Sentai Team Battlizers

So far sentai later introduced Battlizers in the regular line of the series. These are "upgrades" which are used when the situation gets too tough. Rather than being individual, all five don these.

Fiveman was the first to present the team battlizer. This is when they were facing stronger monsters from Chevalier. This allows them to break the most unbreakable matter but it was rarely used due to it being too cheesy. I mean, Five Red was able to defeat Rock-Fossil Jin with this one, an incomplete Five team defeat the Ammonite Jin with this and eventually Five Red used it to defeat Billion.

Whether or not this is canon is up to you. It was from Megaranger vs. Carranger, the second somewhat canon crossover (Kakuranger vs. Ohranger is NOT canon).

The Gingamen had the Lights of Ginga.  After the Lights of Ginga was unearthed, the Gingamen were able to use it in its physical form.

This was later used in Dekaranger in a mission to rescue both Doggy and Dekasilver from Abrella's evil scheme to blast off a building. This dons them with newfound powers such as x-ray vision, radar and super hearing which could outclass Red One, Green Two and Blue 3. This upgrade could also help them see through disguises. This is SWAT mode.

In Magiranger, this appeared in episode 30 as an upgrade. However due to its high powers, their powers temporarily went haywire if it weren't fixed by Lunagel.

The Goseigers also went super in Epic 24.

Updated as of November 14, 2010


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