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Sentai's Nuisance Enemies

Sentai has a couple of enemies I'd love to call "nuisance enemies". They fought against the heroes and against the main villains, mostly without any affiliation which I think are an interesting twist. Here are some I can remember:

Silver in Bioman arrived in episode 39 and used the anti-bio particles which WAY back in episode 10 became the cause of Mika's death. He was truly an imposing nuisance to both Biomen and the Gear as he could negate their powers in an easy shot. He was also responsible for the death of Mason prior to his own death at the hands of the Biomen in episode 50.

Kiros in Maskman was truly an imposing foe who was a sideline enemy since he didn't serve Zeba but worked for his own purposes. Not only did he destroy the Shot Bomber but many times, he nearly spelled the end of the Maskman team with plans that were far more evil than Baraba's or Igam's. His only weakness was his hatred for Red Mask because he lusted after Ial's beauty.…

Sentai's "Catwomen"

Sentai had its own list of Catwomen too. Here are some I can remember:

Sentai's first catwoman was Farrah Cat who served as Farrah's personal bodyguard. She was unusually strong for a woman that she gave the female warriors in the Bioman team a hard time. Her most dynamic fight scene has to be with Mika Koizumi in episode two as she displayed a lot of acrobatic moves played along with a very nice theme. She has also fought against the males but not as often as the females. In the movie, she had assistance from three more fighters that were killed by the female rangers in battle. She was killed in the last episode by a full blast from the female rangers Yellow 4 2 and Pink 5 after being wounded by the male rangers while attempting to stop the Biomen from reaching Dr. Man who was going to destroy the Earth with the Neo Bomb. In fact, I believe Filipino fans could easily recognize her actress as Cynthia Luster provided they were born after Bioman.

Nefel from Flashman was a …

A Little Bit of Maskman Behind the Scenes

Here are some photos of Maskman behind the scenes in the past:

Putting on the Maskman suits for a picture taking maybe?

A wacky photo of some of the cast members behind the scenes. So Fuumin survived? Ha ha! A good picture indeed.

Mina Asami and some woman I don't know acting as Ial with Ryosuke Kaizu.

A photo like this always made me think that they would have made a good couple in the script instead of Ial. If I'm not wrong, Kanako Maeda is married to Yasuhiro Ishiwata but I'm yet to be proven right or wrong about it.

Go-onger's Seminar on Environmental Awareness

It's past Earth day but... this is a whole year round topic.

If there was any Sentai that focused more on the environment, it was Go-onger and I find them to be more awesome than the Planeteers. Were there any pollution-related episodes in Sentai? Here are some I can remember:
Bioman episode six featured Mika Koizumi (RIP) finding out that New Empire Gear was planning to destroy life on Earth with a deadly toxic gas.Turboranger episode six featured where Reda released Licking Bouma to create trash zombies out of pollution proving you reap what you sow. By the way, pollution broke the seal and released the Bouma.Fiveman episode thirty eight featured Chevalier planning to use Galactic Beast Ammonitum to pollute the Earth with a dangerous red tide.Zyuranger episode forty five featured Bandora taking advantage of an environmentalist.Gaoranger episode forty reveals Futaro's/Gao God's concern that most humans don't care about the environment.
So far I enjoyed the lecture rem…

Ryosuke Kaizu's Family

I had NO idea that Ryosuke Kaizo (the one who played as Red Mask in Hikari Sentai Maskman) was married to a Filipino woman. Found them at Japinoy. Hmmm Filipinos want Sentai badly back on air.

This is a photo of him in some school uniform.

Red Mask Jr. holding Red Mask Sr.'s photo. Our future red ranger! BTW this boy reminds me of my friend Mouse's (a girl who looks like Eri in Goseiger) son out of wedlock who was fathered by a guy who looks like Ryosuke Kaizu.

A father and photo- strangely enough his son is also wearing red.

Here's the actual family photo of him and his child.

A photograph of his wife and son.

If I'm not wrong, this is a reunion on the side of his wife.

They've gone swimming and in this picture, I wonder how old his son is?

With his Filipino in-laws maybe? Looks like it.

At the beach side- brings back memories of him and Ial.

Go-onger on TV5 for Filipinos?

I have heard how Go-onger will be dubbed in Filipino in TV5. Hmmm.... it will replace Street Fighter II (forget the American cartoon version) instead of Power Rangers RPM. The battle to show BOTH Sentai and Power Rangers should go on. Sadly I grew up with more PR than Sentai when both shows should go together.

Anyway I wonder if other rival networks will try to seize Zyuranger or Dairanger? Maybe Boukenger because Chise Nakamura visited the country of the Philippines or much better, Shinkenger for the sake of Ace Durano?

My Early Thoughts on the Goseigers and Their Allies

It's too early to throw in judgments for the Goseigers but I kind of felt like there's something about each one of them...

Alata/Gosei Red- I think Alata is what I'd call somebody who's still struggling as a leader but displays competent skills nonetheless. Hopefully he'll mature as a leader.

Eri/Gosei Pink- I think she may have a chemistry with Alata. She is almost the stereotypical smart female pink ranger, being the one to assess the situations but unlike them, she is a bolder fighter while most pink rangers didn't have much of combat prowess and relied on a LOT less brute force in battle. She's kind of a little bit of the funny girl of the group at times.

Agri/Gosei Black- I think he is the cool guy but the fact that he takes pride in his strength can get annoying at times (for me). I don't know but for some reason, I think he's a fusion of Zack and Adam from MMPR. He's cool as Zack and prideful as Adam.

Moune/Gosei Yellow- Despite being th…

Goseiger Epic 11- Datas Goes Large

I think this is an awesome at the same time hilarious episode for me. Why? Well here's what...

The episode has another Moune/Gosei Yellow focus. I think she's a very likable character. She is into the funny cheerdancing- at least Sentai shouldn't get too serious. Also, she is encouraged not to give up in the fight against Yokubabanga who's been using a LOT of electricity. Just imagine the blackout the city suffers. Hmmm I wonder why the Sentai universe hasn't collapsed despite the years of different attacks from different enemies? Fans decide... LOL.

The fact that Moune has a little girl named Miku to take care off reminds me of the episode in Jetman where Ako also encountered a hospital girl who needed an operation. Moune defeats the enemy through her cheerdancing which is kind of funny at the same time awesome. Who could remember the dance attacks in Gekiranger?

The fact is there's also a major catastrophe as people's lives are in danger as power …

Sentai Combining Robots that Didn't Use Sword Finishers

Somehow it has come to my attention that the swords were frequently used by the combining robots were the swords. I think it's because the sword is the most common weapon in warfare, a symbol of justice and power. However some Super Sentai combining robots had an innovation not to use swords. They are:

Kakuranger's Kakure Daishogun didn't use any sword at all. It simply used a punch attack but this was a secondary combining mecha though.

Carranger's second combining robot VRV Robo used the rolling guns from the Victory Trailer to destroy the enemy instead of the sword to avoid being redundant.

The Megavoyager used a rocket attack to defeat its enemies.

Gaoranger had plenty of combining mecha but NONE used a sword finisher except for the Gaoking Sword and Shield mode which apparently is a tribute to Daizyujin.

The Dekawinger Robo reconfigured into a cannon to destroy the enemy.

Gekiranger's combining mechas didn't use a sword. In fact, the first combining mecha J…

Sentai Fight Week as of April 25, 2010

Here are the fight results for this week's Sentai fight week:

Dairanger vs. Kakuranger- 16/24 votes believe the Dairangers would win. Hmmmm in this friendly match, the Kakurangers try to prove the power of the ninja only to reveal that the Dairangers' Chinese martial arts will beat them.

Deka Yellow vs. Bouken Yellow- 25/29 voted for Deka Yellow. I agree. Deka Yellow is way too action-packed to beat that big baby Bouken Yellow.

Gran Nejiro vs. Neo Crisis- 10/17 voted for Neo Crisis. I agree. The Neo Crisis had all the dangerous time holes that nearly destroyed the 21st century.