When Yellow Isn't Tough

The fact is yellow represented the character to be tougher than the rest, the front man of the team, the one who usually does the fighting part most of the time. Actually some yellow rangers weren't as tough as they were supposed to be like:

Jun Kiyama in Denziman was the team genius.
Sara/Yellow Flash of Flashman was the smart person of the team, not Lou.
Shunsuke Hino/Yellow Turbo of Turboranger despite his gender wasn't very strong for a male yellow ranger. he relied more on speed than any of the others.
Boi/Tiger Ranger of Zyuranger like Shunsuke Hino wasn't the toughest person though he is a good fighter. In their group, Goushi/Mammoth Ranger is the strongest.
Hikaru/Ginga Yellow of Gingaman was the group prankster, a deviation because usually the pink rangers were the pranksters. In their group, Gouki/Ginga Blue is the strongest.
Natsuki Mamiya/Bouken Yellow of Boukenger despite her being titled as "strong adventurer", she isn't as action oriented as Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink. She usually gets into trouble most of the time.


  1. Personally, I don't think yellow rangers are meant to be the toughest of the team, especially when yellow has become a color for female rangers.
    Maybe because most yellow rangers in early sentai are fat/tough, they are considered the toughest. But apart from that, I think red/black/blue are usually tougher than yellow.


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