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Superficial Super Sentai Fans!

Sad but true as much as Super Sentai is a quality show, however there are also fans who are superficial as ever. Call me crazy but I've experienced such people and blended with them.  Here's a few marks of them:

They watch Super Sentai not because of the quality stories it shares but only because of the pretty girls that it has these days.  They would care less about a season without a hot chick and bash Power Rangers only because of the hotter girls in Super Sentai.  Talk about a good story gone unappreciated because of a hot chick in it ignoring the fact that being hot is but icing to the cake!  Surely I know PR Samurai isn't as good as Shinkenger but do expect to see those who watch it to admire Mako only.  Or talk about Go-onger fans who just watch it to drool at Saki and they call Power Rangers RPM as "horrible" because Summer doesn't match up to Saki in appearance.  Can they get any crazier?  Seriously this one kills the good credits of Power Rangers wi…

Survival of the Fittest Type of Organizations

If I have tackled on racist groups, some groups were also believers of the survival of the fittest.  They are:

Jashinka in Dynaman- Aside from being racists, they were also believers of the survival of the fittest even among themselves.

Gozma in Changeman- Bazoo spared the strong and destroyed the weak.  In fact, Ahames carried out the idea of survival of the fittest to greater heights.  Bazoo further emphasizes this because most of them don't serve Bazoo at their own free will, it's only because he's the strongest.

Mess in Flashman- They treated every specimen as experiments to seek to create the strongest organism.

Tube in Maskman- Ever since Zeba took over the throne by force, the once peaceful kingdom became a place where strength rules all.  Sice Zeba is the strongest (being in reality Lethal Dobler II) so he rules above everyone else.

Volt in Liveman- They regarded that only they are fit to rule above humanity.  They had the survival of the fittest in the sense of th…

Super Sentai with Education as One of Its Themes

Super Sentai in itself also had a few seasons that showed the importance of education directly or indirectly.  Here are those seasons:

Liveman was the first to feature students as rangers.  It showed the value of true humanitarian education vs. the oppressive education of Volt.

Turboranger featured teenagers fighting against invaders.  I think the emphasis of education happens mostly on Riki and Youhei as they learn along the way the importance of school.  In the finale, the end song was "Graduation of Youth".

Fiveman was a team of not only siblings but also teachers in "New Town School".  Gaku taught science, Ken taught sports, Kasumi taught Math, Fumiya taught languages and Remi taught music.

Megaranger was sort of like an upgrade on Turboranger for some.  It carried out computers as the theme of the whole series.  Like Turboranger, it featured teenagers fighting evil and Kenta Date/Mega Red was the slacker/leader who later learns to be responsible, in fact he b…

Other Sentai Rangers Who Worked as Teachers

While the Fivemen are an all teacher team, there were some Sentai rangers who themselves were teachers themselves.  Here are they and tell me if I missed any:

Momoko teaches Tai Chi Chuan to children.

Jou Ohara later became a teacher in a rebuilt Academia.

Kenta Date was revealed he became a teacher at Moroboshi High.  What he's teaching remains unknown so he might be teaching something else.

Jan Kandou became a martial arts sensei at the end of Gekiranger and continued doing so in Gokaiger.

Mako Shiraishi is a kindergarten teacher.  She may have continued her job as one in Hawaii.

What I Think of the Jetman Episodes by Naruhisa Arakawa

Naruhisa Arakawa had written a few episodes of Jetman himself as revealed by Fantasy Leader. They are Jetman episode 10, 19, 26, 28, 34 and 39.  Here's what I think of each episode, this is mostly opinion:

Episode 10- "Cupmen"

He demonstrates his ability to do crazy humor with Ako's episode with her ex-boyfriend.  I got to admit that this episode was just plain funny and teaches a moral lesson about aggressiveness and not to mention too much instant noodles can be bad for you in figurative ways.

Episode 19- "I Can See"

This is one of his darker chapters with the right blend of comedy.  Kaori's butler played a hilarious part in bringing Kaori back to shape.  This for me developed Kaori's character more than just her using her money to help the team or than just being a pilot to fit in.  I like the fact she actually overcame her fear of death remembering what she was... a Jetman,

Episode 26- "I'm A Primitive"

Perhaps a prefiguring of t…

Rambling on the Upcoming Super Hero Taisen

Okay I got to admit this is old news which at first didn't excite me, my other fellow Bloggers have beat me to it but thanks to them anyway.  So here's what I'm currently thinking with what I'm seeing.  The trailer does remind me of the time when I was still a child and me and my fellow Tokusatsu fans would argue A LOT about to which is better- Super Sentai or Kamen Rider.  Now this might be the movie to answer it all.  I got to admit I enjoyed Kamen Rider as my imaginary friends, Kotaro Minami was a childhood hero side by side with Takeru/Red Mask.  Some Filipinos enjoyed watching Kamen Rider Black, Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger, Fiveman and Jetman as children although they only saw through Fiveman and Jetman from start to finish.  Filipinos have enjoyed Ryuki, Blade and 555 on TV while still what no Sentai?  Okay now on with rambling on this otherwise neat idea!
So the storyline is pretty screwed up as Kamen Rider Decade leads Dai Shocker and Gokai Red leads the Dai Za…

To All Graduates This March...

To all of you who are graduating, the Megarangers would like to wish you all...




Let's all be realistic with education, not too theoretical!  So let's all work together for a better future!

I just used a Megaranger picture instead because the ending had a graduation in the most formal way. :P

List of Some of My Favorite Super Sentai Fan Fics

I'd like to talk about my favorite Super Sentai fan fiction by other authors.  I specifically can't rank them but here's what I think of them:

"Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai" by Chris X- This is the making of what he'd call "not your usual Sentai".  Okay I got to admit that it may be slow in getting a new chapter but don't blame him, he has his life to live to earn his living as he juggles between work and hobby.  The story of Takeru Shiba being warped back into the past and teams up with Gai Yuki, Dai, Sayaka, Remi, Miki and Youhei against Radiguet's team of villains.  I personally find this story to be what I'd call "you meeting your childhood heroes" type of Sentai fan fiction.  Mako has finally appeared to join the team too.

"Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai: Another" by Chris X- The mirror to "Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai" as Takeru/Red Mask ends up in the future presumably at the same time Takeru Shiba …