Go-onger on TV5 for Filipinos?

I have heard how Go-onger will be dubbed in Filipino in TV5. Hmmm.... it will replace Street Fighter II (forget the American cartoon version) instead of Power Rangers RPM. The battle to show BOTH Sentai and Power Rangers should go on. Sadly I grew up with more PR than Sentai when both shows should go together.

Anyway I wonder if other rival networks will try to seize Zyuranger or Dairanger? Maybe Boukenger because Chise Nakamura visited the country of the Philippines or much better, Shinkenger for the sake of Ace Durano?


  1. Best of hopes that Go-onger, or just Sentai in general gets aired. ;)

  2. Wait. Go-onger to replace Street Fighter II V? Where is your source, Sean? I didn't remember they posted it on their FB page.

  3. I already checked Sean via their official FB fan page. Its not true that Go-onger would replace Street Fighter II V. If they would air tokusatsu, it would be on primetime since TV5 recognized tokusatsu as honorary anime.

  4. I got it from wikipedia. Thanks for the correction Ukiya Seed.


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