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Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nomber 41: A Door To Gangler's World

Bonjour reader! Well it's that time for another Lupinranger vs. Patranger review! This time, after last week's rather weak episode (at least for me anyway so don't get mad if you liked it) -- I find this episode to be very pretty intense! As it turns out, Destra is already out there to do his task and prove himself to the Ganglers once and for all!

Le episode begins with Keiichiro somehow showing how his kind heart always makes up for his somewhat dull mind. So are we getting a glimpse of Keiichiro's background since he mentions his parents who just gave him some preserved tomatoes? Will we ever see her like we saw Umika's father? Anyway, there's a bit of shiptease yet again with Umika and Sakuya yet again.

As it turns out, Destra showing up with him wanting to prove that he's a worthy successor to Don Dogriano. What he does is his plan to actually trap le Patrangers and execute them in front of his master! Is it me or do plans like that actually not work …

Would You Take The Super Sentai Completionist Challenge?

I remembered a couple of rants ago when I started raising some questions like "How many old school Super Sentai have you watched?" and when I made a list of Super Sentai series I've watched from start to end. I admit, there are many reasons why there are times I can't accept change and why I can accept them. For instance, I wasn't too happy with some seasons past Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters then I find myself really enjoying Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger and this year's Kaito Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patranger -- though I still have my concern on this year's tendency where the personalities of Kairi and Keiichiro sort of start to exchange! Anyway, I'd like to write about the Super Sentai completionist challenge after I wrote the Kamen Rider completionist challenge post as a "response" to Sentai Bandicoot's related blog entry which this post is the "second response". But remember that I'm enjoying new school Kamen Ride…

Lupinranger VS.Patranger Nombre 40: I Can't Stop Worrying

Bonjour my readers! Well I decided to simply focus more on Lupin vs. Pat episodes as of right now considering that there's other stuff that always catch my interest. Now it's time for le review of worrying too much!
Le episode starts with Kairi acting all suspicious which actually causes his friends to worry. They see him sneak out more often than not. This gives both Touma and Umika le right to worry about it. Just then a new Gangler known as Dugong Manatee to show up. He uses some smoke attack which would allow le two to worry too much!
What makes me think WTF Akatsuki Yamatoya is his tendency to well add really bad humor to good one. His humor is hit and miss. I did mention earlier how I did enjoy his Shinkenger episodes (especially the Mr. Brown episode) or maybe I could name that really funny episode where we had a dance groove. But in this case, it kinda got boring here since I wanted to see more of le Patrangers in action.
Noel shows up with Umika and Touma to investiga…

Lupinranger VS. Patranger 39: Crevette Fritte

Bonjour my readers! I decided not to write anything during le last week because of no Super Hero Time. An interesting trivia is that December 21 of every year in France is Fried Shrimp Day though it's still a month away, isn't it? Anyway, back to discussion and it turns out that someone who we thought died two weeks ago is up and running!
Le episode has a bit of Noel doing some investigations on le criminal named Zamigo. Yup, le same ice eating freak who's appeared months ago, disappears and reappears every now and then. Keiichiro runs into Kairi. Is Keiichiro getting a lead or not of who le Lupinrangers are? Maybe not. Keiichiro is always playing le concerned citizen over Kairi but how will this work out when le former will discover le secret identity of le latter? 
This is where things get tight. Noel's investigations are now even leading to clues. He asks both Umika and Touma of whether or not they both know who Zamigo is. I don't blame Umika and Touma for actu…