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Handling of Gathering Teams Made of Teenagers with Attitude in Super Sentai

In Super Sentai, there were also teenagers with attitude.  Now I'd like to do a comparison from show to show on how a team of rangers of teenagers with attitude are handled...

The first set were the Turborangers.  Liveman was university life, Turboranger was high school life.  At first, the five Turborangers seem to be just selected by Seelon for being teenagers with attitude which some fans may have found baffling.  However what happens is that later in the series, we learn why the Turborangers are selected... it was because they were bathed in fairy energies when they were but children ripening up to become the Turborangers when they became teenagers with attitude.  I do find the fairy energies backstory added later good as it was probably to add a lot of sense to how Turboranger went on rather than just becoming rangers because they're teenagers with attitude.

In Megaranger, it was intended by Professor Kubota to choose the team via the Megaranger arcade game which Kenta wa…

The Rule of Thumb of Humans Seeing Ghosts in Super Sentai

Gokaiger 28 does leave me pretty mixed since the reason that Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuki was never revealed and the former only assumed because he was human.  In fact, it could be funny to assume that the comedic scene to others happened because they share the same first name.  So what's really the rule of thumb of ghosts and humans in Super Sentai?

So why could the first five Gokaigers see Gai Yuki as a ghost and Gai Ikari can't?!  The possible explanation is because of their alien heritage but then there were supposedly normal humans who can see ghosts.

Ryu Tendo during his wedding day while stupidly he couldn't see Gai Yuki slipping away from life... he was able to see Rie Aoi's ghost bid him farewell and giving her blessings.  Before Jetman ended, he saw Rie Aoi's ghost one more time before he eventually let go.  So was Ryu Tendo blessed with the ability to see ghosts while the rest of his team weren't despite the birdonic waves?  Possibly.  Now only …

Exploring the The Rebel Ranger Concept

In Super Sentai, there was the concept of a rebel ranger put into action.  What do you mean by that?  According to Fantasy Leader as I'm a fan of his blog, it's about the ranger who typically opposes the team and not necessarily they are hesitant to join.  So how was it done?

First in Bioman there was Mika Koizumi.  She was not only hesitant to join the team at first, but also she typically opposed Shiro Gou.  Reasons?  Well she's too attached to her photojournalist hobby.  There was much plans for her but she had to be quickly killed off.  Way to screw up Yuki Yajima, you killed your character that should have had the potential to grow because of pay issues.  Fortunately the concept wasn't abandoned and Toei eventually got better cast members who don't easily depart.

The concept was explored later with the male gender in Gai Yuki.  Gai Yuki was pretty much Joe the Condor in some way in Gatchaman, if not the closest Jetman to his Gatchaman counterpart aside from Ra…

Some Thoughts on the Gobusters Spoilers

I have read from the spoilers in Orends Range that Enter will be the final enemy.  So pretty much to avoid copying the Venjix plot from RPM I think.  Now Enter has a Messiah card in him and has placed one in Hiromu which adds some dilemma.  It's almost like Dillon's situation in RPM whether or not they have to destroy him since with a Messiah Card in Hiromu, Enter can continuously revive.  Also, I do have a feeling that the final battle in Hyperspace will be pretty life-threatening as well.  I do have my feeling though that Messiah might return using Enter's body in an attempt to destroy the Gobusters once and for all!

Some Factors I Think That Kill Quality in Super Sentai

Super Sentai does have some factors that actually deteriorate or even kill the quality.  Here are the factors...

Writer's burnouts- There are writers who start off pretty well but eventually they do burn out and need a break.  My examples would be how Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue may have started with pretty good scripts but eventually, they burned out.  I've enjoyed their works but I just thought Gobusters was a result of a burnout though some people still like the series.

When the humor isn't done right.  I don't count Go-onger as a horrid season but it's a so-so season because the humor gets too excessive then there's some inconsistency in its execution for me.  I do enjoy Go-onger's humor but I'll say it out loud that the execution of the plot was a HUGE MESS. =P

Or blame executive meddling!  Executive meddling

Poorly done gimmicks that turn the series into a toy commercial.  Goseiger had that HUGE problem of having too much mecha which just s…

The Child Ranger Execution: Kou And Justin Compared

I just want to compare Kou as a child ranger with Justin as a child ranger. Apparently this gimmick didn't work so well but let's just think about how it was executed on both sides. So here's a bit of re-edit that should talk about how Kou and Justin were carried out.

I remembered watching Power Rangers Turbo way back in the late 90s -- good thing I dropped my interest on Power Rangers. The Zordon arc was getting old for me -- so why is the same cast recycled over and over again with just a few changes? Fortunately, Power Rangers Turbo had a change of cast mid-season all except for Justin. Yes, Justin. I remembered how I keep hearing that the Power Rangers fandom just didn't like him or even bashed him for simply being a child. I even heard that Fox Kids requested for a child ranger to be there so they could appeal to younger audiences. I have nothing against the character - it's more of how Power Rangers Turbo turned out. I didn't mind too much having a child…

Toku Warriors is ON!!!!

Well it's time for the Toku Warriors with the following persons on Blogger...

Fantasy Leader flying through the Galaxy with Legendary Blades

Michael Mucha aka "Kamen Rider Kuuga"

AkoMeiChan (this is her blogger icon)

Sebastien Pitches aka Sebby Kun

Taylor Speight

Thomas Ledbetter

Toku World

Well they're now starting their the Toku Warriors which I had just recently linked.  They have their series of podcasts, perhaps articles and I'll say this might become a really great project to start with... with their discussions on Tokusatsu with their podcasts on Youtube format.  I suggest everyone who supports this blog to support as these guys talk beyond what this blog has to offer. =)

Wishful Thinking on 2000s Sentai Rangers Execution

I just had a thought that I wanted some characters for me in Super Sentai, I wish these were done to them in addition... all these are just too minor though and are plainly opinionated.

Jasmine/Deka Yellow- As much as she's my favorite female in Dekaranger character-wise I thought that she could have been given an interesting backstory for her ESP because sometimes she feels like she's just there for eye candy.  While some rangers with chromatic superiority are given some backstory, I feels she lacks it.
Masumi/Bouken Black- Okay he was meant to be a Gai Yuki tribute in some way but ONLY if he were made more of a James Dean type of anti-hero.  Only if his rivalry with Satoru just got deeper or something, in fact while he already had an interesting backstory but the conflict seems shallow.  My idea?  Love triangle with Satoru for Sakura... hee hee.  And another, only if he also had the womanizing side instead of Souta.  

Eiji/Bouken Silver- I had my thoughts that well, first I …

Congratulations Gobusters Cast!!!!!

I have read from Orends Range that Gobusters have already finished filming their final episode.  Well it's still going to be episode 46 this Sunday.  So I'm just WMG-ing right now that the Messiah system will soon cause a really destructive finale, become a really dangerous threat that will require a great amount of power from the Gobusters to defeat it.  Maybe, just maybe the virus itself will be contained somewhere but I hope they do delete it once and for all.

Is it me or I feel that the Messiah virus will soon start taking over the world's systems resulting to a heavy battle.  I hope they don't just "drop the building at him".  Hmmmm...

Sentai Big Bads I Think Have Horrible Leadership Skills

Okay these aren't wacky or silly big bads, I'd just say these big bads are really having poor leadership (some of them can be credited for being abusive or treating their underlings like garbage while some people who seem silly do better leadership skills as villains) skills and I'll explain why.  Want to add?  Please comment. =)

Zeba- He basically treats everyone like trash and is too easy to punish everyone for their failures.  Worst leadership act?  Throwing away Igam, Fumin and Oyobur as disposables!  And I wonder why Igam so flaunts over this maniac for some time?!

Grand Professor Bias- Well he's always biased at everyone, name speaks for what he is.  Seriously he treats his subordinates as expendable pawns and he's got one huge inflated ego.  Not even Dr. Man or Dr. Hinelar did treat their subordinates for their own convenience.

Ragorn- He loses his temper too much, punishes his subordinates too much and let's just say he really wasted his three best mini…

An Older Natsuki Takahashi Picture

Here's an older picture of Natsuki Takahashi, just am pretty amazed that she still looks pretty here in this picture even if she could be in her 40s already. So yeah, I hope I can find more senior pictures soon for Super Sentai actors and actresses, though do expect eye candy content or entertainment stuff "after the Sentai" to be in my celebrities blog.

Hypothetical Thinking: How I Think Toshiki Inoue Would Have Handled Boukenger if He Were The Head Writer

Well Boukenger was a show that like Jetman, is definitely in my love so much Sentai list and in my Nostalgia Analysis on Boukenger, do notice there's LOTS of Jetman comparison in it.  These are all just assumptions, not really what Inoue would have done but just my fancy thinking.  So far, I am a fan of his work Jetman and Kamen Rider Kiva.  The rest may most likely stay the same.  I might make an analysis on how Arakawa would write this series as well as I see it.

These three characters namely Satoru, Masumi and Sakura.  Well Satoru and Masumi are kind of like Ryu and Gai Yuki so Toshiki Inoue might really explore the potential of rivarly between them.  Plus, he might throw Sakura into that rivalry creating a Satoru/Masumi/Sakura love triangle of sorts but he might give it a lighter and softer twist like he did with Kiva- that is none of the overly done dramas but maybe comedic strife between the two for Sakura could work.  Or maybe, he might make Satoru and Sakura marry at the …