped me see the true definition of heroism- not for fame or fortune but for the lives of others.

It may be a disappointment we don't have an episode of Gokaiger for now, it's more important that we help the victims of the tragedy first!  I can't enjoy Gokaiger with all these tragedies going on.

Please donate below or to anywhere you can donate for the poor people of Japan:


  1. Is the super hero time donation legit?

  2. Hi Sean,

    do you know the credit for the photo of tsunami`s victim woman holding a child published in your post ? thanks

  3. @moxico- Nope. Some friend of mine passed it to me via email.

  4. at dec 26th, 2004, my country, Indonesia was also hit by tsunami, although my town saved. So, i feel sympathy for japanese.
    I hope the goseiger wiuld realy appear and save the people from disaster


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