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Burai: Zyuranger's Tragedy

Okay he is the FIRST official sixth member but he's the first one to die too. I don't know why Toei decided to kill him off but I think it had to do with the script. He was a fan favorite and overall- my favorite Zyuranger.

So don't get this mistaken for those newbies here- he DOES not become Kibaranger. Kibaranger is from Dairanger which is another series. This is Zyuranger respectively.

His story starts as the son of the Black Knight and the brother of Geki the Tyrano Ranger. Unlike in MMPR, he has his powers from the start and he was only eight when he saw his baby brother being given to the Yamato King and later his own father die. Swearing vengeance, he was consumed by the darkness present in him that it resulted him to hating his younger brother.

He was put into suspended animation in a cave which one day, Ryota a member of ancient mankind released him which caused so much trouble. He nearly destroyed Daizyujin from within while it had trouble battling Griforther…

Sentai Actors Test Their Might

I found this clips by user Ibukichan. I only selected sentai actors to be used since this blog is sentai based. Each one of them shows different results. I'd like you to see each one of them. To avoid spoiling the fun, I won't give you the results.

Clip 1- Mitsuomi Takahashi (Bouken Red's actor)

Clip 2- Shoei (Ginga Blue's actor)

Clip 3- Mio Fukizumi

Reuniting Old Sentai

Honestly it's really GONE very long and I'm amazed to see how time runs so fast. Well here's a few pictures I found on the Internet:
The cast of Denziman with their stuntman. They all look old now but not so much wrinkles. I mean I think they're already in their 50s.
An incomplete Flash team in their reunion.
The Jetman team. Strangely, none of them look very old. And the most amazing part is Mikoko Miki who is older than the rest. Too bad Sayuri Uchida isn't here.
The Dairanger team. I think only Natsumi Takahashi has aged normally but still sexy.
From Megaranger but I don't know much.

Sentai Team Battlizers

So far sentai later introduced Battlizers in the regular line of the series. These are "upgrades" which are used when the situation gets too tough. Rather than being individual, all five don these.

Fiveman was the first to present the team battlizer. This is when they were facing stronger monsters from Chevalier. This allows them to break the most unbreakable matter but it was rarely used due to it being too cheesy. I mean, Five Red was able to defeat Rock-Fossil Jin with this one, an incomplete Five team defeat the Ammonite Jin with this and eventually Five Red used it to defeat Billion.

Whether or not this is canon is up to you. It was from Megaranger vs. Carranger, the second somewhat canon crossover (Kakuranger vs. Ohranger is NOT canon).

The Gingamen had the Lights of Ginga.  After the Lights of Ginga was unearthed, the Gingamen were able to use it in its physical form.

This was later used in Dekaranger in a mission to rescue both Doggy and Dekasilver from Abrella…

Black Condor: Unique Hero

Actually though I never liked Guy Yuuki/Black Condor in Jetman that much (since Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk is my favorite), but I feel like he deserves a tribute as probably the most unique hero in super sentai which I think will be hard to duplicate.

He's the first male one to be actually the tough, stubborn type who later cooperates. He was chosen to be a Jetman but refuses to face his destiny and runs off which is reminiscent to Mika Koizumi/Yellow 4 1 of Bioman (RIP). He later realizes he is needed but also keeps some of his bad habits which makes him the "black sheep" thus his black color.

His personality is much like Joe from Gatchaman- the one who is far more daring than the leader, less tendency to lose his temper and loves a good challenge. Plus, he is also having the "darkness" within him since he starts off as a low life who finds light resulting to becoming a Jetman.
He also does fall in love with Kaori Rokumen who falls in love with Ryu which makes a biz…

Gatchaman: The Series That Inspired Sentai

Ah Gatchaman! Though this is not sentai, I feel like this series deserves to be placed in my blog. This was an animated series that featured four teenagers and one kid (the same formula that would inspire Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion) against the evil Gallactor Empire and its mysterious leader Sosai X. The series lasted for three seasons which was a very long lasting series since shows in the 1970s were undoubtedly VERY LONG.

Honestly I really can only remember Ken as the leader, Joe the second-in-command, Jun the woman, Jinpei the kid and Ryu the fat guy. Actually the name Ryu wasn't always given to a leader figure at first.
This was their first flying fortress known as God Phoenix. When it got destroyed, it was rebuilt into...
New God Phoenix which is even more powerful than the last one...

Eventually the odd-looking Gatchaspartan was a result of combining five machinery into one powerful battheship for Gatchaman Fighter.

Sosai X was the leader of the Gallactor. He is a m…