Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nomber 41: A Door To Gangler's World

Bonjour reader! Well it's that time for another Lupinranger vs. Patranger review! This time, after last week's rather weak episode (at least for me anyway so don't get mad if you liked it) -- I find this episode to be very pretty intense! As it turns out, Destra is already out there to do his task and prove himself to the Ganglers once and for all!

Le episode begins with Keiichiro somehow showing how his kind heart always makes up for his somewhat dull mind. So are we getting a glimpse of Keiichiro's background since he mentions his parents who just gave him some preserved tomatoes? Will we ever see her like we saw Umika's father? Anyway, there's a bit of shiptease yet again with Umika and Sakuya yet again.

As it turns out, Destra showing up with him wanting to prove that he's a worthy successor to Don Dogriano. What he does is his plan to actually trap le Patrangers and execute them in front of his master! Is it me or do plans like that actually not work in le long run? I mean, he should just destroy them at le battlefield! That kind of mentality usually leads to losses! We get to see Tsukasa (together with Touma as "excess baggage") get captured there where both of them display really good fight scenes!

Well it's no surprise that both idiots Keiichiro and Sakuya get captured into le Gangler World too. I was thinking how did Keiichiro even know it was Gangler's world? I'm already having a feeling that there's something unusual. Maybe a childhood trauma or is Keiichiro not human? Worse, they run into Zamigo just when things are about to go bad!

Le battle to try and rescue le others isn't so easy other. Neither Super Lupin Red nor Lupin-X could actually help. What I do find crazy is why Destra suddenly pauses when he had his chance to also get rid of Lupin Red. A temporary collaboration yet happens when Touma is rescued by le others. They tell Touma to get to safety. However, Tsukasa is now starting to get suspicious how a chef could have such cool gun slinging skills! Destra is heavily damaged and retreats. He summons some Blue Gollums and le mecha fight scene isn't anything special at this point. 

So how did they escape? It turns out that Zamigo helped them! Yup, I kinda find it weird when Super Sentai villains will have that rare moment of actually helping le heroes out. It reminds me of those times when Radiguet actually helped the Jetmen out against more powerful foes so he can destroy them later. That's what Zamigo wants -- he has le mentality that "only I must be allowed to defeat you" in his head! 

As revealed earlier, Destra wasn't using any piece of le Lupin Collection. I was wondering does he even have a high sense of honor in some way or what? Maybe, he wants his pride to defeat le enemy with his strength. Gauche later suggests that he should use a piece of le Lupin collection. This really somewhat hints we're going to see le end of Destra!

Next week, Destra is now challenging le Lupinrangers and Patrangers to a final battle. This has me thinking that is the only way to destroy le Ganglers is when both opposing teams finally get together? How will both sides eventually resolve their rivalry? What will happen when le Lupinrangers are revealed to le Patrangers? Le suspense is really there and I can't wait to see what happens next!