An Older Natsuki Takahashi Picture

Here's an older picture of Natsuki Takahashi, just am pretty amazed that she still looks pretty here in this picture even if she could be in her 40s already. So yeah, I hope I can find more senior pictures soon for Super Sentai actors and actresses, though do expect eye candy content or entertainment stuff "after the Sentai" to be in my celebrities blog.


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    1. She was Lin in Dairanger, the pink ranger of the group.

  2. This picture is from the Dairanger reunion in Toei Hero Max in 2003.

    There's another picture out there of Keiichi Wada, Takahashi and Kou's actor from an interview they did for the Dairanger DVDs in 2009. She still looks great!

    1. Hi thanks for dropping by and thanks for the information. =)


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