Other Sentai Rangers Who Worked as Teachers

While the Fivemen are an all teacher team, there were some Sentai rangers who themselves were teachers themselves.  Here are they and tell me if I missed any:

Momoko teaches Tai Chi Chuan to children.

Jou Ohara later became a teacher in a rebuilt Academia.

Kenta Date was revealed he became a teacher at Moroboshi High.  What he's teaching remains unknown so he might be teaching something else.

Jan Kandou became a martial arts sensei at the end of Gekiranger and continued doing so in Gokaiger.

Mako Shiraishi is a kindergarten teacher.  She may have continued her job as one in Hawaii.


  1. It is hard to believe that Jyo Oohara to be a teacher as he had the lowest grades out of the 3 Liveman. Kenta has to be a computer teacher as most of the Megarangers were computer majors.


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