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Some Weird Things in Sentai

Sentai has a lot of weird things too. I'd like to put them in this list:
Sparks fly off from enemies when they are hit by a heavy attack.

Many fight scenes can get too exaggerated. Just for example- Flashman's final duel between Red Flash and Kaura should have killed Red Flash too if it were real.

For some reason, the enemies explode violently rather than just lie down there dead. So I assume if you gave them the death penalty by beheading, there's no body left to bury.

None of the rangers really bother to destroy the monster-enlarging agent.

How does Japan survive having giant monster attacks one after the other?

Aliens that can speak the Earth language. Then again Japanese folklore has beings from other worlds.

Enemies get stabbed but usually no blood gushes out. Only Red Flash's and Kaura's final battle had some bleeding but Kaura bled paint. Yes the rangers were usually those who bled.

Some enemies are too thrifty with their monster deployment.

Some Fun Dekaranger Photos

These are non-episode pictures (correct me if I'm wrong) but I'd love to share them:
Ryuji Sainei and Ayumi Kinoshita making a funny picture about them during groceries. She knows how to make her leader mad. But then, I figured out I'd carry it for her.
A rather fun picture of Tsuyoshi Hayashi and Ryuji Sainei in a scene that's supposed to be Doggie Kruger's birthday party.
The first five Dekarangers in a non-episode post in civilian clothes.

Some SD Sentai Items

Here are some of the items I wish I could get. Well unfortunately, I really don't have much room for newer stuff so I'd rather collect pictures instead due to my limited budget:

The Hurricangers here look so cute.

From all the stuff in here, I'd want to collect SD Doggie Kruger!

Some great keychains- hmmm I think I'd get Hoji my personal favorite.

The Gekirangers- I'd not get any.

Go-onger- couldn't care much either.

The Smart Rangers in Sentai

Super Sentai had some of the smart rangers too and most of them are females. They are the ones who frequently help the others use their brains in combat to outsmart the toughest enemy.
Peggy Matsumaya/Momo (Pink) Ranger was the brains of the Gorangers. She mastered using finding enemy weaknesses.
Jun Kiyama/Denzi Yellow- He is the team scientist in Denziman.
Miki Monozono/Goggle Pink was typically the actress of the Goggle V team and the witty one too since she used her brain more than her brawn in battle.
The late Mika Koizumi/Yellow 4 1 was one to be an artist.
Jun Yabuki/Yellow 4 2 was more than a fighter, she was a brainy one too. She was the type to help find a solution to problems in the team.
Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five used most of her disguises to fool opponents or even find the toughest solutions. She relies more on stealth than strength.
Sara/Yellow Flash was the brains of the Flashman team. Her powers granted in Flash Star enhanced them too.
Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin- She is …

When Yellow Isn't Tough

The fact is yellow represented the character to be tougher than the rest, the front man of the team, the one who usually does the fighting part most of the time. Actually some yellow rangers weren't as tough as they were supposed to be like:

Jun Kiyama in Denziman was the team genius.
Sara/Yellow Flash of Flashman was the smart person of the team, not Lou.
Shunsuke Hino/Yellow Turbo of Turboranger despite his gender wasn't very strong for a male yellow ranger. he relied more on speed than any of the others.
Boi/Tiger Ranger of Zyuranger like Shunsuke Hino wasn't the toughest person though he is a good fighter. In their group, Goushi/Mammoth Ranger is the strongest.
Hikaru/Ginga Yellow of Gingaman was the group prankster, a deviation because usually the pink rangers were the pranksters. In their group, Gouki/Ginga Blue is the strongest.
Natsuki Mamiya/Bouken Yellow of Boukenger despite her being titled as "strong adventurer", she isn't as action oriented as Saku…

When Pink Is Tough

Pink rangers were usually portrayed to be less tough and more witty and stereotypically a master of deception that usually does the thinking for the group. However some pink rangers were tougher and didn't have an unusual level of wits. Some of them were even less of the typical pink ranger such as:
Mai Tsubasa of Changeman is quite boyish for a pink ranger. She is tougher than her partner Sayaka Nagisa who was more of the brains of the group.
Lou of Flashman possesses incredible strength.
Momoko of Maskman was almost as good as a fighter as her partner Haruka. Haruka was both tougher and more witty than she was.
Rin of Dairanger wasn't exactly very gentle- she knew how to fight more. She was more than a pretty face.
Yuuri of Timeranger may be female but she serves as the acting leader of the Timerangers. She is shown while she is no lesbian, she has her rough edges too.
Sakura Nishihori of Boukenger was more gutsy than Natsuki Mamiya was... a departure from Sentai tradition. …