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It's On Its Way... Jason Meets Geki!

So the Power Morphicon will feature both Yuuta Mochizuki and Austin St. John, who have both gained some weight after some time!

Yuuta Mochizuki to Meet Austin St. John Soon?

Former actor Yuuta Mochizuki will appear at the Power Morphcin 2014 where it is stated that he is to meet Austin St. John soon.  He was known to have appeared in Jetman as J1 before he appeared as Geki in Zyuranger.  He was also Koji Sekawa in the movie Kamen Rider J and Tuxedo Mask in a stage version of Sailormoon.  He reprised his role as Geki for Kyoryuger vs. Gobusters. (Source)

How will Austin St. John feel to meet Yuuta Mochizuki in person?  I just thought that both of them have gained weight, aren't active in Toku and are probably still Toku fans.  Now too bad Soga Machiko, Jun Tatara and Thuy Trang have already died.  Lucky guy, he will also get to meet stuntmen Hiroshi Maeda (Tyrano Ranger suit actor) and Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Dragon Ranger suit actor).

After all, we had James Maclurcan meet the Go-onger cast before.  But does this guy know Japanese? I mean Japan is pretty low with its English literacy.  And I wonder how will Yuuta Mochizuki talk with Austin St. John?  Int…

Radiguet and Shadam Compared

If there are two villains worth comparing to are Radiguet and Shadam.  So far Radiguet is considered by many as the most vile piece of scum ever.  If anybody else had succeeded in being close (or maybe exceeded him), it was Shadam who some may consider is worse.  And yes Shadam, I really wanted Daisuke Tachi to act out the character since the closest character to come close to Radiguet is... Shadam.  Both of them started out as de-facto leaders of their group.  Radiguet was the most powerful of the Vyram's elite.  Shadam is the most powerful of the Gorma Triumvirate.  In their case, neither of them wants to be ruled by another.  Both are in my list of favorite villains.

Both of them faced opposition from a child villain.  Radiguet had to deal with Tran (who later grew up to be Tranza).  Shadam had to deal with his own son Akomaru who he does not care about at all.  Obviously neither of them is ever child friendly.  Tran mocks Radiguet while Akomaru mocks his father Shadam.  I jus…

Sentai Injustice: Writing Off Junior/Gasha Dokuro Too Soon!

I was inspired by Toku Warriors' post about Bilgenia to write this post. Here's my two cents.  So I'm still watching Kakuranger (and I have a LOT of distractions as of late) and there was one villain I thought was really written off too soon namely Gasha Dokuro.  He was played by villain actor Kenichi Endo who has been involved in a lot of action movies, usually playing villainous characters.  On the other hand, the first time I saw Endo was in one episode of Janperson where he acted as an agent of the Super Science Network.

So what's the whole deal?  Junior appeared as the leather-wearing punk in Kakuranger who is cruel, vicious and vindictive to the core.  He showed up making the Kakurangers really suffer more than they should.  He would not hesitate to use children as shields and he brought the Hanarangers to fight the Kakurangers.  Every moment he was in, he literally caused a nightmare to the Kakurangers.  Just a warning there are spoilers here, so read at your o…

Karma Kills Villain Moments in Super Sentai

A karmic death is when a villain in Super Sentai does not die at the hands of the Sentai rangers, but rather they die because of their actions, sometimes even killed by a fellow villain.  Here they are...

General Zenobia framed Megiddo and later General Kar.  She attempted to gain the Jashinka Throne.  She used the retro-gene to get ten tails hoping to be invincible.  What she didn't know is that Megiddo poisoned the mixture which led to her demise.

Mason's death at the hands of Silver.  He used the Bio Killer Gun in episode 10 which he killed Mika. The Bio Hunter Silver who has the same form of power that killed Mika, killed him.

Doctor Man's actions ultimately led to this demise.  I thought that seeing him in his dying state showed how much of karmic backlash it was for him.  He really got what he deserved for all the terrible things he did in the series.

Queen Ahames- The fact she manipulated both heroes AND villains for her own purposes, the fact she is a manipulative …

Wishful Thinking for Gobusters

Gobusters was a series I thought was this, "Great potential, what a terrible execution."  I thought here's what I really wanted for the series.  After all, it should try to go back to old school elements so what did I want for the series?

First, I wish that crazy humor involving Hiromu's fear of chickens didn't exist.  It was totally unnecessary.  They could have given Hiromu some other weak point rather than chickens.  Why not set a limit to his speed?

Toshiki Inoue as its sub-writer.  As burnt out Inoue is, but hey he did contribute interesting stuff to Faiz (no matter how terrible it is) and maybe he can still do something here.  For one, Yasuko Kobayashi was not only accompanied by a producer not fit for the season, she was also having a bad team of sub-writers.  I thought a Kobayashi/Inoue team up may actually bring interesting stuff for the series.

Would Tsukada be a better producer than Takebe?  Maybe.  Takebe for me is fine with Kamen Rider but she jus…

Bio vs. Anti-Bio in Bioman

Bio Robo was introduced to have come along to Earth by Peebo five hundred years ago. The five ancestors of the Biomen (which Mika's ancestor may also be Jun's ancestor so Mika and Jun are possibly related) were showered by the Bio Particles.

Peebo was the robot of the Bio Alliance. He was sent to Earth together with the Bio Robo to gather the Biomen when New Empire Gear began its first attack. Somehow he had a special connection to the Bio Robo and the Biomen.

Bioman episode 10 "Farewell Yellow" was the first to feature the Anti-Bio Particles. Bioman episodes 2, 7-8 featured some bits and pieces of Planet Bio's history before it blew up. In episode 10, Dr. Man discovers the existence of the Anti-Bio Particles which he used to create the Bio Killer Gun. The Bio Killer Gun not only disables the Bio Robo but also slowly kills Mika. That episode was not the last we'll see of the Bio vs. Anti Bio conflict.

Sentai Series I've Watched From Start To End

To be honest, I haven't watched all Sentai series from start to end. But here are those Super Sentai series I've watched from start to end in chronological order and I admit, I was all the time pretending to be a know it all until I realized I needed to be just myself to be a true fan plus these are the only series I've watched from start to end, the rest are just reading here and viewing here and there:

Chikyu Sentai Fiveman- This was the first series I saw its ending, which I thought I got boggled to why MMPR kept stretching and Sentai has a definite end back then. For me, this series is a guilty pleasure. I know it's Soda's lower series but I still find myself enjoying this otherwise awkward series. However I'm willing to see it in Japanese with valid subs but so far, Fiveman's Tagalog dub was better. As for the finale, it was pretty rushed, I felt like WTF Vulgyre was only added into the finale arc and no hints in between to his identity, Chevalier was …

The Rules of Time Travel in Super Sentai?

Sentai is a series that has time travel in some seasons... I mean it did happen in Flashman, Maskman, Liveman, Jetman, Gekiranger and Goseiger.  Here's what are the probable rules of writing time travel in Super Sentai not just limited to Timeranger:

In Maskman episode 38, one can see the example of meeting your past self.  The Maskmen return 13 years in time which for me was a funny episode since it did remind me of what I was as a kid.  Enough of that, apparently time travel causes you to meet with your past self.  Also one rule of time travel revealed here was that killing a person in the past can change the future.

In Jetman episode 26 "I'm a Primitive" when Raita taught some new ways of doing stuff in the stone age, he was later documented in history.  Anything you do in the past does affect the future.

Timeranger had some rules of time travel in the first episode to why they even had to not to do this and to do that.  It makes perfect sense to why the alien (N…

Chevalier's Trophies and Tranza's Trophies

Another thing I've noticed between Fiveman and Jetman is this one... Chevalier and Tranza both sought to make trophies out of rangers and the red ranger was the only one left.  Now let's move..

Chevalier in episode 45 of Fiveman tried to turn the Fivemen into monuments of his victory using his monster, Rock Fossil Gin.  In that episode, he succeeded in turning every Fiveman into a monument.  Later he had Gaku brought to the Vulgyre to become a rock statue.  He could have won if it wasn't for Gunther's interference.  Gaku was fused with stone but was later released upon entering Vulgyre's inner area, showing that Vulgyure was a giant living organism.  When Gaku defeated the Rock Fossil Gin, the others were freed.

Tranza also copied Chevalier's scheme in a way except he had no monster to help him.  He used the "Bio Gun" to which he sought to get rid of the Jetmen without the help of the others.  His pride got the best of him when Radiguet (in a rare mom…

Some Problems with Fiveman

Fiveman was basically the Hirohisa Soda portfolio.  It was entertaining BUT had these problems which I noticed years later after I grew up.  These were:

The starting villains.  Most of them were pretty standard and half-brained except for Billion who really came up with a good plan most of the time.  I thought that Dordora while she does get enjoyable to watch with her use of deception but most of the time, she uses standard stupid plans.  Garoa starts off badass but ends up becoming a moronic commander.  I just thought that Garoa's death could have been handled better if he were killed by the Fivemen in the finale prior to Vulgyre's death.  For Dongoros' death, I thought it was pretty cool to see his greed kill him off... sorry Abrella you ain't getting paid!  For Dordora I would say I love how she went insane after realizing Vulgyre's true nature.

The Fiveman puppets.  Man those are TERRIBLE.  I'm watching Super Sentai NOT Sesame Street!  They were added late…

The Steel Star Beasts of Gingaman

While watching Gingaman (hopefully it gets FULLY SUBBED soon, I have seen raws beyond episode 35), I just thinking about these mecha.  They were first known to me as the Galactabeasts in Lost Galaxy.  Both versions made them self-operating which makes me boggle why the gattai sequence?!  But again, Saban and Toei are probably more for the profits.  And I also hate to think how these guys were converted into cyborgs by Biznella... OUCH!

The GigaRhinos which was erroneously named as Centaurus Megazord when it doesn't look like a Centaur.  I just thought I love its main design and its blaster.

The GigaPhoenix's design for me is pretty badass as well.  Love its boomerang.  At least Lost Galaxy gave it a suitable name as Stratoforce Megazord.

And I can't believe that Bitus used to be a whale starbeast... how cruel Biznella was to totally re-alter these Starbeasts. =(

Also, I can praise Lost Galaxy's how they managed to use the PR counterparts to get destroyed against Trakee…