Wishful Thinking for Gobusters

Gobusters was a series I thought was this, "Great potential, what a terrible execution."  I thought here's what I really wanted for the series.  After all, it should try to go back to old school elements so what did I want for the series?

First, I wish that crazy humor involving Hiromu's fear of chickens didn't exist.  It was totally unnecessary.  They could have given Hiromu some other weak point rather than chickens.  Why not set a limit to his speed?

Toshiki Inoue as its sub-writer.  As burnt out Inoue is, but hey he did contribute interesting stuff to Faiz (no matter how terrible it is) and maybe he can still do something here.  For one, Yasuko Kobayashi was not only accompanied by a producer not fit for the season, she was also having a bad team of sub-writers.  I thought a Kobayashi/Inoue team up may actually bring interesting stuff for the series.

Would Tsukada be a better producer than Takebe?  Maybe.  Takebe for me is fine with Kamen Rider but she just imo is not suited for Super Sentai!

The Messiah virus should have been given more personality and he should have had more servants.  For one, Enter and Escape aren't enough.  They could have created other villains such as Delete, Shift, Control and Alternate to add more show villains.  Which I thought, it might be interesting if Escape had Tenaya's story instead and of course, try to become more serious. In my own wish, if Toei wishes to get some ideas they haven't done, why not let Messiah have control of Japan and the Gobusters are located in some safe haven somewhere?  The villains are going to have Enter as the leader, Escape as a femme fatale like Tenaya but more bitchy then add a few more villains.  Vaglass rules Japan and has launched the world into chaos.

I thought Messiah was pretty played down.  I was thinking for the Messiah Cards arc, it was interesting and I thought I wanted him to return in Enter's body as payment for betraying him. I mean I would have thought it would be interesting if Enter got karmic backfire when Messiah fully takes control.  Then it goes from bad to worse when Jin Masato had become one of the Messiah bodies.  Which of course, Jin will something dramatic to finally destroy Messiah once and for all.  The Messiah virus will be ultimately dangerous, destructive and then after an intense battle, Jin Masato crashes into him blowing them both up and deleting the Messiah's program for good.

After defeating Messiah for good at the cost of Jin Masato's life, the Gobusters finally go out there to restore Tokyo.  Refugees from all around finally come out, to restore Japan as it was.  The worldwide attack is over, the Gobusters finally are seen restoring a war torn world back to the way it was.


  1. What I wanted for Hiromu is to finally overcome his fear of chickens; at least that should have been the case for Kyoryuger VS Go-Busters. It has already been very long since the finale of the series, yet he still hasn't overcome it? WTF...


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